• Ryan Terry, known by his online alias Cryaotic, is a 30-year-old gamer and YouTube star.
• He became famous for his gameplay videos, stories and unique voice.
• His family is of mixed descent, with roots in Italy, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and France.
• His YouTube channel has amassed over 2.7 million subscribers and he has a net worth of over $600,000.
• He is active on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube and regularly collaborates with other popular gamers.


Who is Cryaotic?

Ryan Terry, primarily known by his online alias Cryaotic, was born on the 11th June 1989, in New York City USA of mixed descent. He is a 30 year old gamer and YouTube star. Cryaotic became famous for his gameplay videos, but his channel also regularly features short stories and other gaming-related content.

His rise to fame was in part fueled by his determination to reveal as little private information as possible. He has never revealed his face, despite numerous attempts by his fans to talk him into it. Furthermore, he is also famous for his unusual and unique voice, which is what had drawn many of his fans to his channel. His online career has been active since 2006.

Cryaotic Wiki Bio

Even though he is one of YouTube’s most famous and respected gamers, Cryaotic has been keen not to share any information regarding his early life, family and education. He is of mixed descent – his family has roots in Italy, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and France. What we do know about his early years is that he was obsessed with games and consoles from a young age – the first games he played were “Counter Strike” and “World of Warcraft”.

The name of his YouTube channel actually originates from his nicknames in these two games -when playing “Counter Strike” it was Cryosin,  and in “World of Warcraft” ChaoticMonki. When he joined YouTube in 2006, he merged them together, hence Cryaoitc.


Start on YouTube

Even though he has been active on the platform for more than 13 years, the content of Cryaotic’s channel has remained pretty much the same throughout. Adventure, indie, stealth and horror games were always the ones that interested him the most. He decided to film himself while playing some of these games, while offering humorous commentary throughout the gameplay. Fans were drawn towards his content thanks to his unique style of humor, and the unusual tone of his voice.

He also started posting videos of himself reading short stories, which also became popular among his early fans. As gaming occupied a big portion of his life, he was able to produce a large amount of content and share it with others via YouTube. His popularity gradually increased over the years, enabling him to make a complete living out of YouTube, and making him a desirable YouTuber for collaboration and collaborative projects.

Real Face and Identity, Relationship Status

Even though Cryaotic stated early on that he had no intention of revealing his real face, and details regarding his personal life, fans have been tirelessly trying to talk him into doing so. Nonetheless, he has remained loyal to his principles, which prompted his fans to produce a number of drawings of how they imagined his face. However, Cryaotic has revealed several pieces of information, whether intentionally or by accident, regarding his appearance.

He stated that he has blue eyes, and corrected some of the fans who drew him with brown hair, stating that his hair was not brown; he also mentioned that he wears glasses. His real name was also a mystery for a long period of time, until some of the fans discovered what it was because it was shown in the app called “Simsimi”. When it comes to his relationship status, he stated in a video that he considers himself a “pansexual”, and that he cares only about someone’s personality, not about their gender or looks. However, some of the fans have speculated that he was only joking.

Gameplay Style and Collaborations

Cryaotic is known for his optimistic and humorous approach to gaming, as well as his laid-back attitude. During gameplays, he occasionally submerges himself into a certain role, and remains in that role for the entirety of the video. He does not shy away from interacting with his fans; he sets off 30 minutes a day to respond to fan mail, and he even made a video in which he read a fan fiction story written about him.

Regarding his collaborations, he co-hosts a stream entitled “Late Night With Cry and Russ” with his fellow YouTuber and real-life friend Russ Money. He is also known for his frequent collaboration with PewDiePie, one of YouTube’s biggest stars. He has worked with other popular gamers and streamers such as Draxr, Snake and Scott Jund. Over the years, Cryaotic has played more than 100 different games, such as “Bioshock Infinite”, “Final Fantasy XV”, “Heavy Rain” and “Tales from the Borderlands”.

Net Worth

In addition to his YouTube revenue and his sponsorship deals, Cryaotic also sells his own merchandise, such as customized t-shirts, mugs, stickers and hats. Over the course of his career which spans more than a decade, he has acquired a net worth of over $600,000, according to estimations by authoritative sources.

Social Media

Cryaotic created his YouTube channel on 14th March 2006. Since then, he has garnered more than 2.7 million subscribers, produced more than 2000 videos, which have been played nearly 500 million times, making him one of the most prolific gamers on YouTube.

His Twitch account currently has more than 780,000 followers, and he also has an account on Twitter, which has nearly 410,000 followers.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia


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    It was a funny meme when it started but could you imagine how horrible it would be to see your likeness being used in reference to a groomer?

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