• Dannie Riel is a Canadian model, YouTuber and actress who was born in 1988.
• She is of Chinese and French descent and is known for her travels and humorous videos.
• She also has a modelling career and has recently been named the sexiest Asian girl on Earth.
• Her hobbies include eating different cuisines, travelling, sports and animals.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million and is popular on various social media platforms.


Dannie Riel Wiki Biography

Dannie was born in Manitoba, Canada, on 16 June 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Gemini, and holding Canadian nationality – she is popular for her modelling career, as well as for her YouTube channel.

What happened to Dannie Riel?

Dannie is alive and well, and is still travelling around the world. Some of her fans became worried seeing her visiting numerous exotic and sometimes dangerous places around the globe, and the fact that she uploads a video only every couple of months makes them even more fearful. However, Dannie seems to be enjoying this kind of life, and she isn’t just travelling all the time, but is also working as a vlogger on YouTube, and as a model for her agency back in Canada.

Early life and education

It is known that she is of Chinese and French descent.

Dannie started dreaming about becoming a traveler while she was still in high school. She launched her social media account, and started gathering followers, and eventually came up with an idea of travelling and being a YouTuber, while her channel could generate an amount of money that would be enough for her do just that. After she matriculated from high school.

Dannie Riel

Career of a YouTuber

One can say that Dannie’s career was launched on 7 March 2008 with her YouTube channel – the description of her channel reads ‘Welcome to my Official YouTube channel! Browse through my Vlogs to get to know me a little better! Comments and video suggestions are always encouraging :)’. She has so far managed to gather more than 220,000 subscribers, 25 million views of all her videos – the first video she uploaded featured her getting her lip pierced. While Dannie is usually making videos alone, she has also collaborated with some other popular YouTubers including Jason Chen, Swoozie, and AJ Raphael.

As one of her fans described it, people enjoy watching Dannie’s videos because many of them have had the same idea of leaving everything behind and travelling around the world, but none of them have ever really managed to find the courage to do so. Besides that, Dannie’s videos are always interesting, usually long, and are always humorous, trying to make people laugh.

Dannie is also a model, and started posing after she was noticed by the SCD Team’s scout online – he found her thanks to her Instagram account, and invited her for her first photoshoot. Dannie did a great job, and was instantly invited for a couple of more – her appearance in the popular “Sports Compact Nights” magazine marked the beginning of her modelling career. Her career of a model allows her to travel even more, and she has also started working as an actress.

Dannie was recently named the sexiest Asian girl on Earth, and has launched her own line of merchandise which she sells in her online store called “Riel Brand Store”.

Personal life and relationships

It is known that she’s dated several men, while her longest relationship was with Ken Nguyen who worked as her financial counselor – the two were dating for six years before they decided to call it quits. After they broke up, Dannie decided to focus on herself and her career, and hasn’t gone searching for love again.

Likes and hobbies

Dannie’s main hobby is eating – she loves to eat and is on a path of trying as many cuisines as she can, and tasting every single food she can. She is also a huge fan of travelling, and these two things work perfectly together – being a model also contributes as she can take pictures all around the world, which is sometimes wanted by the modelling agencies. Dannie is also very sportive and active, and doesn’t like sitting in one place – she loves beaches the most and enjoys doing everything related to sea including paddleboarding, scuba diving and more. She is an animal lover but being always on the move makes it hard for her to have a pet.

Appearance and net worth

  • Dannie is 31 years old
  • Long brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • 5ft 2in (1.57m) tall
  • Weighs ~108lb (49kg)
  • Vital statistics of 34-24-33
  • Net worth is ~$1 million

Social media presence

  • Twitter created in April 2009; 83,000 followers; tweeted ~32,000 times
  • Instagram is followed by ~1.2 million people; uploaded ~1,500 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~1.6 million fans

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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