• Tyler “Flip” Priddy was born in 1981 and was an Oklahoma-based street racer featured on the reality TV show “Street Outlaws”
• He had a net worth of over $1 million
• He attended Hinton Elementary School and Putnam City High School
• He was found dead at his home in Yukon, Oklahoma in May 2013 at the age of 31
• He was married and had four children at the time of his death


Who is Flip from Street Outlaws?

Tyler “Flip” Priddy was born on 30 November 1981, in Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA, and was an Oklahoma-based street racer who was one of the focuses during the first season of the reality television show “Street Outlaws” by the Discovery Channel. He passed away in 2013.

The Wealth of Flip

How rich is Flip? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million, mostly earned through success in racing and the reality TV show, cut short due to his death in 2013. All of his endeavors helped put his wealth to where it was prior to his passing.

Early Life and Education

Flip attended Hinton Elementary School, and afterwards attended Putnam City High School located in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. He was heavily involved in cars and racing at a young age, becoming close friends with fellow racers who would also later become the subject of “Street Outlaws”, in particular Justin Shearer and Chris Day, who would become known as Big Chief and Kamikaze respectively.

After completing his high school studies, he passed-up college to focus more on cars. He was very fascinated with how cars worked, and he also loved ‘muscle cars’ specifically. He initially began his racing career with a Mustang, but would transition to racing with a 1980 Chevy El Camino, actually modifying it numerous times and calling it “The Old Slut” due to the many mismatched parts which were stolen, begged, or even borrowed throughout his life. He was very passionate about racing and never backed down from a race.

Street Outlaws

Due to his popularity in racing circles and his association with other big names, Flip would eventually become one of the names that would be featured on the reality documentary television show entitled “Street Outlaws”, which aired on the Discovery Channel. The show focuses on street racing in the US, concentrating on several racers in competition as well as behind the scenes; the racers are shown putting their passion for cars and racing first above anything else. The members of the show come from a variety of backgrounds before eventually joining together to enjoy their shared passion.

The show has had its share of controversy, though it has become very popular. Many believed that what the cast members of the show were doing was racing illegally, and has prompted a lot of questions. Despite that, the show has continued to run for 10 seasons, with episodes of each season running from eight to 15. Flip was one of two members of the show who passed away, but despite their untimely deaths, the show hasn’t lost any traction and is still going strong.

Untimely Death

Flip was found dead at his home in Yukon, Oklahoma in May 2013, at the age of 31 years – initial media reports didn’t confirm any details, but it was later revealed that he died through a gunshot, and despite some querying the conclusion of suicide, the case was quickly closed, and his body was eventually cremated and his ashes put to rest at the Hinton Cemetery in Oklahoma. No reason for him taking his own life has been proposed.

Following Flip’s death, his car automatically went to the ownership of Big Chief, who later gave it to Flip’s childhood friend KamiKaze, who adopted it in honor of his late friend, and later renamed the car Elco, having refused to touch the car for more than a year. When he first took it for a drive, the car caught fire due to jammed brake calipers, but was eventually repaired. He eventually won with the car and would upgrade it even further. He continues to drive and race with the car both on tracks as well as on television as he said it would’ve been what his friend wanted.

Flip’s Personal Life

When Flip passed away, he left behind a wife and children. He was married to Morgan Amber Priddy  – there were no apparent problems at all with their married life. They also have four children and his wife remarked that Flip loved all of his children unconditionally. However, due to the events that affected their family, the wife has refused to stay in any media spotlight, preferring to maintain her privacy.

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