• Jeff Lutz is a street racer and reality television personality best known for appearing in the Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws”
• As of mid-2018, his net worth is estimated at $1.5 million
• He began his racing career as a teenager and eventually became a part of the reality television show “Street Outlaws”
• He owns a shop called Lutz Race Cars, which showcases car builds and offers them for sale
• Jeff is married to Christine Lutz and they have a son together, Jeff Jnr, who is also a street racer


Who is Jeff Lutz?

Jeff Lutz was born on 15 May 1970 – place unknown but in the United States of America, and is a street racer and reality television personality, best known to the public from appearing in the Discovery Channel series “Street Outlaws”. He holds the all-time drag record at the Hot Rod Drag Week event.

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The Net Worth of Jeff Lutz

How rich is Jeff Lutz? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $1.5 million, earned through success in street racing and on television. He owns a customized 1969 Chevrolet Camaro he calls the Mad Max, and also a 1957 Chevy which he built with his son. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Racing Beginnings

Unlike most of the cast members of “Street Outlaws”, Jeff was born into a family who really had no interest in cars. It wasn’t until later on in his life that his passion for cars was born, after he drove his brother’s Camaro at a drag strip, and realized that he wanted to pursue a career in racing.

He slowly improved over the next few years, and eventually his father bought him his first car, which was a 1974 Nova. He drove this car throughout most of his teenage years before eventually working on a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, with which he wanted to reach the top ten rankings. The Camaro wasn’t originally built for street racing but he modified and improved it until it could compete with the best of them. However, he didn’t really earn much recognition apart from the racing scene, until he became a part of the reality television show “Street Outlaws”.

Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws began in 2013, and is a documentary-style reality television show that looks into street racing, and illegal racing in a few locations around the US such as Oklahoma City. The show has proven popular as it has been running for a total of 10 seasons with between eight to 15 episodes per season. However, the show has also seen its share of controversies due to the nature of acceptance of street racing and illegal racing around the country. Even most of the cast members were initially wary of the reality television proposal, but none of them have ever had a problem with the authorities in terms of the show since its inception.

Lutz’s run with Mad Max was long, but it ended during the ninth season of the show when it was announced that pro mod cars would no longer be a part of the top ten list. Prior to the ban, he was a regular during the annual Hot Rod Drag Week competition, and was named King of Drag Racing in 2017 as he broke the record with a 5.85 second pass, running at 251.34 mph.

Recent Endeavors

In 2017, Jeff and his son built a ‘new’ 1957 Chevy so that he could make it back to the competitive street racing scene. It debuted at the 3rd Annual Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, powered by a 540 big-block with twin 98 mm turbos, which would seem certain to race to the top spot.

Aside from his racing career, Jeff is also an owner of a street car modification shop called Lutz Race Cars which is based in Callery, Pennsylvania. The company has become well-known thanks to the show, as well as some of the racers it has helped win over the many years it has been in operation.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Jeff has been married to Christine Lutz since 1989, and they have a son together, Jeff Jnr, who is following in his father’s footsteps as he’s also developed a passion for both cars as well as street racing.  Jeff mentioned that he did not want his career to affect his family, and so he spends a lot of free time with them.

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Unlike other members of “Street Outlaws”, he does not have any personal social media pages, but instead owns and manages the Lutz Race Cars personal website, which showcases some of its recent car builds, and even offers some of these recent projects for sale. Lutz Race Cars also has their own Facebook and Instagram page, which promote upcoming events, along with pictures and videos of recent automotive gatherings. He also posts a few personal pictures of himself behind the wheel with his son from time to time. A lot of the cars they’ve worked on are featured on the shop’s Instagram page, which often showcases vintage cars receiving modern modifications for racing.

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