• LeafyIsHere is a former YouTube star who had more than 4.8 million followers.
• His channel included a variety of content and he was a controversial figure.
• In December 2017 he stopped uploading videos without offering any explanation.
• He stated that the reasons behind his departure were mainly due to the changes on YouTube itself.
• He has an estimated net worth of $3 million and his YouTube channel still has more than 4.2 million subscribers.


Where is famous YouTuber LeafyIsHere Right Now?

LeafyIsHere is a former YouTube star whose channel at one point had more than 4.8 million followers. His channel included a wide variety of content, but he was also a controversial figure, drawing negative attention to himself on more than one occasion. However, in December 2017 he stopped uploading videos without offering any explanation for his absence from social media. This has sparked a number of rumors, some of which claimed that he had problems with drugs, or that he was married.

These rumors were denied by the youtuber himself in an online interview in October 2018, in which he stated that the reasons behind his departure were mainly due to the changes on YouTube itself, and his dislike of new YouTube politics. Furthermore, he does not plan to return to YouTube in the near future, and is currently interested in investments, including bonds and the stock market.

Who is LeafyIsHere?

Calvin Lee Vail, better known by his online name LeafyIsHere or just Leafy, was born on the 18th August 1995, in Utah USA.

He is a 23 year-old former gamer and YouTube star, who became popular for his gaming videos, uploaded on Twitch and YouTube. He would eventually expand his content to include videos about his personal life, as well as videos which criticized other YouTubers and online celebrities. His critiques often included sarcastic and offensive language, which would later contribute to his online infamy. Some of his biggest critics even went as far as to outright call him a cyber-bully. His online career lasted from 2011 until 2017.


Career Beginnings

Leafy joined YouTube on 7th October 2011 – he was 16 years-old at the time. His first uploads were videos of himself playing the popular game “Minecraft”, with commentaries he made during the gameplay. After a while, his main focus switched to the first-person shooter game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, which was the right choice as his channel saw a significant boost in the number of subscribers, and he soon became one of the most popular “Counter Strike” streamers on YouTube.

Rise to Prominence

In addition to gameplay videos and “Counter Strike” live streams, Leafy used to occasionally post videos from his private life, such as stories from his past and everyday life, and videos featuring his family, friends and pets. However, his true rise on YouTube came when he began producing videos which featured satirical commentary on a variety of topics, including sarcastic commentary on other YouTubers and viral videos; these proved to be the perfect formula for Leafy’s success. At one point, his subscriber base rose to an impressive 4.8 million, enabling Leafy to make vlogging his full-time job after finishing his studies.

He also accumulated a loyal and supportive fan base, and established himself as one of the most influential YouTubers at the time, which would eventually lead to several controversies that would mark his YouTube presence.


The first major controversy directly caused by Leafy happened in March 2016, when his subscriber base was at an all-time high. Leafy launched a video ridiculing another YouTuber, whose channel name was TommyNC2010, and as a result, a number of Leafy’s subscribers started commenting on Tommy’s videos. Unfortunately, the majority of these comments were mean and rude, some even going so far as telling Tommy to kill himself, or containing direct death threats, prompting Tommy to upload a video entitled “I am getting Death Threats LeafyIsHere, why?”.

As it turned out, Tommy was autistic, and the mean-spirited comments severely affected his mental state. Leafy then deleted his original video where he ridiculed Tommy, and issued an apology video, stating that the blame was entirely on him and that he should have done proper research prior to releasing the video. Another consequence of this controversy was that other YouTubers started judging Leafy, and marked his content as bullying, which resulted in a slow but steady loss of followers. Leafy responded with several rant videos in which he tried to defend himself, leading to a sort of “internet war” with other YouTubers such as Keemstar, h3h3Productions and Pyrocynical.

Decline in Popularity and Leaving YouTube

In the same year he achieved the record number of subscribers, Leafy’s channel gradually lost its followers. In September 2016, another famous YouTuber called iDubbbz uploaded a video in his “content cop” series, in which he harshly criticized Leafy’s formula, callingd it generic and washed out. He claimed that Leafy essentially uses the same few jokes in his every video, and that his content equates to cyber-bullying, one that often targets children and women. YouTuber Shaun also made similar comments on the style and content of Leafy’s videos.

The backlash and criticism he received resulted in the gradual decline of the number of subscribers on Leafy’s channel. although he still had a large following, which made it all the more surprising when he stopped uploading videos without offering any explanation for his inactivity. As a result, fans wondered about his whereabouts, and rumors started spreading, some even claiming that Leafy was dead or that he left YouTube because he was severely ill. The rumors were dispelled by Leafy himself in an interview with Keemstar uploaded on 25th October 2018.

Net Worth

Even though he left YouTube in 2017, Leafy was able to acquire a solid amount of money throughout his online career which spanned more than six years. According to estimations by authoritative sources, LeafyIsHere’s overall net worth is around $3 million, as of mid-2019.

Personal Life

Despite the fact that he had a huge subscriber base and was considered one of the most influential YouTubers for the time, Leafy managed to keep most of his personal life out of the spotlight.

Even though his fans kept demanding that he disclose information regarding his relationship status, there is no credible information on whether or not he has a girlfriend.

Social Media

Despite his inactivity, Leafy’s official YouTube channel still has more than 4.2 million subscribers, and his videos have garnered more than a billion views. Before leaving social media Leafy was also active on Twitter, where his account had nearly a million followers.

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