• Sky Williams is a YouTube creator, director, stand-up comedian and Twitch partner
• He was born in San Jose, California and had depression issues since the sixth grade of elementary school
• He was accepted to Stanford University but chose to pursue a career in video games and standup comedy
• Sky is active on social media, particularly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
• He addressed people with depression in a video entitled "A Message to the Depressed"

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Sky Williams Wiki Bio

Gregory Scott ‘Sky’ Williams was born in San Jose, California USA, on 31 January 1990, so under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and holding American nationality – Sky is popular for his YouTube channel on which he mostly uploads videos of his “League of Legends” (LoL) gameplays. Besides that, Sky is also a director, stand-up comedian, and one of the partners on the Twitch platform.

What happened to Sky Williams?

Nothing has happened to Sky, although some believe that he has taken his own life due to depression (conspiracy theory). Sky is currently living in Los Angeles and is focused on his Twitch live-streaming and making videos for his YouTube channel. He is sometimes participating in gaming tournaments, but not as often as he did when he was still in high school.

Early life and education

Sky spent his entire childhood in Gilroy as his parents moved there soon after he was born – he has two older brothers named Alex and Nick, while his parents are named Sharon and Greg buandhave been divorced since Sky was three years old. He went on to live with his mother who remarried, however, Sky stated that he was not getting along with his stepfather.

Sky was very athletic at high school, he was a great student who was encouraged by the school to be part of the gifted and talented education program. He had depression problems which started during the sixth grade of elementary school, and was bullied because of it which only made things worse – he is also said to have been raped during this period of time. It was around this time that Sky realized he was gay, but promised himself to keep it a secret because he was afraid of his parents’ reaction, if they would feel ashamed. He found comfort in video games, especially “Super Smash Brothers”, and was planning on becoming a doctor.

He was on his way to making his dreams come true when he received an acceptance letter from Stanford University as soon as he matriculated from high school – however, Sky’s plans changed by then, as he declined the letter and focused on his gaming career on the Internet.

Sky Williams

Developing his interest in video games

Shortly after realizing he was doing well at games, Sky started attending gaming tournaments and competed in numerous video games – the tournaments were organized every weekend and Sky almost never skipped one. At the same time he found love and passion towards improvised humor and realized that he was good at it as well – it became an important part of his life, and a career as he has been doing stand-ups ever since he won a talent show in his high school.

Things were not looking good for Sky because he got into a fight with his mother and stepfather, so moved out and went to Los Angeles – in the same year his best friend died due to bacterial meningitis, which was a major blow for Sky and it worsened his depression. It took a while for him to get back on his feet, and he spent the next six years of his life as a waiter at Applebees restaurant. During one of his shifts, he heard about a comedy competition called Flappers, and went on to compete in it, finished first in the semifinals, and fourth in the finals among 400 competitors. He made his first funny video about “League of Legends” which was praised by the viewers, and it took only two months after that for Sky to become famous.

Sky’s YouTube career

Sky’s career was launched on 23 April 2008, when he opened his YouTube channel which now counts nearly 900,000 subscribers and almost 200 million views of all his videos combined. He still mostly uploads videos related to the LoL game, but is also doing monologues and sometimes rants. On the platform, he is very close to three other LoL YouTubers – VideoGameDunkey, Sp4zie, and Sunnysplosion and often features them in his videos.

A big part of his career is his Sky_mp3 Twitch account, which is currently followed by nearly 270,000 people while his livestreams have been seen over 11.5 million times – he is almost always streaming his “League of Legends” gameplays on his Twitch account.

Personal life and relationships

Even though his first idea when he found out he was gay was to keep it a secret, after becoming more confident about himself thanks to his YouTube channel, he decided to finally share it with the public – however, Sky has never mentioned anyone who he’s dated in the past, or if he is seeing anyone at the moment. Judging by his social media posts, he seems to be single, has never married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Addressing people with depression

Sky is rarely uploads videos which are not funny and humorous, however, on 11 August 2014 he decided to do something different, and posted a motivational video for all those who were suffering from depression entitled “A Message to the Depressed”. He shared his own personal experiences in the video with the goal of help all those who are struggling and have no one to talk to – it is also said that Sky was hurt because Robin Williams, his favorite actor and comedian, killed himself and he felt he had to help those who are in the same state as Robin was (and he himself once). It is currently his most viewed video, as it counts over three million views – some of the most popular online portals spoke about the Sky’s video including “The UK Telegraph” and “The Huffington Post”.

Appearance and net worth

Sky is currently 29 years old. He has short black hair, brown eyes he wears glasses; his height and weight are not known. Net worth is ~$400,000.

Social media presence

Sky Williams is quite active on several social media platforms rather than just on YouTube and Twitch – he launched his Twitter account in May 2011, and has so far gathered over 480,000 followers and tweeted nearly 62,000 times. The account was banned for a month in April 2018, after a Twitch moderator considered one of his tweets to be ‘hateful conduct’. After the ban, he shared the tweet on his YouTube channel which was about the suicide of Mark Saling, after police found more than 50,000 images of child pornography in his home – the problematic tweet reads ‘I will never celebrate the death of a person, ESPECIALLY from suicide. However, I can’t say ‘rest in peace’ because I don’t think that he deserves a peaceful rest. That’s all I feel for now.’

His Instagram account is followed by over 23,000 people, while he has uploaded more than 110 pictures – he has a Facebook page as well which is followed by nearly 60,000 people.


Sky is not to be confused with Sky Williams, a female dancer born on 17 May 1999.



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