Wranglerstar, known for his homesteading expertise, woodworking, and outdoor living, became popular as a digital content creator through his YouTube channel. He captured the imagination of millions of viewers by sharing his experiences and proficiency in using the best tools in exploring a sustainable lifestyle somewhere in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Having his wife and children with him in his videos made his content even more relatable to the viewing public, but amidst his YouTube stardom, Wranglerstar faced controversy and challenges, including an allegedly unexpected termination from the US Forestry Service, and rumors of divorce.

Get to know Wranglerstar

Early years and family

Cody Crone, also known as Wranglerstar, was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, within a close-knit Christian family recognized for their remarkable manual skills, often referred to as ‘gifted hands.’ In his family, the ability to excel in various practical tasks using their hands was highly valued. His grandfather worked as a skilled mechanic, while his father pursued a career as a contractor. Upon matriculating from high school, Wranglerstar and his family were discouraged from pursuing higher education, but instead were encouraged to embark on ‘hands-on’ professions and remain close to home, to the extent that they never left their hometown. He was raised in a house that his grandfather built with his own hands, and it was later revealed that Wranglerstar was raised in a cult, which explained certain peculiarities about his upbringing.

Previous jobs

During his early working years, Wranglerstar held a variety of jobs, including assembly line work, fixing small engines and heavy equipment, and engaging in construction projects. His grandfather helped him secure a summer job involving building and cleaning portable toilets in a sanitation equipment company. These diverse experiences not only equipped him with new skills, but also allowed him to explore different paths in life. Wranglerstar gained valuable insights into his capabilities and aspirations, discerning what truly resonated with him and what did not. Eventually, he rose to the position of a superintendent in an international construction company that specialized in building stores inside commercial buildings, demonstrating proficiency in meeting deadlines and effectively managing large teams of people.

Becoming a Firefighter and Medic

In the 1990s, Wranglerstar’s passion for firefighting led him to pursue a career in this noble profession. He enrolled into a community college and attended night school to earn his certification as an Emergency Medical Technician – EMT/paramedic. With this certification in hand, he became eligible to apply for various fire-fighting academies across the country and was accepted into one in Colorado. Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements, he took additional classes to become a hazardous material technician and a firefighting engineer. It was during this time that he encountered a wide array of accidents, injuries, and challenges, leading him to realize his preference for combating bushfires over structural fires.

Personal life

In the early 2000s, Wranglerstar’s path crossed with a woman named Jessica, leading to the beginning of their love story. They were considered an unlikely couple due to their contrasting family backgrounds, which encompassed diverse ideas on society, religion, education, and how to spend leisure time. In his community, a college degree was not mandatory for young individuals, and early marriages and staying near home were encouraged. However, he and his sister stood out as oddities because he had already reached his thirties, led a well-traveled life, and remained single when he was introduced to her. Jessica, on the other hand, came from a family that placed great importance on higher education and striving to excel in one’s chosen career, before considering settling down. She studied and worked abroad, and later chose to live 2,000 miles – about 3,000kms away from home.

Their initial encounter occurred at a party hosted by Jessica, and she wasn’t impressed with Wranglerstar at first sight. Despite her mother having an enjoyable conversation with him, Jessica found him to be somewhat arrogant and disliked him immediately upon his arrival. She vividly described him as ‘a handsome man with jet-black hair, deeply tanned skin, a lean, muscular frame, and a swagger to boot.’ Wranglerstar, on the contrary, didn’t harbor any notions about his appearance or behavior, but did hold preconceived judgments about people with more education than himself. This led him to assume Jenny was smug even before properly meeting her, resulting in a less-than-ideal first meeting.  Despite their initial impressions, destiny had a different plan for them, as their paths continued to intertwine, and they gradually discovered the hidden depths and true compatibility between them.

The couple almost broke up after a year of dating, as she felt that their relationship wasn’t going anywhere. She was ready to level up and thought he wasn’t ready yet for it, even if they’d already talked about marriage. When she asked him if she needed to move on from their relationship, he was stunned. He didn’t realize that she doubted his sincerity, so declared his undying love; half a year later, they were married, and 10 months after that they had their first son, Jack, and in 2018, their daughter Dee was born.

Embracing his newfound faith

Though Wranglerstar had always believed in God, he found himself adrift and distant from the church of his upbringing, feeling lost and beyond redemption. However, a transformative encounter awaited him when he won a contract to install a culvert for a Christian couple. Witnessing the couple’s calm and orderly way of living left a lasting impression on him. It was as if he had encountered individuals who truly knew and genuinely loved God, and this struck a chord within him. The husband even worked alongside Wranglerstar during the house project, which surprised him. They openly shared their love for God with him, without resorting to preaching, making a profound impact on Wranglerstar’s perception of faith. It left him thirsty to learn more about a God different from the one he’d originally perceived.

As if guided by a divine sign, Wranglerstar stumbled upon a pamphlet in a trash can, which he interpreted as a calling to attend a religious service. For days, he attended the service in secret, seeking to deepen his understanding of this newfound faith, finding himself drawn closer to the path illuminated by this spiritual journey. Although Wranglerstar initially kept his attendance hidden from his wife, her persistent and loving nature eventually led him to confess. With honesty and vulnerability, he shared the profound changes occurring within him, then together they embarked on a transformative spiritual path, becoming new members of the urban church that inspired him.

Homesteading: A Chosen Lifestyle for Their Family

As Wranglerstar and his wife delved deeper into their newfound faith, they began to connect with other Christian families who believed that immersing in a rural environment fostered a deeper connection with God. This led them to consider raising their son away from the distractions of urban life. At the time, Wranglerstar’s parents provided daycare for their son, as his wife had no intention of leaving her job.

They found a place with an old house, initially thinking it was close to the idyllic rural living they sought; it wasn’t too far away, so that they could still go to work without any problem. With the support of Wranglestar’s father, they set out to restore the house to its former glory. They meticulously assessed their financial situation and made prudent adjustments to their monthly expenses to ensure they could manage the debts incurred while building their new home. Every step they took was fueled by their unwavering commitment to crafting a life that aligned with their values and spiritual journey.

Attended an open-house homesteading event

The couple’s quest for a simpler and more meaningful life led them to a pivotal moment when they attended a three-day open-house event on homesteading. The event, hosted by an author renowned for their book on simplifying, took place in a remote off-grid mountain home situated on the western slope of Glacier National Park. Most attendees were conservative Christians, adorned in long skirts, who adhered to strict dietary provisions, and followed a structured schedule. Wranglerstar felt a familiarity with them but his wife experienced a stark contrast to her urban upbringing.

To their pleasant surprise, the attendees proved to be welcoming and non-judgmental, embracing the couple with kindness and warmth. As Wranglerstar immersed himself in learning about off-grid living and the intricacies of sustainable practices, his wife observed and adapted to the unique social norms prevalent in this community. Despite the evident differences in lifestyle, they both felt an undeniable pull toward the quality of life and sense of community they witnessed during the event.

Upon their return home, Wranglerstar and Jessica engaged in serious discussions, acknowledging their shared affinity for the homesteading way of life. His wife had already taken the courageous step of resigning from her job to personally care for their son, yet both of them recognized that certain strains in their marriage and family dynamics remained unresolved. They came to the conclusion that embracing the homesteading lifestyle would be ideal for them. They told their family that their decision wasn’t rooted in a desire for reclusiveness or following the norms of the bygone era, but that they sought to create a home farther away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Their plans initially faced resistance from some family members and friends especially the thought of just homeschooling their son. However, as Wranglerstar and Jessica explained their reasons and passion for this new path, their loved ones gradually came to support and understand their decision.

“Wranglerstar,” the YouTube Channel

The reason the YouTube channel started

The name “Wrangler” was chosen as a homage to his business of selling Jeep parts online, while “Star” symbolized a place of special significance to him and his family. Initially, Wranglerstar’s YouTube channel revolved around vehicle parts, as he utilized the platform to sell them online. Recognizing the efficiency of video tutorials in explaining installation procedures to his clients, he opted to create content that would guide potential buyers through the process. This decision spared him from repetitively explaining the same instructions over the phone, as he could now direct inquiries to his channel.

Became popular due the help of a popular YouTuber

Over time, Wranglerstar added videos on gear and tools reviews, political commentary, and Bible studies. To his delight, positive feedback began to pour in, and he was astonished to witness a steady growth in his subscriber count. He owed a significant portion of this success to a popular YouTuber who featured Wranglerstar’s channel, on his own channel exposing him to a wider audience. In its early stages, the channel featured low-quality cameras and basic editing software. They even faced a setback when YouTube altered its music copyright policies, leading to the deletion of some of their early videos. However, it didn’t stop the channel’s growing popularity and this encouraged Wranglerstar to upgrade his video equipment, especially as he ventured into documenting and sharing their off-grid lifestyle.

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Authenticity and getting millions of subscribers

To their surprise, the struggles and triumphs they experienced on their off-grid property resonated with viewers, described as a poor man’s version of a reality TV show. Viewers were drawn to the genuine nature of each video, connecting with the couple’s humble and relatable approach. Despite their rising popularity, Wranglerstar and his wife remained grounded, acknowledging that they possessed no extraordinary strength, wealth, or intelligence compared to their audience. They simply presented their lives as they were—an unfiltered glimpse into their off-grid lifestyle. In 2020, the Wranglerstar family left their original homestead and moved to a bigger property so they could convince their families to be with them. They are now situated in a community with the same values and lifestyle.

Controversies over the years

Termination from the U.S. Forest Service

In a startling revelation in 2022, Wranglerstar bravely shed light on the circumstances surrounding his termination from the US Forestry Service, disclosing that his dismissal was a result of a contentious incident, in which he allowed his 12-year-old son to wear his Forestry Service hard hat, complete with the agency’s logo, in a YouTube video aimed at demonstrating safe chainsaw use for young boys. Unfortunately, this action drew disapproval from higher-ups within the organization, prompting an anonymous complaint that ultimately led to Wranglerstar’s removal from his position. The lack of transparency and explanation provided by his former employer left him disheartened and disappointed.

An anti-fan channel made just for Wranglerstar

In a testament to Wranglerstar’s growing prominence, he also faced detractors and critics, one of whom went to great lengths to express animosity towards him and his channel. An individual created a YouTube channel entitled “Anti Wranglerstar,” dedicated solely to ranting and purportedly “exposing” Wranglerstar’s wrongdoings. This anti-fan channel, which first emerged in March 2021, has amassed about 80 subscribers and uploaded approximately 50 videos by July 2023, garnering over 17,000 views.

Divorce rumors

Someone started a rumor online specifically on Reddit that the Wranglerstar couple was headed for divorce. Whenever Jessica doesn’t appear in his videos, some viewers wonder why, and some immediately conclude that they are having problems. They attributed the marriage problems to Cody’s personal views on certain topics, and said that his attitude probably ruined the relationship. However, to this day, they are still together as proven by a video he uploaded on 31 July 2023, in which he made a surprise gift to his wife. There are also no reports that either of the two has filed for a divorce.

Support from Fans and the YouTube Community

Amidst the controversy surrounding Wranglerstar’s termination, his loyal fan base and the broader YouTube community rallied to his defense. Outraged by the Forestry Service’s decision, countless fans expressed their dismay and disappointment, emphasizing Wranglerstar’s invaluable contributions and unwavering dedication to sharing crucial information about safe practices and rural living. Supporters lauded him for being a responsible parent and an inspiring mentor to his son.

The overwhelming support demonstrated the profound impact Wranglerstar had on his viewers, who saw him as more than just a content creator, but as a relatable figure whose values and experiences resonated deeply with their own aspirations and principles. Despite the controversy, Wranglerstar’s influence remained strong, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among those who embraced his homesteading lifestyle and shared in his journey towards a more authentic and fulfilling way of life.

YouTube Success and Net Worth

Wranglerstar’s YouTube channel, boasting over two million subscribers and more than one billion views as of 2023, has become a significant source of income. With an average of 500,000 daily views, Wranglerstar generates an estimated revenue of around $2,000 per day, which was more than $700,000 a year from advertisements on his videos. The success of his channel, combined with his published book, “Modern Homesteading: Rediscovering the American Dream,” contributes to his estimated net worth of $2.3 million, and a far cry from the $30 paycheck that his channel received before it became popular.

Beyond YouTube ad revenue, Wranglerstar also explored other income streams available to content creators. YouTube Premium, Super Chats & Super Stickers, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and Shopping enable him to diversify his earnings. Additionally, his family runs an Amazon store through which they sell merchandise related to their homesteading lifestyle.

Wranglerstar’s journey from an urban dweller to a successful YouTube homesteader is an inspiring tale of embracing simplicity and faith. Despite facing controversies and unexpected challenges, he’s remained steadfast in his commitment to sharing valuable knowledge with his audience. Through his online platform, Cody Crone, the man behind Wranglerstar, continues to impact lives, demonstrating the power of determination, resilience, and the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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