Born under the sign of Libra on 27 September 1995, in Harlem, New York City USA, Margaret Odette is a 28-year-old Haitian-American actress and model. She is known around the globe mostly due to having starred in a number of fairly recent titles, rather than for having been the centerpiece in a single massively successful project. That said, a project that slightly stands out on her resume is the TV series entitled “Sex/Life,” which has arguably made the biggest contribution to her fame. She has enjoyed somewhat enviable success since starting a career in the entertainment industry in 2012.

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Early life & education: Keeping the mystery

Odette grew up in an average home with loving parents who supported her early passions, allowing the child to discover certain creative outlets as early as time would allow, which eventually led her towards the limelight. She was raised apparently an only child by her father and mother of as-of-yet unknown professions. Her household is believed to have been Catholic Christian, and faith likely played a part in the actress’ up-beginning.

The actress attended a local high school in her birthplace, from where she matriculated in 2013. During her time there, Margaret engaged in various creative activities, such as acting, singing, and dancing, which also helped develop her love for theater that would come in handy later on. Having found her true calling, Odette subsequently enrolled in New York University prestigious Tisch School of the Arts to pursue an entertainment career, graduating with a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting in 2017. That still wasn’t enough for the aspiring artist, however, and so she took up the prestigious British American Dramatic Academy in Oxford, England, further perfecting her stage presence.

Career: Sex/Applause

Margaret first found employment as a stage actress in a number of local productions where she grew up, taking her time project by project to build up a solid resume that would attract some of the more prominent producers to take her on. The adolescent was eventually noticed in 2011, thereby securing her first role in a TV title – that of Mimi in an episode of “Yasmin the Show,” released in 2012. She returned to theater for a while after that, as no other offers seemed to pop up, eventually landing the part of Woman #1 in a low-rated romantic drama by Daniel Armando entitled “What It Was” in 2014. The next year she took on the recurring role of Thea in “Sleeping with Other People” – a romance comedy drama by Leslye Headland that had noticeably better reviews than her previous project. Things began to look up for Margaret, but sadly she didn’t land another appearance on the big screen for the next three years, taking on as many theater projects as she could to remain afloat in the cutthroat industry.

In 2018 she was featured as Deborah Garrisi in an episode of “Elementary,” which marked a significant step in the right direction as it had an almost-eight-star rating on IMDB. It was only for an episode though, and the actress had to go back to square one with regards to Hollywood. She played Margaret in the 2019 short film “Sole Variations,” as well as Allison in an episode of “Instinct.” She found another break opportunity after another two roles that year, as DJ in two episodes of 2020’s “Blindspot” season. That seemed to somewhat do the trick for Odette, as her next project would be by far the longest involvement she’s ever had with a project, playing the lead female role Sasha Snow in Stacy Rukeyser’s comedy drama romance TV series entitled “Sex/Life,” in which she remained for the entirety of its 14 episodes over two seasons. Along the way she also played Iman Walker in three episodes of “Step Up: High Water” in 2022, but hasn’t had another TV role since.

There’s also nothing in the works near the start of 2024 that is set to feature the actress, but her fans can stay hopeful knowing she’s hard at work securing another appearance. If all else fails, Odette will always be able to fall back on her modeling side-gigs that infrequently pop up on social media.

Her biggest hit so far

In spite of the show’s abysmal reviews on both reputable websites and IMDB itself, “Sex/Life” has garnered two wins and three nominations since being released. It won the ReFrame award twice, in 2022 in the IMDbPro Top 200 Most Popular TV Titles 2021-2022 category, and in 2023 in the TV category. The series was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award in The Bingeworthy Show of 2021 category in 2021, as well as for the MTV Award in the Here for the Hookup category, and the CAFTCAD award in the Best Costume Design in TV Contemporary – East category, in 2022.

Opinions regarding the series remain negative across most outlets, which is the obvious reason for Netflix having canceled it after only two seasons. The reason for this apparently abrupt decision can be glimpsed from Stacy Rukeyser’s own interview with The Hollywood Reporter, in which she discussed the unexpected turn of events in the last episode of the second season, clarifying that it was not initially conceived as a series finale. Expressing a strong belief in the continuation of the characters’ stories within the “Sex/Life” universe, Rukeyser emphasized the importance of reaching meaningful resolutions for each character in the current installment. The guiding mantra throughout was defined as treating the narrative as a fairytale rather than a story of morality – a perspective shaped by the desire to steer clear of conventional punishment narratives for women with sexual desires.

She acknowledged differing opinions on the fate of the lead character, Billie, at the end of the first part. Some believed she should face consequences for her actions, but the showrunner stood firm against adopting a punitive approach, asserting that it contradicted the ethos of the show. The narrative aimed to convey a message of hope and second chances, challenging the stereotypical portrayals of women with sexual desires in mainstream media.

When asked about the envisioned number of seasons for “Sex/Life”, the creator expressed boundless possibilities, stating that the show could span numerous seasons due to an abundance of ideas for the characters. The aspiration to explore their tales further was a fundamental aspect of the creator’s vision from the project’s inception, though that would ultimately never come to be in lieu of Netflix’s irreversible decision.

Why did it flop?

The series already boasted a measly audience as it were, but the way the second season ended turned a great many viewers away from the fanbase. Staunch supporters of Odette’s character felt like she had been wronged by the second season’s script, which left only bits and pieces of actual character development for her to expand upon. That, however, is only part of the overall problem, as the show was already hard to watch from the get-go, at least according to the endless myriad of one-star reviews on IMDB.

Numerous netizens seem to be in accord over the explicitly sexual nature of the series that apparently aims to promote being unfaithful to one’s spouse for no reason other than feeling capricious. The women who consistently commit adultery in the show are never held accountable for most of their selfish acts, which resulted in the story failing to resonate with most of the world’s viewers, especially the conservative crowd.

Some would argue that starring in “Sex/Life” did the opposite of helping Odette gain a significant breakthrough, since she is now the face of a failed series that many are disappointed in, having to carry the reputation around until another punching bag of a title takes its place. Her interview with Screen Rant didn’t help the case either, as she claimed that parts of the series are modeled after her own life – a statement that could imply a number of trait deemed undesirable.

Love life: Does Margaret have a spouse?

The actress has remained tight-lipped about any and all matters pertaining to her romantic involvements, in spite of the insistent fans. She is yet to explain her relationship status to a media outlet, and it looks like her on-screen interests from “Sex/Life” have also remained just that after the series’ abrupt end. It’s unknown whether Odette’s got her eye on anyone in particular, as her Instagram posts aren’t known to feature any potential courters.

What is her net worth?

Margaret Odette’s total accumulated wealth is estimated at close to $3 million in late 2023. She is thought to have garnered this sum by consistently exposing herself to as many theater, TV, film and modeling projects as she could handle at a time, with the most significant contribution to her fortune being the portrayal of Sasha Snow in “Sex/Life.”

Body measurements: What is her height?

The model stands at 5ft 8ins (173cms) tall, weighs approximately 136lbs (62kgs), with vital statistics of 33-25-34, with a body type generally described as athletic bordering on slim. She has pitch black curly/wavy hair, dark brown eyes, and a medium-dark complexion.

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