Who is Len Wiseman?

American screenwriter, producer and director Len Ryan Wiseman was born under the zodiac sign Pisces on 4 March 1973, in Fremont, California USA. He has eight writing, 14 producing and 18 directing credits, and is perhaps still known best for writing and directing the critically acclaimed 2003 action fantasy thriller movie “Underworld”, which starred Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman, and follows vampire warrior Selene who’s become involved in the conflict between the vampires and werewolves; the movie won one of its 11 award nominations. This was also Len’s writing debut.

He’s currently producing the upcoming series’ “Underworld” and “Sin City”, as well as directing the upcoming movie “Ballerina”.

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Education and early life

Len was raised in Fremont by his father Loren Wiseman and mother Janice; he hasn’t disclosed many details about his parents as he respects their privacy, and because he’s yet to speak about having siblings, most of Len’s fans believe that he’s an only child.

He became interested in acting while attending American High School and was 17 when he discovered that he was more into creating movies than appearing in them; Len was physically quite active during his teenage years and played various sports with his peers, including basketball, baseball and tennis.

Upon matriculating in 1991, he enrolled at De Anza College, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1995.

Producing credits

Len’s producing debut was the 2004 short documentary movie “Underworld: Creature Effects”, and the year 2006 saw him produce the second film of his movie series “Underworld: Evolution”; it follows Selene and half-werewolf Michael as they’re learning about their races’ history, and the movie won two of its eight award nominations.

Len produced the 2009 movie “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”, which starred Michael Sheen and Rhona Mitra, and was directed by Patrick Tatopoulos. Serving as a prequel to the two above mentioned movies, it follows centuries old feud between the vampires and their former slaves, Lycans; the movie was nominated for two awards.

Len produced the next film in his movie series, the 2012 “Underworld: Awakening”, which follows Selene as she’s leading a war against humans, and it won only a single award. He could then have been seen working on the critically acclaimed 2012 action adventure science fiction film “Total Recall”, which won two of its eight award nominations, the 2016 action adventure fantasy movie “Underworld: Blood Wars” and all 62 episodes of the action crime adventure series “Sleepy Hollow” from 2013 through 2017.

The year 2017 saw him work on 10 episodes of the crime action series “APB”, which starred Taylor Handley and Justin Kirk, and was created by David Slack and Matt Nix; it follows a wealthy businessman who’s bought a police precinct and has supplied it with advanced technology.

Some of Len’s most recent work has been on 35 episodes of the crime fantasy series “Lucifer” from 2016 through 2018, 15 episodes of the 2018 action fantasy series “The Gifted”, and all 10 episodes of the 2019 horror science fiction series “Swamp Thing”.

Directing credits

Len’s directing debut was the 1999 music video “Megadeth: Crush ‘Em”, and the same year saw him direct another music video “Megadeth: Insomnia”.

In 2000 he directed the music videos “Mephisto Odyssey Featuring Static-X: Crash” and “En Vogue: Riddle”, while he then worked on the 2002 music videos “Quarashi: Stick ‘Em Up” and “Rufu Wainwright: Across the Universe”.

In 2007, Len directed the critically acclaimed action thriller “Live Free or Die Hard”, which starred Justin Long and Bruce Willis, and was written by Roderick Thorp and John Carlin. It follows John McClane and a hacker as they’re trying to take down cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel, and the film won three of its 19 award nominations. Some of Len’s following work was on the 2010 pilot episode of the crime action series “Hawaii Five-0”, the 2012 movie “Total Recall”, and the 2013 pilot episode of the action crime adventure series “Sleepy Hollow”.

Most recently, in 2019, he directed two episodes of the popular science fiction horror series “Swamp Thing”, which starred Virginia Madsen and Crystal Reed, and was created by Mark Verheiden and Gary Dauberman. It follows Abby Arcane who’s come home to Marais, Louisiana to investigate a virus that’s begun spreading in the swamp; the series was nominated for three awards.

Awards and nominations

Len was nominated for a 2003 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award for Best Genre Film, for “Underworld”.

Love life and marriages

Len’s been married twice, but not many details have been disclosed about his marriages as he prefers to keep his love life away from media.

His first wife was American kindergarten teacher Dana; the two married in a small and private ceremony in 1994 and their divorce was finalized in 2003 (some sources state in December 2002). Len chose to divorce Dana because he fell in love with famous British actress Kathrin Romany ‘Kate’ Beckinsale while they were working together on the movie “Underworld”; she also broke up with her boyfriend, British actor Michael Christopher Sheen because of Len.

Len and Kate exchanged vows on 9 May 2004; they announced on 20 November 2015 that they’d separated; their divorce was finalized on 5 November 2019.

In August 2023, Len became engaged to CJ Franco, an American model and artist; the two began dating in December 2015.

There are no other women whom Len’s perhaps been with, that we know about; he’s engaged to CJ Franco as of September 2023, has been married twice and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Len was 15 when he watched the first “Die Hard” movie, released in 1988, and instantly became a huge fan of the film and American actor Bruce Willis, re-creating the movie in his backyard with his family’s video camera. Len’s dream came true 20 years later, when he directed the movie “Live Free or Die Hard”.

Close to 20,000 people are following Len on Instagram today, and he’s posted close to 200 pictures and videos onto the network, with most showing him during his everyday life.

He enjoys being in nature, and spends his spare time skiing high up in the mountains, visiting national parks and travelling around the world.

Keanu Reeves is one of Len’s favorite actors, and some of his favorite films are the trilogy “The Matrix”, the franchise “John Wick”, and “Point Break”.

Appearance and net worth

Len’s age is 50. He has brown eyes and hair, weighs around 175lbs (80kgs) and is 6ft (1.83m) tall.

Len’s net worth’s been estimated at over $20 million, as of September 2023.

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