• Claire Abbott became famous in 2012 after uploading a bikini photo on the internet
• She is a singer and songwriter from Toronto, Canada, born in 1998
• She is known to have struggles with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression
• There were rumors of her being romantically involved with Dan Bilzerian in 2016
• Her body measurements are 5ft 5ins (165cms), 135lbs (61 kgs) with 36-25-33 inch measurements

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Where is Claire Abbott now in 2019?

Fame was only four years long for Claire Abbott, who disappeared from social media as quickly as she became popular. Despite the rumors that she might be dead, struggling with anxiety or bipolar disorder, none of them has been confirmed by her or her representatives. However, she is still missing from the public eye, which makes us think that, just maybe, sometimes the perks of being an influencer don’t make up for the disadvantages.

Where does her fame come from?

Many Instagram or Facebook stars managed to gain popularity after posting provocative and/or attractive photos – that was Claire’s case, too. We can even say she became famous by chance in 2012, after uploading a bikini photo which raised the curiosity of thousands of people. However, since then Claire has been showing her many qualities on the Internet, besides her well-proportioned body, cute face and blonde hair.  What also contributed to enlarging her audience was her singing talent and creativity – she is a vocalist and songwriter whose biggest dream was, and maybe still is, to make a career in the music industry. Among her best known creations are her interesting and innovative cover of Adele’s well-known song “Turning Tables, and her own song “Fighter”, the latter released on 24 May 2014 in collaboration with Phlex Music, and which has attracted more than 40,000 views on YouTube. Another famous cover is of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back to Black” song.

Claire’s biographical background

In such a short period of fame, little information has been revealed about who is, in fact, Claire Abbott, the real personality, not the virtual one. However, her birthplace is known to be Toronto, Ontario Canada. Born on 22 January 1998, she was only 14 years old when she first entered the limelight. This could sustain the assumptions that her disappearance was urged by her not being able to cope with the curse fame comes with. After all, a 14 years old child would hardly be fully prepared to handle mixed comments and feelings at a dash.

Claire Abbott

She grew up in her hometown with her older brother, who reportedly had already started his own family in August 2015. Her parents’ names are unknown. During elementary and high school, which she went to in Toronto, she discovered and followed her big dream of becoming a singer. She has been writing poems since those times, and on the whole was a very active teenager, also engaged in a lot of sports events organized by her school; cheerleading was another one of her methods of discharging her energy. After matriculating from high school, she focused more on her career, and didn’t continue her academic development in a university.

Claire’s psychological struggles

It’s already been demonstrated that being famous and in the spotlight is not something utterly pleasant for everyone; very self-conscious people face a lot of struggle in dealing with this type of exposure. Followers’ comments and questions are sometimes intrusive and judgmental, and for some hard not to take into account. Supposedly, Claire did face insecurity, and moreover fought with bipolar disorder. All these resulted, of course, in depression and anxiety. She even shared with her fans the problems she faced, and many of them wrote supportive messages and comments. However, Claire did not feel at ease in this virtual world, which could be one of the major causes of the aggravation of the symptoms.

How did she disappear?

Despite all those signals, nobody was expecting such a sudden and unannounced disappearance from all that the virtual world means nowadays. In 2016, Claire’s Instagram and Twitter accounts were both deactivated. Her YouTube channel and her Facebook page can still be found, but nothing has been posted or uploaded on them since 2016. It was more than strange for those who kept on eye on everything Claire did in her life.  Unsurprisingly, all kinds of rumors were not long in coming. Some said she’d died, which of course was exaggerated. others supposed that she just took her time off to pay more attention to her health issues. Ultimately, it is also thought that this pause is meant to prepare her for a strong return and release in the music industry.

Romantic affairs

As discreet as always, Claire did not give any information regarding her romantic life or potential partners. However, it was a short period of time when she has constantly been seen with Dan Bilzerian, a poker player, and even posted a cute photo with him on Instagram. Because of the rumors rising, she deleted the photo the following day, and never confirmed a relationship. No other relationships she could have been involved in are known.

Body measurements

Claiming her amazing body features are all-natural, Claire impressed and attracted with every little segment of herself. Starting with her blonde hair, black eyes, fair skin and cute smile, and ending with her gorgeous bikini body, these were the first assets she conquered her audience with. At 5ft 5ins (165cms), she weighed around 135lbs (61 kgs) and her body measurements were 36-25-33 inches – very close to (often accepted) perfection.

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