• Precious Cooper is a Caucasian street racer and reality TV personality, best known for her undefeated streak on "Street Outlaws: Memphis".
• Raised by parents Ricky and Sara Cooper, she went to Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas, matriculating in 2007.
• She started her career at 19, training for one year before taking to the streets in early 2010.
• It is unknown if Precious is in a relationship, and she does not have a social media presence.
• Her estimated net worth is close to $300,000, earned from her time on "Street Outlaws: Memphis".


Who is Precious Cooper?

Born in Osceola, Florida USA on an unspecified day of 1989, and also known as ‘The Queen of the Streets’, Precious Cooper is a Caucasian street racer and reality TV personality. She is definitely best known to the world for her significant presence on the TV screen as one of the street racers, and the undefeated female street racer in “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. She is part of JJ Da Boss’ racing team, who is the center of this reality show. She has had a few other successes, though this is where almost all of her fame comes from. She has been in the street racing reality TV business since an unspecified date.


Early Life: A Healthy Family

Precious was raised in her birthplace by her parents Ricky and Sara Cooper, both of whom are specialized in roofing. She has a younger sister named Chelsea, who also appears on the show from time to time. It is unknown what sort of interests she had growing up, though according to her performance in the show, the fans suspect that she had a burning passion for vehicles – specifically race cars. As for her education, she went to Rivercrest High School in Wilson, Arkansas, from where she matriculated in 2007. She does not appear to have pursued a college education, and hasn’t publicly stated any such plans.

Career: From Student to Master

There is no information about the jobs Precious had prior to starting the career she has today. She used to frequent Memphis with JJ Da Boss (Jonathan Day) and help him out with the garage, owing to her fascination with race cars, she eventually asked him to train her. JJ agreed, so at 19 years of age, she underwent a year-long street racing training, and in early 2010, she was ready to take to the streets. One of her first and toughest races to date is considered to be one in which she was using an old car named “The Puddle Jumper.” A few races later, she was beginning to establish dominance on the track, and was thus cast into season 9 of the show “Street Outlaws: Memphis” as a racer herself. Thanks to her nearly immaculate streak, she was named ‘The Queen of the Streets’ by the end of the season. In season 10, she was placed against one of the show’s accomplished racers named Chuck Seitsinger, whom she managed to outperform in the duel. At the moment she doesn’t seem to be too active in the show, but she still maintains her title and interacts with her fans on social media.

Precious Cooper

Her Love Life: Who is her Husband?

As for Cooper’s romantic involvements, not a single reputable source can provide verified information about this matter. Precious seems to be rather shy on the show as well, and she thus doesn’t seem to be one that frequently engages in social interaction. Consequentially, Precious is yet to be seen with a single partner, and according to the facts about her love life, or the lack thereof, the media will remain in the dark until Precious decides to shed some light. Lastly, there have been rumors that Precious may have had an affair with JJ Da Boss, who of course denied these allegations along with Cooper herself, and most of the fans are against this speculation, since practically every active follower of the show believes that Cooper builds her career thanks to JJ’s mentorship, and that they have a strictly professional relationship.

The “Street Outlaws: Memphis” Scandal

According to a news report by wreg.com, Chad Larkin was a victim of violence at the shooting of “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. As per his statement, he was invited by JJ Da Boss to a street race and asked to bring $1000, which would go to one single winner. Larkin accepted, and was upon his arrival asked to intentionally offend and use various derogatory terms when talking to all of the crews on the show, since according to the producers, this behavior was encouraged for higher ratings upon release. However, Larkin suffered a beating from a still unconfirmed group of assailants, and promptly sued the production. As a result, Discovery Channel is now being sued for $5 million by Chad Larkin and his wife.

The New Season is Here

As shown on the Discovery Channel’s page for the show, the latest season of “Street Outlaws: Memphis” which has 10 episodes was released near the end of 2018, the last episode having premiered on the 8th of January 2019.

What is Precious Cooper’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich Precious is, as of early 2019? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the total of Precious’ accumulated wealth is close to $300,000, made by winning numerous street races as a contestant in the reality TV street racing series entitled “Street Outlaws: Memphis”. As her career continues to develop, the said amount is bound to increase.

Social Media Presence

Thanks to the ever-expanding grasp that social media has on worldwide audiences, it is in the best interests of most celebrities to keep their fans informed about their activities and thus maintain and potentially increase their rating and profit. However, it doesn’t appear as though Precious is at all preoccupied with maintaining her involvement in this trend, seeing as her presence on social networks is all but ubiquitous at the moment – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts don’t exist.

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