Who is Elliott Neese now?

Even though Elliott Neese is no longer part of the show “Deadliest Catch”, he continues his seafaring ways. As of recently, he has been seen fishing in Fiji and Mexico, and has been travelling a lot with his new girlfriend.

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Posted by Captain Elliott on Saturday, June 10, 2017

Who is Elliott Neese from “Deadliest Catch”?

Elliot Nicodemus Neese was born in 1982 in Alaska USA. He is now a 37 year-old commercial fisherman, and a licensed ship captain and angler, who became famous for his appearance in Discovery channel’s documentary television series “Deadliest Catch”. He began fishing early in his youth, and joined the Discovery channel’s show as the youngest captain in the fleet in 2011.

Elliott Neese Bio: Early Life and Family

Growing up on the shores of Alaska, Elliott was introduced to fishing and sailing as soon as he could walk. His father, Mike Neese was a ship’s captain, and a sailing and fishing veteran of several decades. To continue the family tradition, he ushered young Elliott into the world of seafaring, and taught his son the secrets of angling and trawling. Elliot realized that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps when he was 12 years old, and joined his father on the ship, and from that point on spent almost a third of the year at the sea. Over the next few years he was trained and educated by many of his father’s friends, who were some of the best captains in the fleet. At the age of 19, he was skilled enough to be trusted with his first boat.

Elliott Neese

Joining “Deadliest Catch”

“Deadliest Catch” is a documentary television series which follows the ups and downs of fishing crews in the Bering Sea during the bairdi crab, Alaskan king crab and opilio crab fishing seasons. The series has been running since 2005 and is currently in its 15th season. The show got its name due to the risky and potentially deadly nature of the Alaskan crab fishing business. Neese joined in 2011 during its seventh season when he was 29 years-old, and already an experienced captain of the ship called “Ramblin’ Rose”. He remained at the helm of “Ramblin’ Rose” for one more season before joining forces with two other captains, Roger Strong and Jake Anderson in moving on to a bigger ship with bigger crew called “Saga”. Elliott remained one of the three captains for the next three seasons, after which he left the show.

His Role as a Captain

Even though he was by far the youngest ship captain when he joined the show, Elliott had no problems maintaining order and discipline among his crew, being well respected by his fellow sailors. He stated that to persevere in such a risky and dangerous job, he needed to keep his men on a tight leash both at sea and on shore.

However, when it came to the actual work, he was always there to help his crew, often leaving the wheelhouse in the hands of his first mate, and going down to the deck to throw the hook himself. In addition, Elliott proved that he is willing to risk his life to help other sailors in need; during the show’s tenth season, the fishing ship “Arctic Hunter” ran aground and took on water, forcing the crew to abandon it and board their life raft. “Saga” was the closest ship at the time, and Elliott wasted no time heading off to the rescue. Even though the rescue was complicated due to the shallow depth, with the help of his father he managed to save the stranded fishermen and bring them to safety.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Elliott has a son and a daughter with his ex-girlfriend Valerie Gunderson – unfortunately, Elliot and Valerie did not remain on good terms after the break-up. Valerie even took legal action against Elliott, asking for a protective order citing fear for her own safety due to Elliott’s alleged violent behavior in the past. Although the charges were dropped and Elliott managed to win a joint custody over his children, he and Valerie have yet to reconcile their conflict. Neese now has a new girlfriend whose name is Airy Fridenbergs.


Despite displaying authority, skill and willingness to risk his life in order to help those in need, Neese was also a controversial figure during his time on the show; namely, for a certain period of time he had troubles with drug addiction. When the conflict with his ex-girlfriend escalated, he had a tough time navigating between personal life and work, thus relapsing once again. When the situation got worse, his father and the rest of the crew aboard “Saga” pressured him to going into rehab. In the end, Elliott listened to his friends and family and asked for professional help.

Net Worth

An early start in the fishing business and taking part in Discovery channel’s popular show has enabled Elliott to amass a net worth of over $500,000, according to estimations by authoritative sources.

Social Media

Neese owns a Twitter account with nearly 50,000 followers. He also has an Instagram account on which he is followed by more than 5000 people. In addition to this, fans can find him on Facebook as well.

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