Who is Meghan Gill?

Season 14 winner of the popular TV show “Hell’s Kitchen”, Megan was born in the Roanoke, Virginia USA, on 17th of October 1986, of white ethnicity and her nationality is American. Being the winner of the season, she was assigned with the Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill restaurant, at Caesars Atlantic City. This significant prize was not reserved for her alone, but was shared with Season 13 winner, La Tasha. Megan is known for her strong and resilient personality and leadership skills, which helped her to win the competition.

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Meghan Gill Bio: Early Life and Education

Meghan apparently had an idyllic childhood in the small city of Roanoke – a city famous for its rich history as it was the first location in which there was an attempt to form a permanent English settlement in North America. Even though she later moved to Adelphi, Maryland, where she attended Catholic School Our Lady of Good Counsel and High Point High School, she never forgot her birth town. Passion for cooking led her to the famous L’Academie de Cuisine Culinary School where she gained professional training in culinary and pastry arts. This School was the first in the Washington, DC region and one of the top 10 private professional cooking schools that enabled Meghan to develop perfect skills of versatile and innovative dishes during her competition on “Hell’s Kitchen”.

Career and New Worth

Before gaining wide recognition and fame on TV, Meghan worked in the culinary industry for almost 10 years, as a sous chef in 2941 Restaurant and Inox Restaurant. In 2015, she became part of one of the most popular TV culinary shows in the world, gaining a chance to learn from famous Chef Gordon Ramsay. Meghan was a very fierce and competitive participant, and known for having outbursts at her teammates, especially when they made mistakes; her biggest clashes where with Michelle Tribble, due to personality differences and mutual animosity.

Meghan Gill

As a natural leader, it was no surprise that she was in charge of the red team, and even won her first perfect five score at the very beginning of the competition, for her signature dish, Rainbow trout. She struggled with challenges that included boats and water as she was not feeling pleasant in those surroundings. She has stated that fish make her feel uncomfortable, and one of her most memorable moments was her reaction when seeing the headless fish that her friend and ally in the competition Torrece “T” Gregoire was holding. Meghan was critiqued as intolerant and impatient, as she would often have outbursts on her teammates, especially Michelle “Mieka” Houser Harris who she considered incompetent.

Despite her flaws, Gordon Ramsey praised her as a prime leader of the red team which gave her confidence and strength to continue in the competition. She has even admitted that, while being completely different in real life, in the kitchen she could be very mean and nervous, as success was crucial for her and she didn’t like losing. Even though she was often criticised for playing too safely, she was almost never nominated as she was considered one of the best chefs from her team.

Meghan was the first female contestant ever to win the reward for her signature dish, and also the competitor with the most punishments in the competition’s history. One of the rare competitors who switched teams by the end of the show, she made history alongside Michelle Tribble and Torrece “T” Gregoire by forming the first ever all female finale, and was one of the rare competitors who was never nominated for expulsion.

As one of the head chefs at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, at the Caesars, Atlantic City her salary is around $250,000. Her estimated net worth is estimated by sources at close to $1 million in 2019, certainly impressive for a chef.

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Private life

Meghan Gill has kept her private life very secretive, and it is not known if she is married or not. Information of her relationship status and sexual orientation have never been confirmed, except for speculations circling the Internet. In the era of social media Meghan has a Facebook page that counts 2500 ‘likes’, as well as an Instagram and Twitter accounts where she’s followed by over 6000 and almost 4000 people respectively.

Meghan Gill Body Measurements, Height and Weight

The popular chef has never stated her height and weight, leaving this information unknown; she has blond hair and brown eyes and among fans of the show she has been nominated as one of the prettiest chefs, despite having a somewhat mean and aggressive demeanor.

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