• Jonathan Abreu Sosa is a popular YouTuber and Instagram star from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
• He was diagnosed with ‘Growth Hormone Deficiency’ or ‘Dwarfism’ at a young age and had to move to New York for medical care
• Abreu is known for his witty personality and mischievous humor, and has gained 3.4 million Instagram followers
• His YouTube channel, ‘Pio La Ditingancia’, has almost 60,000 subscribers, and he works as a host for BET Network’s Bet ‘Excess’ season 2
• He is 4ft 8ins (140cm) tall, has black hair and eyes, and is of Afro-American ethnicity with Dominican-American nationality


Who is Abreu Sosa?

Popular YouTuber and Instagram star Jonathan Abreu Sosa was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on 5th of October 1993. He is one of the more unusual YouTube stars today, known for his witty personality and mischievous humor. He is also called Pioladitingancia Abreu or ‘’NO FOCKIN BABY’’.

Abreu Sosa’s Bio: Early Life and Education

There is almost no information about Abreu’s childhood and early life prior to fame, or of his education. When he was a boy, doctors diagnosed him with a medical condition called ‘’Growth Hormone Deficiency’’ or ‘’Dwarfism’’. His body cannot produce growth hormones which is essential for the overall growth of a person.

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However, he hasn’t allowed any circumstances he cannot control influence his life completely, for which he is praised by many people, but due to his health condition, Abreu was forced to migrate to New York in hopes of collecting money for his growing medical expenses. At the time, his family had a debt of around 25,000 pesos, which is equal to almost $500 dollars. His main goal was to become either an architect or an actor, however he was mainly working in grocery stores which made him feel quite unhappy.

All the social media posts he uploaded during that time gradually led to his fame, and helped him to go viral.

Career and Net Worth

The story that stands behind his success is quite unique: although he looks like a child, Abreu is an adult. His Instagram posts often feature pretty girls, expensive chains and videos of him flashing money around. Posting these videos made him that popular. Afterwards, he started a YouTube channel called ‘’ ‘Pio La Ditingancia’’ that currently has almost 60,000 subscribers.


At the beginning of his career he was backed by the popular Viceland show called ‘’Desus and Mero’’ which took him along to Meadows Music and Art festival in New York. They even called him ‘’The Prime Minister of The Dominican Republic’’.

His most developed social platform in terms of the followers he has is Instagram, with an astonishing 3.4 million followers. Abreu can earn between $5,000-8,000 per post.

Currently he works as a host for BET Network’s Bet ‘’Excess’’ season 2. BET is a celebrity, fashion, music website that also has a channel on YouTube, and ‘’Excess’’ is one of their most viewed shows.

Some of the episodes include him ordering New York’s most expensive steak, giving advice on how to live in luxury, and showing off his $225,000 worth of chain.

He was a former cast member of MTV’s show ‘’Wild ‘N Out’’, a comedy sketch and improve television series, the creator and host of which was Nick Cannon.

On his YouTube and Instagram channels, which are mainly in Spanish, he has collaborated with a lot of other social media stars on videos in which he is trying to convince others that he is actually not a kid.

Abreu’s popularity enabled him to make a profit from various sponsorships and endorsements, including collaborating with the popular brand of shoes called ‘’Kicktronics’’.

Abreu is also trying to achieve success in the music industry. He performed a song with the popular singer Lapiz Conciente called ‘’Do Not F*uck With Me’’ which was followed with an official video shot by RSK Fama Films, and the production of Master Beat.

As of mid-2019, authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is over $2 million, accumulated from a variety of endeavours during the last few years.

Private life

He hasn’t given a lot of insight into his previous or current relationship status. Although he is seen with a lot of girls on Instagram, his sexual orientation has not been confirmed. So far, Abreu seems to be enjoying a single life, but there are rumors that he is currently in a relationship with Sarodj Bertin, who is a Haitian lawyer and a beauty pageant contestant, who grew up in the Dominican Republic after her mother was murdered. The two haven’t confirmed their relationship, however, they seem to be good friends.

The only family member whose picture he shared is his mom, who he calls ‘’mamichula’’ – they seem very close. One of the biggest tragedies of his life happened only two weeks before he moved to the US. His sister passed away while in hospital due to health complications.

Abreu has had a few scandals throughout his career. He was once pulled over by police for smoking weed, and his car was searched.

However, the police officers usually take pictures with him, as there are a lot of his fans in the police force too.

Abreu Sosa’s Height and Weight

Abreu is 4ft 8 ins (140cm) tall while his weight is currently unknown. He has black hair and black eyes. Due to his health condition, he doesn’t look like an average 25 year-old man. His ethnicity is Afro-American, and his nationality is Dominican-American.

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