• Whitney Bates is an American married to Zach Bates, eldest of 19 children in the Bates family.
• She was adopted by Johnny and Lydia Owens at 16 and graduated from Lincoln Memorial University with a degree in medical billing, coding and medical insurance.
• She is almost an actress and is regularly featured in the UpTV show “Bringing Up Bates”, and she is also an entrepreneur.
• She and Zach married in 2013 and have two children together, Bradley and Kaci.
• Whitney is active on social media and has a net worth of over $200,000.


Whitney Bates Wiki Bio

Whitney Bates was born in the US on 21 September 1993, so under the zodiac sign of Virgo and holding American nationality – she gained recognition after she married Zach Bates, who is the eldest of 19 children in the Bates family. She is also popular for her appearance in the family show entitled “Bringing Up Bates”.

Early life and education

Whitney’s biological parents are J.C. and Lynn Perkins with whom she spent the first half of her childhood before she was then adopted by Johnny and Lydia Owens, who continued to raise her – although Whitney doesn’t have any siblings, she has more than 11 adoptive siblings including Philip, Nakota, Ella, Sadie, and Bella Owens.

Whitney was placed into foster care when she was 13 for reasons unknown. The Owens family adopted her after their son Laklee died – the adoption wasn’t completed until they gained full custody when Whitney turned 16. Whitney decided to keep her last name as she was already 16 at the time of adoption – throughout the years, the Owens family adopted 11 more children.

After she matriculated from high school, Whitney decided not to immediately enroll in college, but to rather find a job and help her big family financially. She later enrolled at the Lincoln Memorial University, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medical billing, coding and medical insurance.

Whitney’s career

Whitney worked several jobs after she matriculated from high school just so she could financially support herself as well as help her family. She worked as a carhop at the Sonic, but after she married, she became a housewife and focused on raising her kids (as well as on making them).

Whitney is almost an actress, as she is regularly featured in the UpTV show “Bringing Up Bates”, which follows the life of her husband’s family. She is also an entrepreneur, as she has opened her own clothing store, together with her sisters-in-law Erin Paine and Carlin Bates – the store is called Bates Sisters Boutique, and when it was officially opened, most of their items were sold in only a couple of hours.

Whitney Bates

Love life and relationships

Whitney gained broad recognition thanks to her relationship with Zach Bates. The two met in 2012 while Whitney was working at the Sonic – it took them several months just to become friends before Zach asked Whitney for a date. Zach’s family had standards when it comes to courtship, which Whitney respected, while she and Zach set their own boundaries which meant that there were not to have intercourse before becoming husband and wife.

On 11 September 2013, Zach came to Whitney’s house to talk to her parents. He arranged for them to pack her bags, and he talked to her manager at work so that he would give her a day off.

While things were being prepared, Zach took Whitney to Orlando in Florida where they had a boat ride in Clearwater, accompanied by dolphins. One day later, Zach proposed to Whitney on a private beach at Smyrna Dunes Park. The wedding took place on 14 December 2013 at 1 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Lake City, Tennessee with their reception being held at Main Event in Clinton, Tennessee. They renewed their vows at The Pavilion at Hunter Valley farms on 14 June 2018.

Whitney’s first pregnancy was official on 3 March 2014, after Zach’s mother Kelly announced it on her social media account.

Whitney and Zach’s son Bradley Gilvin Bates was born on 29 October 2014 at 10:12 p.m. at Tennova Healthcare Physicians Regional Medical Center in Knoxville in Tennessee. During his first birthday, Whitney stated that she was pregnant again.

On 20 June 2016, Whitney and Zach welcomed their daughter Kaci Lynn Bates who came at 10:32 p.m., and weighed 7lbs 8ozs. The family started working on the house they purchased in December 2017, and completely remodeled it before moving in. Whitney became pregnant for the third time in June 2018, however, she later announced that she had suffered a miscarriage.

However, their daughter supposed to be born on 10 November 2019.

Who is Zach Bates? Whitney’s husband

Zachary Gilvin Zach Bates is the son of Gil and Kelly Bates, and is the older brother of Lawson, Nathan, Trace, Katie, Jackson, Warden, Isaiah, Addallee, Ellie, Callie, Judson, and Jeb Bates, Michaela Keilen, Erin Paine, Alyssa Webster, Tori Smith, Carlin Stewart, and Josie Balka.

Zach was born on 30 December 1988, so under the zodiac sign of Capricorn and holding American nationality – he came as a surprise to his parents who did not know they were expecting, but they went on to make a family which counts more than 20 members.

Zach was completely homeschooled, and participated in the Institute in Basic Life Principles and its Advanced Training Institute homeschool curriculum. He enrolled at college to study history and criminal justice, and was a very good student – he finished his EMT training with a score of 4.0 – on 4 September 2015, Zach graduated from the police academy and began working as a police officer. He is still doing the same job and is not considering changing it.

He started courting Whitney in 2012 and although they did have strong physical boundaries set, they still kissed before they exchanged their wedding vows. Before Whitney, Zach was courting Sarah Reith from June 2011, however, Sarah called it quits in July 2012.

Whitney’s likes and other interests

Whitney and her husband Zach both enjoy spending their time in nature, which is why they bought a house on a big piece of land and therefore have their own small wood. They are also lovers of animals, and have a dog and several cats who are growing up alongside their two kids – the two are very fond of using their social media accounts, and often upload the photos of their children and their friends onto them. They spend time with their families, which is why they love Christmas, as the whole family gets together when they open gifts and have a huge dinner.

Both Whitney and Zach are big believers and have dedicated their lives to God – they go to church every week and are raising their children as believers as well. Zach is a big fan of basketball, and he often takes his wife and their kids to watch matches.

Appearance and net worth

Whitney is currently 25 years old. She has long brown hair and blue eyes, while her height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated to be more than $200,000, and is steadily rising thanks to her clothing store, no doubt supported by her husband’s job.

Social media presence

Whitney is quite active on several popular social media platforms, but she doesn’t have an account which is solely hers, as she is using the platforms together with her husband – all of their accounts are called ‘zachnwhitneybates’. They launched their Twitter account in January 2014, and have tweeted nearly 280 times. Their Instagram account is currently followed by more than 260,000 people, while they’ve uploaded more than 540 pictures onto it – they are also running a Facebook page.

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