• Novritsch is an Austrian YouTuber and airsoft enthusiast, born in Vienna in 1993
• He served in the Austrian military and then started his own airsoft gear and ammunition business
• His YouTube channel is very popular, with over 3.8 million subscribers
• His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, with $17,000 per month earned from YouTube
• He maintains a very active social media presence and prefers to wear black clothing in his everyday life.


Novritsch is a popular YouTuber, who posts videos about his favorite sports game – airsoft. Starting his career in the Austrian military, he fell in love with sniper shooting, and decided not to give up his favorite activity, and turned it into a profitable business. Let’s find out more about his current net worth, relationship status, real name, etc.

Early life and family

Novritsch (whose real name is still unavailable) was born on 24 March 1993, in Vienna, Austria, so under the sign of Aries and holding Austrian nationality. Almost nothing is known about his childhood, family or siblings, as he’s almost never shared any of this information.

However, he once told his followers that when he was a kid, he already showed an interest for airsoft guns, but his mother didn’t allow him to have them as he was too young, and could hurt himself or other people. However, his desire to have a gun was so strong, that he bought one online using her ID card. As for the moment, Novritsch is still living in Austria, but travels around the world to participate in various airsoft games. He speaks the Austrian dialect of German, and also speaks English.

Educational background

Little is known about Novritsch’s educational background, except that he matriculated from his local high school in Vienna in 2011. Later he joined the military, and studied and then worked there. Apparently he also has a BA in Economics and Business management, though he’s never mentioned the name of the university or college he graduated from.


Military career

He became an engineer in the army, and worked in Southern Asia among other countries. His favorite moment of his memories about his service was the very beginning of the testing for sniper training; in the room where he lived with his mates there were cinema speakers which woke them up at 3 a.m. with a metal song entitled “Die, m****r, die” by Dope, and after waking up they had to instantly start doing push-ups. He also enjoyed testing forest map education.

Another memory that he likes to share is when he passed the final exam on theory, and he and his mates had to do the writing part wearing a gas mask in a room which was filled with loud music of many genres: from Disney movies princess songs to crazy dubstep tracks; it had to disturb them from concentrating and writing everything correctly, but Novritsch made it and was very proud of himself.


In March 2017 he got back to the military for two weeks of sniper education, which included shooting techniques, camouflage, navigation and survival skills improvement. He decided to blog from his sniper school, and posted videos on his trainings; he walked for 50 kilometers with his backpack that weighed around 30 kilograms.

Airsoft playing

First of all, it is worth explaining that airsoft is a kind of a competitive team shooting sport; the rules make its participants shoot their “enemies” (opponents) with special plastic bullets  from so-called “airsoft guns” which are in fact replicas of real air weapons. In Austria airsoft games are legal for a person who has already turned 18 years old, but Novritsch started playing much earlier, and wasn’t caught – he participated in his first games when he was only 14, and now plays airsoft around three times a month.

In 2016 he moved to California for three months to participate in the airsoft events which took place there. He admitted that playing and filming at the same time is much more difficult that one can imagine, as his gun becomes two kilograms heavier that it weighs without any additional gear, and it hardens Novritsch’s movement abilities. He shared that he spent around $10,000 on his gear during the first eight years of playing airsoft, which he doesn’t consider to be too much. He planned to visit such countries as the UK, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and Germany, as airsoft is also very popular there and he wanted to try new environments for gaming. He also wanted to visit Japan, as it was the first country where airsoft was born as a sport game, back in 1970.

YouTube success

He started his YouTube channel on 7 February 2012, and uploaded the first video on 3 October 2012. The idea of making airsoft videos and uploading them onto YouTube occured when Novritsch’s favorite airsoft YouTuber – Bob-on56 – quit posting such videos in 2013. He was a French YouTuber who was in fact the first to use a webcam and a barrel cam while playing airsoft. So Novritsch decided that someone should take over the empty niche, and started editing and posting his own videos. His first videos on YouTube were longer than five minutes, but Novritsch noticed that according to YouTube analytics most of viewers clicked away from the video after five minutes, so he tried to make all his following videos shorter than five minutes long.

The most popular video on his channel is entitled “Airsoft Sniper Gameplay – Scope Cam – Urban Sniper 2”, and has more than 28 million views. Another popular video which garnered over 18 million views is entitled “BEST of NOVRITSCH 2016 – Fails, Fun and Epic Moments”.

Novritsch airsoft gear shop

As soon as Novritsch gained popularity with the audience, he decided to start a business and sell gear, guns, camouflage and other important items which one could need playing airsoft. Most of his fans complained that he became more of a merchant than a true airsoft player after switching to his new business. However, Novritsch is now the co-owner of a very profitable line of airsoft gear and ammunition. His brand is also sold on various online shops, such as AirsoftShop and GunFire.

Personal life

In one of his “Q&A” videos he shared that he didn’t even plan to have a wife or kids. As for the moment, there is no information about his relationship status. He never dropped a word about his girlfriend, nor posted a photo of her on his Instagram account. He is very secretive about everything related to his private life, so his fans still know nothing about him.

In 2017 he posted an ad on his Instagram account in which he recommended his followers to buy Novritsch airsoft ammunition for their girlfriends for St. Valentine’s Day. In the video he also kissed a girl who was acting as his girlfriend, and was wearing a blue bra (which drew the questions “Why on earth does she wear only a bra?” and “Why is she naked?!”). Novritsch didn’t mention the name of the girl, as she was probably just an actress for the video; he didn’t confirm that she was his girlfriend in real life.

Hobbies and interesting facts

Running and bodyweight training – he used to do a lot of it when he was in the army, and still enjoys it. Novritsch once shared a room tour in which he showed his room was decorated with over a thousand patches his fans sent him as gifts, which he put on the walls around his bed. He keeps almost all his gear and other things in boxes, as he feels comfortable able to reach anything he wants in a second, just grabbing the right box from the shelf.

His favorite alcoholic drink is beer, and he drinks it very often. His favorite food is hamburgers and French fries, but he can’t eat them too often as he keeps fit and follows a special diet to keep his weight on a proper level, to move quickly and easily during the airsoft games. His favorite cuisine is American.


Social media presence

Novritsch is very active on various social media platforms, as they help him to promote his airsoft gear brand. His Instagram account is followed by over 400,000 subscribers, his Twitter by over 11,000 users, and his Facebook profile is very popular, with over 750,000 likes and followers. His main YouTube channel has amassed more than 3.8 million subscribers, while his alternative channels also have impressive numbers of subscribers: his channel “NOVRITSCH – VLOGS” has almost 200,000 subscribers, and another channel entitled “NOVRITSCH – TECHING” has more than 14,000 followers.

Appearance, clothing style

Novritsch has short black hair and brown eyes. His height, weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment, but one can see that he is very slim, as he is a sniper in the airsoft games and he needs his body to be slim so his enemy has less chances to notice him.

He doesn’t have any tattoos. As to his clothing style, he prefers casual looks and black clothes. He always wears black T-shirts, black hoodies and black jeans. During the airsoft games, he always wears special camouflage gear.

Net worth and salary

Authoritative sources estimate Novritsch’s net worth to be around $5 million, accumulated by working hard on his YouTube channel, which brings him around $17,000 per month, and developing his airsoft gearing and ammunition eponymous brand. His overall income from his YouTube channel is $1.1 million during all those years. He also gets extra income from his alternative YouTube channel “Novritsch – Vlogs”, as it generates over $1,600 per month. He also benefits from his Instagram, as he gets up to $2,000 per post, and his net worth is only going to grow in future, as he is a very hard-working person and keeps developing his career.


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