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Who is Shelleta Chapital?

Shelleta Chapital was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, US – exact information regarding her birthday is unknown, thus we don’t know how old she is, nor what her zodiac sign is. She is best known as a wife of renowned actor Anthony Mackie.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Shelleta Chapital? Information on her personal net worth is not available, but her husband’s net worth is over $4 million, with his net worth being accumulated from his career in the acting world. The couple owns a seven-bedroom, four bathroom house in Orleans Ave, which was an estimated value of over $300,000. There is no other information regarding any other houses, cars or assets, but we suppose that the family lives a comfortable life.

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Early Life, Family and Background

There is little information about Shelleta’s early life or family. When it comes to her ethnicity, she is black. She has naturally dark hair and brown eyes, but dyes her hair a blondish color. There is no public information about her body measurements either, but judging from the photos available online, Chapital has a slim figure, despite the fact that she has given birth three times, so most probably works out and eats healthily in order to maintain it.

Profession and Wedding

Information regarding Shelleta’s profession hasn’t been disclosed, as she is really only known as Mackie’s wife. The couple supposedly met when they were children, and married in early 2015, but they didn’t share the information with the media at first. Later on, Mackie confirmed the rumors regarding their marriage in June 2015, in an interview with People Magazine. According to sources, Chapital and Mackie tied the knot in a ceremony held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana, located in the Dominican Republic. One of the guests told the media that the wedding ceremony was “low-key and super relaxed”, adding that “They had a welcome dinner. We golfed and drank. They went on a honeymoon soon after”.


Shelleta’s husband, Anthony Mackie, is a worldwide known actor who has appeared in acclaimed movies such as “The Hurt Locker”, “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Adjustment Bureau”. Shelleta supports her husband and often appears on the red carpet with him.


Reportedly, the couple had their third child in late 2015, and as actor said, they had two sons together prior to marrying. Nonetheless, the family is very private about their personal lives. In one interview, speaking about his family Mackie said “It just changes your entire perspective on the world. Even travelling is an issue now” and jokingly added that now he understands why his family, which had six children, never travelled further than Florida or the Gulf Coast. In another interview, the actor complained on how much money the cinema charges for such big families – “I wish there was a way that more families could afford the opportunity of getting together and going to the movies. Movies have become so expensive now. If two parents take two kids to the movies, and they get popcorn and soda, you’re out 100 bucks. It’s really expensive. So, I wish there was a way that we could make it more family-friendly. It’s frustrating, the number of kids who aren’t able to see it because they simply can’t afford it.”

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