While it’s hard to believe everyone can find their calling in life in the vast and competitive world of internet content, the YouTuber April Wilkerson is here to prove how passion and motivation can make dreams come true. Since starting her channel in 2012, April has won a massive online following for providing helpful and entertaining tutorials in everything woodworking-related, from tables to dog kennels.

With her simple yet complete and compelling method of teaching the how-to of every project, April has made a name for herself as a content creator, businesswoman, and also as a TV personality, letting her success and popularity speak for themselves about the high quality of her content.

Stay with us as we bring you a deeper insight into April Wilkerson’s channel, her personal life, her finances, her health, the struggles of her work and so much more!

Who Is April Wilkerson?

With the rise of online shows, the do-it-yourself niche has become increasingly more prominent as years passed, giving space to everyone who wanted to learn or to teach others. At the head of those changes is April Wilkerson, whose YouTube channel has been teaching her audience how to approach woodwork projects from home since 2013.

April’s channel has never been like any other though, as her teaching method initially consisted of learning how to do it herself, while teaching her audience step by step. Nowadays, April is a woodworking expert through and through, but her innovative ways, creativity, and easy-to-follow methods are what make her so special.

April’s YouTube channel now has over one million subscribers, but her impact has far surpassed the limits of the internet, as she now owns a physical and online business, alongside appearing on TV and becoming greatly respected in her field.

Was April Injured?

While April is very creative and has no fear of exploring new limits when it comes to woodworking, it’s also notable how careful she is while working. That’s why her followers were flabbergasted when in early 2019, she revealed that she’d suffered an injury which put her on rest for several days.

Though the possibility of April getting injured while in her workshop was high, neither she nor her close ones ever revealed what actually happened to her back on the day – the only detail April let her fans know was that she’d undergone surgery in January of that year to repair the damage caused by said injury.

According to some of her updates from the time, April had been on bed rest for a week before being finally able to walk again, but not for extended periods. She also affirmed that being unable to work in her workshop had some collateral effects on her life, such as prompting her to buy expensive working tools online.

Despite not revealing what exactly happened to her, April was back to work very soon, and has been in good health ever since.

Family & Personal Life

Those who have been watching April Wilkerson’s channel from the beginning know well that she’s always been quite independent when it comes to her projects. As April revealed in a question-and-answer video session from 2016, her husband Cody wasn’t interested in woodworking and worked as a mechanical engineer instead, explaining why he wasn’t usually seen at her side during her woodworking adventures.

As April further explained, Cody’s approach to projects was also very different from hers, making it difficult for them to work together on the same things, much to the dismay of fans who frequently asked April to work with her husband more often during the early stages of her channel. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since we last saw Cody in one of April’s videos, and he’s also nowhere to be found on her social media feed these days.

Regarding other aspects of her personal life, it’s very clear that April is a family-oriented person. As she affirmed during a 2021 interview, her parents are both part of her business, and were also very supportive of what she does for a living.

Net Worth

According to online reports, April Wilkerson has a net worth of around $600,000, estimated considering her very popular YouTube channel, which gains her earnings per view, and also for sponsorships, added to her income as a businesswoman and TV personality.

When it comes to business, April is the owner of Wilker Do’s, an online shop dedicated to elaborating Do-It-Yourself plans for woodworking enthusiasts. Most of the plans sold by April’s business are projects she’s worked on in her videos.

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April also has a physical shop named Wood Shed, where her team specializes in milling, customized metal computerized work, and equipment distribution. The business is located in Canyon Lake, and was opened in early 2020.

While April’s salary from TV is unknown, it’s safe to assume that her appearances in several shows such as “More Power” and “Assembly Required” have greatly contributed to her modest fortune.

How Did She Start Woodworking?

After seeing how extraordinary April Wilkerson’s woodworking skills are, it’s natural to assume that she’s been doing this all her life, but that’s far from the truth, as April’s first time taking up a woodworking tool was in early 2013, just a couple of months before starting her YouTube channel.

As April has affirmed, her love for woodworking was born out of necessity. Back in her childhood, she wasn’t interested in working with tools or doing heavy work, focusing instead on sports such as tennis and twirling, the latter in which she became a national champion.

Fast forward to 2012, April had just graduated with a Business degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, but was lost at what she wanted to do with her career. Back then, she wanted to buy customized furniture for her house, but after viewing the expensive costs of woodworking, she decided to learn how to do it herself, and share her process through an online blog.

That was the beginning of everything for April, as she learned, figured out how it was done, and then shared that knowledge online. It didn’t take long for YouTube to send April an invitation to join their platform, turning her channel into the best tool to create, and at the same time guide others through their projects.

TV Debut & Fame

Despite avoiding calling herself an expert, the truth is that April’s woodworking skills are beyond those of most people. To prove that, April passed from being a content creator only, to debuting on TV in the 2017’s show “House Hacks”, starring her and Jared Dostie.

Regardless of the short-lived nature of the show, in 2021 another big opportunity knocked at April’s door when she joined the cast of “Assembly Required”, hosting the show alongside Tim Allen and Richard Karn. The three competed against each other, while showing the best of their abilities and turning everyday objects into useful, magnificent items. April alongside Allen and Karn also appeared in the 2022’s spin-off “More Power”.

While April has also encountered difficulties and setbacks along the way, her strong-willed attitude and motivation to create the things she wants whenever she wants to, are the reasons she’s become so prominent in her field.

Whether people define April Wilkerson’s abilities as talent or just the result of her hard work, the truth is that she has worked hard to get where she is, as proven by the millions of people she’s inspired along the way.

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