• Audrey Bradford is a social media personality and model who has a net worth of over $300,000
• She started her career working at Papa Murphy’s Pizza and gained fame through Instagram, leading to modelling projects with popular online brands
• She is active on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter and has collaborated with Yandy on a curated collection
• Bradford is believed to be single and enjoys comedy, often making jokes on her YouTube channel
• She has created a backup Instagram account due to the ever-changing policies of the platform


Who is Audrey Bradford?

Audrey Bradford was born on 22 June 1996, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and is a social media personality as well as a model, best known from gaining a huge amount of fame on the website Instagram, which has in turn led her to a lot of modelling projects with popular online brands.

The Wealth of Audrey Bradford

How rich is Audrey Bradford? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career online, which has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and collaborative work. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Very little is known about Audrey’s life prior to her rise to fame as she has not shared a lot of details regarding her family, childhood, and education. It is known that she was intent on pursuing a career in modelling at a young age, and after completing her education started to work on gaining modelling projects.

Audrey Bradford

However, it was difficult at the start, and to make ends meet she worked as a shift supervisor for Papa Murphy’s Pizza. It is a business based in Vancouver, Washington, USA, and was created as the result of the merger of two take-and-bake pizza companies – Murphy’s Pizza and Papa Aldo’s Pizza. The company now has over 1,300 outlets across the US and Canada. According to reports, it is one of the largest pizza chains in the US and was acquired by MTY Food Group in 2019 for the value of $190 million. Eventually, Audrey left her position as she started to gain attention online.

Online Endeavors

Bradford first established herself on the website Instagram, on which her account gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers. The website is a photo and video sharing service owned by Facebook which began in 2010. It allows users to post content to the service which can then be organized through location information and tags. Photos can also be easily edited through a filter feature of the platform. The website has gained rapid popularity in recent years and has reached a billion registered users in 2019. The website also reports over 500 million using the website actively on a daily basis.

Audrey began posting a lot of personal photos on her account, with her figure, features and general attractiveness fit for a model, leading her to quickly gain attention on the platform. She was not afraid to show sensual clothing or outfits that revealed more of her figure, and even wore bikinis a lot. Eventually, this attracted several companies which contacted her to do modelling work for them. She did sponsored posts for the online retailer called iHeart Raves, which focuses on outfits and attire designed to be worn at festivals. She also did work for the Southern California-based clothing retailer Fashion Nova, which was one of the internet’s most searched brands of 2017.

Other Projects and Recent Endeavors

Aside from Instagram, Audrey also established herself on the website YouTube, on which she has gained over 55,000 subscribers. YouTube is a video sharing website which began with an idea of three former PayPal employees. The website has been bought by Google for $1.65 billion, with the technology giant developing the website further to become one of the most popular traffic sources on the internet. It allows users to upload videos for others to view. Viewers can then report, share, rate, and comment on videos while also having the option of subscribing to users they enjoy.

Audrey has mainly produced a lot of videos on which she showcased her hauls from her various sponsors, often modelling for her followers the clothes she was given. She also done beauty tutorials and video blog (vlog) type videos. Recently, she partnered with the online retailer company Yandy, which is one of her favorite brands, and designs Halloween costumes, swimwear, lingerie, and women’s apparel. She launched a curated collection on the website, featuring clothing that she has modelled on her Instagram account.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, not much is known in terms of Bradford’s romantic relationships. She has shared very little about this aspect of her life, and several sources believe she is still single, being young and giving a lot of her efforts towards building her career. While she is very confident in wearing various types of clothes and expressing herself online, a lot of her followers enjoy her personality as she is laid back. She also enjoys comedy, and often makes jokes as seen on her YouTube channel.

Similar to numerous models, she is highly active online through accounts on social media. She posts new photos on her Instagram account on a daily basis, and mentions that she works as a part of the modelling agency called Mavrick Agency. Her main account has over 300,000 followers, while she also created a backup account now with over 2,000 followers. The practice of a backup account has become more popular in recent months, due to the ever changing policies of Instagram, which has led to the deletion of many popular models’ Instagram pages. Aside from her Instagram and YouTube, she does not manage any other accounts, preferring to keep her focus on a few.

Source: IMDb

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