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Who is Big Show’s wife Bess Katramados?

Born on an unspecified day and month in 1973 in Illinois USA, Bess Katramados is a 55-year-old Caucasian female. The source of her popularity remains entirely unrelated to her career, as she is best known as the second (and current) wife of Paul Donald Wight II, also known as “Big Show” in the World Wrestling Entertainment industry. Bess has enjoyed her popularity since joining hands in marriage with her current husband.

Early Life and Education

While it’s generally unknown to the public whether Bess had any kind of education in her youth, it is public knowledge that she used to be an avid WWE fan, which caused her to eventually notice and become enticed by her then future husband. Before meeting Big Show, Bess was an upcoming model with prospects for her own career. The date when the two met for the first time is not given by any authoritative sources, although the beginning of their marriage does have a known date.

The Rebound

While Big Show never made any statements regarding his swift transition from his ex- to his current wife during the time of his divorce, it’s evident that Bess was around at precisely the right time in Paul’s tumultuous life. He was the husband of Melissa Ann Piavis, who he married on the 14th of February 1997, and with whom he has a daughter named Cierra Wight, but they filed for divorce in 2002. The interesting part is the fact that Big Show had his divorce on the 6th of February 2002, while his second marriage ceremony happened only five days later. Since the public knows that Big Show even attended an actual WWE match instead of his own anniversary with his first wife, it is likely that she left him due to feeling neglected. That said, it seems likely Bess has found a better way to handle the busy schedule of a WWE-wrestler husband, since they remain married to this day, and the speed at which he re-married would indicate that she’d been displaying these qualities from the very beginning.

The Step-Mother

Even though the two had no children of their own at the time, Paul got partial custody over his daughter after the divorce, but needed help and guidance in parenting. Bess chose to be there, and she helped her new husband raise the child as if she were their own. Later on, Bess would be the one to bestow two siblings upon Cierra.

The Mother

So Bess became a mother herself, as she later gave birth to give Paul another daughter and a son. Big Show sometimes lets a few pictures of himself and his children find their way into the media world, and from the way they look with their father, it seems that their mother is doing a good job as well.

The Caretaker

In spite of what many may naturally come to think, Big Show isn’t just a big man because of his genes, he actually suffered from a condition known as acromegaly, and even though he managed to halt its development with pituitary gland surgery in 1990, he has been suffering various health issues ever since. Some time after he got married to Bess, he suffered a hip injury, due to the damage inflicted on his joints when moving his massive body parts, and Bess spent the entire recovery process at his side. Thanks to her help, Big Show was able to recover and get back into the lucrative wrestling business.

What is Bess Katramados’ Net Worth?

While Bess herself has never really become a high earner, and her net worth is thus not likely to be among the high digits, the growth of her husband’s net worth was made possible by her presence. Thus, it’s fair to say that the combined net worth of their household is somewhere around $20 million, mostly accumulated over the years by Big Show’s success as a showman, but also with motivation that was selflessly provided by his wife.

Body Measurements, and Social Media Presence

So far, not a single digit regarding the physical specifications of Bess Katramados has been provided by any authoritative sources, although anyone that glances at her photographs can conclude she is well built for her age.

Concerning her social media presence, Bess doesn’t seem to have any popular social media accounts, or any profiles are made inaccessible to the general public.

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