• Bjergsen is a popular League of Legends (LoL) PC video game player
• He is currently dating fellow gamer Imane Amy, better known as Pokimane
• Bjergsen's professional gaming career began in 2013 when he joined the Copenhagen Wolves LoL team
• He was fined in 2014 for encouraging a player to quit his Lemondogs team
• Bjergsen's net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million


Bjergsen Wiki Bio

Soren Bjerg was born in Holstebro, Denmark on 21 February 1996, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding Danish nationality – he is a popular “League of Legends” (LoL) PC video game player, better known by his nickname Bjergsen.

Who is Bjergsen’s girlfriend today?

Bjergsen’s girlfriend today is Imane Amy, of Moroccan and Canadian descent, and better known by her nickname “Pokimane”. She is also a gamer, a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer, who mostly uploads gaming tutorials.

There is nothing known about the couple, as they are both secretive when it comes to their personal matters – their fans don’t know how they met, or when they began dating.

Bjergsen’s early life and education

Bjergsen has not shared much about his early life and background story with the public – he spent his entire childhood in Denmark living with his parents and his two brothers. He has played numerous games throughout the years, including “Counter Strike Global Offensive”, “World of Warcraft”, and “Hearthstone” but he is best at League of Legends (LoL).

Bjergsen is said to have had a lot of trouble at school. He was verbally and physically bullied by other boys, and apparently teachers didn’t want to help him. Because of this, he moved to another school but nothing improved, in fact only became worse. All this led to Bjergsen becoming depressed, and although he managed to get to the 8th grade, he couldn’t take bullying anymore and decided to stop going to school – his parents didn’t agree, but eventually had to take his side.


Professional League of Legends player

Bjergsen’s professional gaming career began the moment he became a member of the Copenhagen Wolves LoL team in 2013, and competed with them in the EU LoL Championship Series. Because he was still too young to compete, he had to wait for three weeks to pass, then once he turned 17 on 21 February, he joined the main team and played the remaining matches of the competition. As the team did very well, they were bought by and renamed to Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Bjergsen decided to leave his team in November 2013 –actually moving to the US, and joining the Team SoloMid to be their mid player (mid is considered to be the most important lane in the game). In 2015, he won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award by the North American LCS Spring Split.

Unfortunately for Bjergsen and his team, they performed poorly during the qualifying round in 2015, winning only one out of six games and didn’t qualify for the League of Legends World Championship. They tried again in 2016 and 2017, but didn’t do any better.


Violating the rules of the League of Legends Esports

In January 2014, Bjergsen was fined for a violation of the LCS rules, and was obligated to pay $2,000. What he did was not a big deal, but it was still not allowed to be done – Bjergsen encouraged and eventually persuaded an LCS player to quit his Lemondogs team, even though he was under a contract.

The League of Legends game

LoL was launched on 27 October 2009, and was originally called “League of Legends: Clash of Fates”. It is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game originally made for the Microsoft Windows OS. Two main creators of the popular “Defense of the Ancients” mod for the “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” game worked together to create LoL. They got the idea about making the new game after years of playing DOTA – and began working on the game at the beginning of 2005.

The gameplay is the next: there are two teams of three to five players (mostly five) who spawn at the opposite sides of a square map. Both teams have their own main building called The Nexus, and the winner is whoever destroys the opponent’s Nexus first. There are three paths between them to fight on, and there are three towers of each team placed in every lane – every player controls a single hero which they choose before the start of the game, and they kill creeps which spawn on the lanes every 30 seconds. By killing creeps and destroying towers, they gather experience and gold, with which they buy items to make their heroes stronger.

Numerous competitions and tournaments are held every year – LoL is currently one of the most played games around the world.

Likes and other interests

Playing LoL is not the only thing Bjergsen enjoys doing – he is very fond of travelling and enjoys visiting places he hasn’t already been to. He is a big animal lover and one can find pictures of him with animals on his Instagram account. Out of everything else, he enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend the most.

Is he dating Pokimane?

Bjergsen is still dating Pokimane – she is a gamer born in Morocco on 14 May 1996 under the zodiac sign of Taurus, and holds both Moroccan and Canadian nationalities.

Pokimane is popular for her Twitch account on which she live streams her LoL games – she has so far gathered over three million followers and nearly 67 million views of all her 492 videos combined. Being a great twitcher, she won the Best Twitch Streamer of the Year award in 2017.

Pokimane is also popular for her YouTube channel – she launched it on 22 March 2014, and has so far gathered over 3.5 million subscribers and more than 270 million views of all her videos combined. She is very active on her Instagram account on which she has nearly 3.5 million followers, and has uploaded over 650 pictures. She has over 900,000 followers on her Twitter account as well.


Appearance and net worth

Bjergsen is currently 23 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, but his height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, Bjergsen’s current net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million, and will keep on rising as long as he keeps playing LoL.

Social media presence

Bjergsen is quite active on several other social media platforms – he launched his Twitter account in December 2012 and has so far gathered over 1.3 million followers and tweeted nearly 19,000 times. His Instagram account is followed by over 350,000 people, while he’s uploaded nearly 200 pictures – he has a Facebook page as well, which is followed by over 320,000 fans.

General Info

Full NameBjergsen
ProfessionGamer, YouTuber

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