• ClaraBabyLegs is a YouTube personality with an estimated net worth of over $300,000.
• She started her career on YouTube in 2014, initially with video game content.
• She shifted to vlogs, live streams, and beauty content, followed by adult-oriented content.
• She is no longer with her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Ashur, and has been open about her sex life.
• She is active on social media, promoting her cam shows and other adult content through her accounts.


Who is ClaraBabyLegs?

Clara was born on 31 August 1996, in the United States of America, and is a YouTube personality, best known for her channel which covers a wide range of content. She’s done videos of video gaming, unboxing, make-up tutorials, video blogs (vlogs), and many more. She is also known to be the ex-girlfriend of YouTube personality Brandon Ashur, also known as Bashur.

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The Net Worth of ClaraBabyLegs

How rich is ClaraBabyLegs? As of mid-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $300,000, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube. Her online endeavors have led her to numerous opportunities, including partnerships and collaborations. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Very little is known about Clara’s life before her rise to fame online. She has not revealed any details regarding her family, childhood, and education. Prior to starting her career on YouTube, she resided in Los Angeles alongside Bashur, deciding to create her own channel in 2014 under the name ItsBabyLegs.


YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world and the second most popular website on the internet according to Alexa Internet. The website allows users to upload their own content which can then be viewed by others. Interaction features are also available such as commenting, sharing, rating, and subscriptions. Content creators can earn advertising revenue through the Google AdSense program. Numerous types of videos can be seen on the website such as vlogs, live streams, movie trailers, short films, video clips, music videos and many more. It has become one of the largest sources of video content online and even corporations have decided to invest in their own channels due to the site’s popularity.


YouTube Content

She began her YouTube career by recording videos of herself playing video games from “The Sims” franchise, a life simulation game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is one of the best-selling video game series of all time, having sold over 200 million copies worldwide. The game is largely a sandbox game, with players controlling virtual people called Sims. The players then help satisfy their needs and desires in pre-constructed homes, or homes players built themselves. Expansions packs were also available to help augment the features and capabilities of the game.

After a few years making video game content, she decided to shift her content entirely, as she became more interested in vlogs and beauty. She began posting videos showcasing her fashion hauls, along with doing make-up or hair tutorials, deleting a lot of her older videos and focusing more on vlogs. She then decided to start streaming on YouTube and Twitch, providing an additional lucrative endeavor as she interacted with fans and gained direct donations from them. However, some of her most popular videos would also become the most controversial, as her streams and videos started to shift in content.

Adult Oriented Shift

This shift for Clara came when her boyfriend Basher decided to quit YouTube due to bullying and other issues. Shortly afterwards, fans noticed that she was starting to do sexier content on her stream, until she was practically in her underwear while playing games such as “Overwatch”. This led her to gain a strike on YouTube and Twitch, which didn’t bode well for her as it banned her from streaming on the website for at least three months.

She then decided to shift her content altogether, and set up a Patreon account that provided not safe for work (NSFW) and over 18 content for those who donated to her. She began doing adult cam shows which featured her stripping and doing other adult-oriented stuff on camera. She then announced that she had broken up with Bashur. Since shifting towards the adult industry and becoming a sex worker, her YouTube account is no longer active. Many of her critics still believe that the two are still together, despite her working as a cam girl.

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Clara was in a relationship with Bashur from 2014, though it is not known if they are still together. Clara has stated that they are no longer dating since she became more focused on doing cam shows and adult content. She has mentioned that she still wants a relationship, and despite doing cam shows she will never do porn. She has been very open about her sex life since separating from her boyfriend.

Similar to numerous YouTubers and cam girls, she is highly active online through accounts on social media. She has almost 140,000 followers, and mainly promotes her streams and cam shows, posting photos of her wearing a variety of outfits. She also has a secondary Instagram account, with close to 190,000 followers, which is focused on beauty as well as make-up. She has a Twitter account too, which promotes her cam show for the most part, while also sharing some of her day to day thoughts. She uses the platforms to communicate with some of her followers. She also has an account on Only Fans, a website which is notorious for the large number of sex workers and adult content available through paid subscriptions.

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