• Collins Touhy is an actress, public speaker and businesswoman, best known for being the sister of adopted professional NFL player, Michael Oher.
• Has a net worth of $2 million
• Graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in broadcast journalism
• Married her longtime boyfriend, Cannon Smith in 2016
• Active on social media, often travelling and speaking about her relationship with Michael Oher


Who is Collins Touhy?

Collins Touhy was born on 29 December 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee USA, and is an actress, public speaker and businesswoman, but perhaps best known for being the sister of adopted professional American Football player Michael Oher. However, she has managed numerous companies, projects and foundations throughout her career, so is certainly her own woman.

The Riches of Collins Touhy

How rich is Collins Touhy? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $2 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. She’s been active in numerous projects throughout her life, and in her early 30s is not looking to stop any time soon, so as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Collins grew up in Memphis, with her mother working as an interior designer while her father was a sports commentator and a sports restaurateur. Their family gained a lot of recognition early on when her mother became the legal guardian of future NFL player Michael Oher. She also grew up with a biological brother who pursued endeavors in basketball.

Collins went on to attend the University of Mississippi, where she studied broadcast journalism. She was very good academically, and was rewarded with several honors, as well as achievements during her time in college. She also served as the President of the Student Alumni Council and Student Spirit Committee, eventually graduating in 2007.


Touhy has since pursued numerous endeavors, most of which has been successful. She became the Director of Marketing and Sales of the Whimsy Cookie Company, which specializes in custom made decorative sugar cookies sold in their store, and also distributed to other states, and is now the co-owner of the company. She also became a part of the board of the Making It Happen Foundation, which aims to help various children by providing them educational opportunities. Her parents would go on to write a book entitled “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game”, which she also contributed to.

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Eventually, she would also foray into acting work, appearing in the project entitled “Family Addition” which was shown through a local network. In 2009, part of her life was then portrayed in the film “The Blind Side” which is based on the novel of their family. The film is a biographical sports drama following NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher, who grew up in an impoverished setting before being adopted by Collins’ parents. Michael would become one of the most highly sought-after college football players, and eventually a first round NFL pick by the Baltimore Ravens. In the film Collins was portrayed by Lily Collins, with other stars including Quinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, and which went on to gross highly at the box office, and win various awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for Sandra Bullock.

Personal Life and Marriage

It is known that Touhy married longtime boyfriend Cannon Smith, who is best known as the brother of producer and co-founder of Black Label Media Molly Smith. They were together for 11 years before deciding to marry in 2016, in Memphis, Tennessee. According to reports, the wedding was held over two days and included a dinner celebration with close friends and family as well as a big party. In an interview, Touhy mentioned that she has never been with any other guy aside from Cannon.

She also knows how to play the piano, and took piano lessons when she was six years old. She shares the same age as her adoptive brother Oher and the two got along well growing up, since they shared a mutual love for sports. They formed a strong bond and she was the one who accompanied Oher during the NFL draft. Prior to pursuing her current endeavors, she was into cheerleading and pole-vaulting!

Is Collins Touhy on Social Media?

Collins is very active on social media, particularly on Instagram on which she showcases a lot of her daily endeavors and products. She is mostly seen in photos travelling, while also displaying photos of her encounters during her daily life, as well as a few pictures of family and friends. Due to her popularity, there are also numerous photos of her available online. Her relationship with her adoptive brother has also led her to be invited to various conferences to speak about their life. She does a lot of motivational speaking work too, and some of her speeches can be seen online as shared through the website YouTube. His brother on the other hand is also active on social media – as of mid-2018, he is a free agent in the NFL.

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