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Who is Eminem’s daughter Alaina Marie Mathers?

Amanda Marie Scott was born on 3 May 1993, in the United States of America, she is recognized most often as the adopted daughter of rapper Eminem (Marshall Mathers), who is known for being one of the best-selling artists of the 2000s.

The Net Worth of Alaina Marie Mathers

How rich is Alaina Marie Mathers? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors, including thanks to her father’s success in the music industry, with Eminem having an estimated net worth at $190 million. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life

Amanda is the daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott. Her mother and aunt lived in difficult times during their youth in impoverished circumstances. They were also abused, and this caused them to leave their home. Around this time Kim was already close with Eminem, whose family took them in.

Eminem and Kim would later start a relationship leading to a daughter, Hailie Mathers in 1995. Two years after, Dawn also had her own child Alaina, though her biological father didn’t care for her and she was left with her mother. Eminem hadn’t yet found the music industry at this point in his life, and was busy working at a restaurant to provide for his family. He eventually found fame, but during this time, Alaina had a very difficult childhood due to her mother becoming addicted to drugs, which caused frequently run-ins with the law.

Adoption and the Years After

With the success Eminem had, he decided that he could take care of Dawn’s daughter, adopting her and changing her name to Alaina Marie Mathers. Her mother was barely present in her life, as she was often out doing drugs or incarcerated. Alaina Marie was raised alongside her cousin Hailie, and Eminem would also later adopt another girl named Whitney who is his ex-wife’s child from another man during their first divorce. Eminem has not been shy about using his fortune to build a good life for her daughters even spending huge amounts of money on gifts for them.

Alaina Marie would later attend Oakland University to study public relations. In 2016, her mother passed away from a heroin overdose, and was found dead in her home in Warren, Michigan, after living with a boyfriend who later told the media that Dawn was doing any drugs she could get her hands on. Whether it was Adderall, cocaine, heroin, or Klonopin which would further her addiction, it lead to her downfall. After her death, her twin sister wrote sweet words about her online to commemorate the life they had, despite the drug addiction.


Marshal Bruce Mathers III or Eminem is a songwriter, rapper, record producer and actor, known for being one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. He is the only artist to have eight consecutive debut albums top the Billboard 200. Some of his most well-known albums include “Slim Shady LP” – which earned him a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album – “Encore”, “Infinite”, “Relapse”, and “Recovery”. He’s won multiple Grammy awards, and is known for collaborating with other rappers as well.

A lot of Eminem’s songs are taken from his personal life, and he has rapped about his daughter Hailie and his ex-wife on numerous occasions. He also rapped about his mother during a rift in their life, though they eventually reconciled. While Alaina doesn’t have much of the spotlight, Eminem has also rapped about her in several songs during his career, one of the most popular being “Mockingbird”, plus others including “Déjà vu” and “B.o.B – Airplanes Part 2 featuring Eminem”. She is often referred to by a nickname Eminem gave her, Lainey.

Personal Life and Social Media

Alaina Marie maintains her privacy by not having any social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so there is very little information available about her current endeavors. There is a Facebook page named Alaina Marie Scott Mathers, but it is a fan page and only posts pictures that are already available on the internet. The page hasn’t been active since 2016.

There are also no reports about her having any relationship or being involved with anyone romantically. It doesn’t remove the possibility that a boyfriend may exist, but the public is not privy to that information.

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