Who is Hiding in My Room?

Daniel Lord was born on 20 March 1989, in Kent, England, and is a YouTube personality best known for his channel on which he discusses various aspects of life. He has shared his thoughts on numerous topics such as Japanese culture, relationships, and gaming. He also has other channels which focus on his other interests.

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The Net Worth of Hiding In My Room

How rich is Hiding In My Room? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned through a successful career on YouTube. He has gained numerous opportunities thanks to his online fame, including sponsorships and collaborative work. As he continues his endeavors, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Very little is known about Hiding in My Room’s life prior to his rise to fame online. There are no details regarding his family and education, except that he is of Malaysian and English descent. He grew up in England and his ability to speak English fluently would lead him to start working in Japan after he finished his education.

Hiding in my Room

He has been interested in Japan for a long time and took the opportunity to go to the country when a job presented itself. He worked there as an English teacher and his experience there would become influential in the content he would create later on. He would join numerous other YouTubers who have been heavily influenced by Japanese culture and their love for the country to make it big online. Wanting to find a way to document his life experiences, he looked to YouTube to create an online diary. The website was also a way for him to express himself and give himself an outlet.

YouTube and Hiding in My Room

YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees but was later bought by Google for $1.65 billion. It allows users to upload their own videos which can be viewed by others. Interactions can also be done on the website through comments, ratings, shares, and many more. The website has become one of the main sources of video content online with video blogs (vlogs), educational videos, movie trailers, short films, music videos, and many more available on the site. Content creators can also earn income through the Google AdSense program.

He started posting videos in 2016, mainly talking about some of his recent interests and experiences. He has talked about living in Japan and his obsession with the country. He has also discussed racism, mental health, and his problems with various topics such as depression. Some of his most popular videos include why he has no friends, why he hates living in Japan(?), and his struggles with sex addiction. His videos have been very divisive mainly due to how honest they are. He does not mind gaining a lot of dislikes on his videos, and many people have noted that he is a person who’s quite far out in terms of being normal.

Content Reaction and Other Channels

Many of Hiding in my Room’s viewers have noted how absurd and over the top he is in his channel. He has unusual expectations yet seems to be very honest about who he is. Many have stated that one of the reasons they tune in to his channel is due to how compelling and entertaining his videos are, despite how controversial they are. This has helped him gain over 90,000 subscribers.

Wanting to expand his reach, he created other channels focused on other interests, including his gaming channel called Daniel Senpai, but later deleted it out of disinterest and now posts some of his gaming interests in his main channel. He also had a drawing channel called Drawing In My Room, which showcased him drawing in a time lapse, but he discontinued that account too. He is now more focused on his main channel, posting videos several times a week. Recently, he’s been discussing his wife, and problems he’s had with making friends. Many of his fans have noted that it’s good that some of his acquaintances have left him behind due to how creepy he is. Some have even stated that he wears the same outfits and progresses like an anime show which is why some speculate that all of his content is a work in progress.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Hiding in My Room is married to a Japanese woman named Chihiro, but they are currently separated. Many of his followers and critics have already labelled the marriage doomed to begin with due to his overactive nature to share frequently about his sex life, and document himself talking about cheating in their relationship.

He has stated multiple times that he wants a divorce from his wife but she refuses to sign the papers, instead opting to pursue actions to sue him for adultery. With all of the controversies regarding his life, a few of his Japanese acquaintances have opened up with how he is just doing videos for the controversy and attention he gets, to help him earn money. While this could possibly be true, many have noted that he has unusual social problems that cannot be easily faked on camera. Topics discussed about him seem to lean to the former, stating that a lot of his content is just made up, and not really affecting his life in an any way.

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