• Joss Fong was born in 1988 in the USA and is a journalist and senior editorial producer for Vox
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $3 million
• She attended the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program at New York University
• She is active on social media, promoting her work with Vox and other science and statistical news
• She is rumored to be involved with Vox art director Dion Lee, but it is unconfirmed


Who is Joss Fong?

Joss Fong was born on 22 May 1988, in the United States of America, and is a journalist, best known for her work as a senior Editorial Producer at Vox. She posts content on their website and YouTube channel regularly as a part of her work.

The Wealth of Joss Fong

How rich is Joss Fong? As of mid-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $3 million, mostly earned through her success as a journalist. She has been a part of Vox since early in her career, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Education and Early Career

Very little information is available about Fong’s early life or how she came to develop an interest in journalism. While many note her Asian descent, there hasn’t been any specific clarity. It is known that she attended New York University as a part of the school’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program, which is a journalism program. After graduating, she worked for Media Matters for America, which she served as an energy editor.


Loss then continued her career in journalism by joining Vox, a news and opinion website founded in 2014, where she was given the role of editorial producer. The site is known for its concept of exploratory journalism, with the goal of the company being to improve the technology of news, and build a better online platform. The website was described by other publications as a technology company that produces media. The company’s mission is to explain the news using a Chorus content management system, which allows their journalists to easily create articles but with complex visual effects.

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Some of her work with the website includes “How smart is today’s artificial intelligence?”, “Why the rise of robots won’t mean the end of work”, and “Why there aren’t any great white sharks in captivity”. Vox itself has had its share of controversies, including suspending contributor Emmett Rensin for releasing a series of tweets calling for anti-Trump riots, which drew particular attention after protests against Trump in San Jose, California became violent. A new political correspondent was hired in his place soon after.


Due to the popularity of Joss online, created by her journalistic work, there are many speculations as whether or not she is in a relationship or married, an area of her life that she has kept away from the spotlight, deciding that she wouldn’t want to share too much information on this topic. Others believe that she is too focused on her work to think about any relationships yet. Rumors started when she was seen on her social media accounts in pictures with two children that share a resemblance with her, but she has confirmed that the children are not hers, but her sister’s.
She’s also been linked to Vox art director Dion Lee, which has led many to speculate on Joss’ sexuality if she is a lesbian or bisexual. The two have been known to work on numerous video projects and articles together within the company, but such rumors are certainly unconfirmed. As for any pictures with anyone else, she’s often seen with pictures of her cat named Karl.

Joss Fong on Social Media

Like many journalists, Fong is very active on social media through websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is mainly focused on science journalism, and promotes some of Vox’s similar content including her own through her pages. She also promotes other science and statistical news, while at times posting some of her daily thoughts and endeavors. She also promotes one of her recent projects entitled “Explained”, which aims to explain more about numerous aspects in today’s society. Her Instagram page is also filled with pictures of her day-to-day activities, including attending and watching hockey events, plus posting pictures of her at various locations, travelling, and regarding her work.

Her Facebook account is mostly used to promote her work with Vox, often reposting videos and some of her most recent work with the company. Most of her videos are available online and viewable through the Vox YouTube channel, for which she serves as one of the main content creators. She’s often featured in videos as the narrator of the content. She also has a personal YouTube channel entitled Joss Fong, though it has posted only one video, which was done in 2014, and seems to be a precursor to her work with Vox, as it is also a science-related video.

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