• Justin Blake is an internet personality best known for his lip sync videos on TikTok, which have earned him millions of followers.
• He has a net worth of over $100,000.
• As a teenager, he struggled to fit in and came out as transgender in his freshman year of high school.
• He has a presence on multiple social media platforms such as TikTok, YouNow, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
• He is in a relationship with Tyler Brown and owns numerous pets which he often features in his videos.


Who is Justin Blake?

Justin Blake was born on 1 February 2000, in Minnesota, USA, and is an internet personality, best known from gaining fame on the social media service TikTok, in which he’s attracted millions of followers through his lip sync videos. He also has a strong following on his personal YouTube channel.

The Net Worth of Justin Blake

How rich is Justin Blake? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $100,000, earned through success in his various endeavors. His online fame has earned him numerous opportunities, including collaborations with other online personalities. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life

Justin grew up with a twin brother and an older brother. As a teenager, it was always difficult for him to fit in, and his social life was nonexistent in school. He questioned his gender orientation and sexuality at a young age, before deciding that he was gay, along with the fact that he wanted to be transgender. His teachers and his family knew that he had the inclination, and during his freshman year of high school, he first opened up to his brother.

Justin Blake

It was easy for him to open up to his brother about being transgender due to their close relationship. He then came out to his friends who quickly accepted him, and after he opened up to his family, his father urged him to become closer to his school counselor to help with his transition. The school teachers accepted his decision and his sexuality, but it was not all good times however, as a lot of people at school became judgmental and even bullied him.

Social Media Beginnings

Blake was afraid of gym class and didn’t want to end up with others in the locker room with people who might judge him, so he often waited it out or avoided the class altogether. He never fully came out to his class and his forays into social media were also breeding jealousy. As things got difficult for him at school, his councilor suggested that he start taking online classes before moving to another school, all the while focusing on his online endeavors.

One of the first social media services he started using was the app musical.ly, which is a social media service that allowed users to create and share short videos. Users could create lip syncing music videos ranging from 15 seconds to one minute, before adding pre-set effects and filters. They could also view videos of other creators or musers from trending songs and hashtags, and during the peak of its popularity, it had over 200 million users. In 2017, the app was bought by Bytedance which owned TikTok, and he decided to transition to TikTok with the two apps merging. Since then, he’s continued his rise to fame, now with over 2.7 million followers.

Other Social Media Projects

Aside from his presence on TikTok, Justin became a constant presence in the live streaming service called YouNow on which he’s gained hundreds of thousands of followers. The service allows users to interact through video streams, or stream their own live content. The majority of users of the service are under 24 years old, performing music or dance. Others use the platform simply as a means of communication. The website is a direct competitor to Periscope and Meerkat, growing in popularity from sometime in 2015. However, in recent years, the website has lost a bit of popularity due to competition from Live.me and Twitch.tv.

Realizing that TikTok and YouNow were reaching limits, Justin wanted to expand his reach even further, and so created his own YouTube channel on which he started posting video blogs (vlogs) showcasing a bit of his lifestyle. He joined his brother Danny and close friend Damon in creating the channel called Blake Boys, and also has a separate personal channel, plus another channel with Damon called Justin and Damon. He often holds contests and giveaways to help him connect to his followers. He has released merchandise for sale including apparel such as t-shirts, sweaters, and hoodies.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Blake was in a relationship with Raegan Beast in 2016, which lasted for about a year – he is also a transgender who became famous through musical.ly and TikTok, similar to that of Blake, allowing the two to easily connect. Since 2017, he’s been in a relationship with another LGBTQ and online personality in Tyler Brown. Blake is fond of pets and owns a lot of them, often featuring them in his videos. He also enjoys dying his hair, and loves singing, with his favorite genre being country music.

Similar to numerous online personalities, he has a strong presence in various major social media websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. His online accounts has been noted for documenting his transition from female to male. On Instagram, he posts a lot of personal photos and videos, often featuring himself alongside his boyfriend. He is also very active on Twitter, often sharing his day to day thoughts, frequently posting about his struggles with his body and self-acceptance. He also has a Facebook account which functions similar to that of his Instagram account, and on which he posts a lot of personal photos.




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