• Lauren Godwin is an Internet sensation with over 1.5 billion “hearts” on TikTok and 850k followers on Instagram.
• She began her path to fame on YouTube in 2014 and later joined Musical.ly (now TikTok).
• She is in a relationship with fellow TikToker and YouTuber, Sebastian Bails.
• She has a net worth of approximately $500,000 and her boyfriend has a net worth of around $480,000.
• She loves traveling, staying in hotels, and is a dedicated fan of Justin Bieber.


Lauren Godwin is an Internet sensation who has more than a billion and a half “hearts” in the application called TikTok (former Musical.ly). She has gained success with persistent and dedicated work, uploading several videos daily, entertaining first her friends, and eventually millions of people around the world. Let’s find out more about her real life, age, weight, boyfriend and net worth she’s managed to accumulate during these several years of her social media activity.
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Early life, family

Lauren Godwin was born on 21 February 2000 in Houston, Texas USA – her mother’s name is D’Ann Godwin, and her father is Christopher Godwin, and Lauren is an only child. She has a half-brother who lives in Austin, and has a good relationship with him, seeing each other twice a year. Lauren is in very warm relationships with her parents, as they are very supportive and help her in her life and her career, always giving advice and calming her in her downs.


Lauren attended a local high school in Houston, though there isn’t any specific information about the name of the school. She doesn’t attend any college at the moment, staying fully focused on her online career.

Lauren Godwin

TikTok and YouTube career

Lauren began her path to world fame by joining YouTube in September 2014. Later she created her account on the application called Musical.ly – now TikTok – and started posting comedy videos and funny cut scenes playing goofy characters and making fun of herself. She soon got a lot of attention on several social media platforms, and became popular among teenagers. She attracted millions of view and likes on TikTok, becoming a verified member of the platform in 2017.

Her most popular videos on her YouTube channel have around half a million views, among them such pranks as “Spying on my boyfriend”, “Turning my boyfriend into an eboy” and “I lost my memory prank”.

Personal life, boyfriend Sebastian Bails

Lauren is currently dating Sebastian Bails, who is also a popular TikToker and a YouTuber. At first they were good friends, but then their relationship became more romantic and they started dating officially. Sebastian is also a model, an Instagrammer and a vlogger, and has his own YouTube channel with more than 340,000 subscribers; his Instagram account is followed by more than 230,000 subscribers. Sebastian was born on 27 August 1999, in Los Angeles, California USA. Earlier Lauren was rumored to be dating another popular YouTuber, Nathan Triska, though neither Nathan nor Lauren ever confirmed that news.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Lauren hates velvet as a fabric, she once claimed that she can’t even hug a person who wears velvet, and she can even feel nausea when she sees this fabric. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and right after the Halloween is over, she starts preparing and waiting for Christmas, since she is obsessed with everything related to that holiday.

As for the food she hates, the list includes three items: barbeque, mangos and peanut butter. Lauren once claimed she is a passionate traveler, and that she wanted to wanted to move to California as soon as possible because she dreamt of living there for her whole life. She had a chance to move to Los Angeles to her boyfriend, Sebastian, and now they live there together. Besides travelling, Lauren loves staying at the hotels. Lauren has a scar on the top of her forehead which she got while she was cycling with her father – they were riding fast, and she didn’t notice a road barrier and hit it with her head. Since Lauren is fond of making comic videos, she often need wigs for her scenes. She admitted that for the moment she had more than 40 wigs in her collection, and the number of them was going to only grow. Lauren once admitted she couldn’t stand flower perfumes and prefers colognes. She is a dedicated fan of Justin Bieber.

Social media presence

Lauren is super popular on TikTok, with more than 13 million followers with 1.5 billion “hearts” given to 4018 of her videos. She is also very active on Instagram, her account there followed by more than 850,000 subscribers. Her first Twitter account was very popular and read by more than 13,000 followers, but several months ago Lauren decided to start a new account since she didn’t want to look back on some of her earlier tweets on that profile. Her new account is followed by only 7,000 – readers switching to her new Twitter account.


Lauren has naturally brown hair of middle length, which she often dyed blonde; for the moment it’s cobalt blue. She also loves wearing wigs and hair extensions; she has blue eyes and pale skin. She is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall and weighs around 169lbs (77kgs). Her vital statistics are not available at the moment. As for her clothing style, she prefers casual clothes than compliment her figure.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Lauren’s current net worth is close to $500,000, considering her major income from her YouTube channel is around $4000 per month, and she also has several other income sources such as her Instagram account and her TikTok profile. As for her boyfriend, Sebastian Bails, his general net worth he accumulates from his YouTube channel, and is estimated at $480,000, and he earns around $8,350 per month. This income helps the couple to live their dream life in Los Angeles, having everything they need.

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