• Simone Smith is the wife of rapper and actor LL Cool J.
• She has a net worth of over $1 million.
• She started a relationship with LL Cool J when he was 19, and they married in 1995.
• In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with stage III chondorosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.
• She is highly active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she promotes her jewelry line. She also raises funds for cancer charities.


Who Is LL Cool J’s Wife Simone Smith?

Simone Smith was born on 31 March 1986, in New York, USA, and is a businesswoman, television personality and social media personality, but perhaps best known for being the wife of rapper and actor LL Cool J. They have appeared together on television as a part of the E! Network, and she’s also well known for her battle with cancer.

How Much Is The Wealth of Simone Smith?

How rich is Simone Smith? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, mostly earned through success in her various endeavors. She’s also appeared in various other television shows, and is involved in charity work with her husband. A lot of her wealth is said to be due to her husband, who has a net worth that is over $100 million. However, as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

The Start of a Romance – Meeting LL Cool J

According to an interview with LL Cool J, he met Simone while he was driving – he was 19 years old at the time. He met with a friend who introduced him to his cousin; he was supposed to decline the meet but changed his mind when he saw Simone. They had a relationship and dated for eight years before deciding to marry in 1995. The couple resided in New York, and they had four children together.

They helped support each other as their careers grew, with Smith focusing more on entrepreneurial and jewelry design work. Her first successful venture was called Ms. Got Rocks which was a line of beaded bandanas. Their net worth increased significantly together, and her designs became the favorite of many celebrities, with such as Missy Eliot, Rachael Ray and Rihanna endorsing her work. However, her career progression came to a stop in 2004.

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Battling Cancer

In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with stage III chondorosarcoma, a rarer form of bone cancer which affects cells that produce cartilage. The problem with the disease is that it is resistant to both radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and so she had to undergo years of treatment and rehabilitation, which forced her to leave her business endeavors behind. The diagnosis was devastating, and even LL Cool J decided to put his career on hold for a while to take care of his wife. She had to go invasive surgery, including the removal of an entire tibia to be replaced with bone from a fibula.

Following this procedure, it talk her almost two and a half years to learn to walk again. She eventually recovered fully, and it has been more than a decade since she was declared cancer free. Since then she has returned to jewelry designing, and also became an ambassador for the American Cancer Society. She also started a jewelry line the proceeds from which would go to charity, in particular to help others who are suffering from cancer.

Simone Smith on Social Media – Instagram

Smith is highly active on social media, particularly on Instagram on which she often posts photographs of her family, and some of her daily endeavors. There are also a few pictures of her husband, and she often promotes some of her jewelry through her page, which states that she is the designer and the co-founder of the jewelry company entitled Simone I Smith Jewelry. She also mentions that she is cancer free.

Her social media pages link back to her business and personal website which promotes some of her jewelry work. She shows some personal picks, various sizes, new designs, and even new seasonal collections, plus photos of various models and celebrities wearing her designs. Visitors are also given the chance to buy from her website. She also has a Facebook page which mainly focuses on her jewelry design work, promoting jewelry with pictures similar to that in her website.

Jewelry and Recent Endeavors

Simone has stated that she’s always loved big hoop earrings, necklaces and bangles, and this passion for jewelry eventually led her to start her line. According to her, she started the business when her husband was approached with a proposal to do jewelry design, and he referred the person to her, who would help her look for a team to design jewelry. She’s mentioned that she enjoys mixing fine jewelry with costume jewelry, and produces various designs to fit differing preferences. She mentions that jewelry has been a way for her to express her creativity.

When she is not working on jewelry, she spends a lot of time with her family. She mentions that she is fortunate to have survived cancer, and so raise her children. With her strength back, she can return to doing physical activities such as basketball, dancing and soccer.



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