• Daughter of television personalities Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa
• Net worth estimated to be at , earned through success in various endeavors
• Regularly seen at red carpet events with her two brothers
• Has appeared in cameo roles on television shows, including “Live with Kelly and Ryan”
• Instagram profile is private, and has no Twitter account

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FactDaughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Who is Lola Grace Consuelos?

Lola Grace Consuelos is best known as the daughter of television personalities and actors Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa. Her parents started their romance on set while filming for the sitcom entitled “All My Children”. After being together for a year, they decided to elope in 1996. Lola was born on 16 June 2001, and even as a teenager is often seen with her parents at red carpet events, with her two brothers as well.

A Daughter of Fame’s Wealth

How rich is Lola Grace Consuelos? As of early-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is at , earned through success in various endeavors. Her wealth is also a byproduct of the success of her family that has been shared between her and her brothers. As she moves forward with her planned endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Life as a Celebrity

Being the daughter of two television personalities has put a lot of spotlight on Lola’s life. Despite this, she grew up to show great manners and according to many, has inherited her parents’ good looks. Her parents were strict when it came to raising their children as they wanted to raise them well. She’s had a lot of proposals despite still being a young age, but she has not yet been in a relationship with anyone – her father has mentioned that he is confident that she will make the right choice when it comes to a boyfriend. The wealth of her parents can also be seen through their daughter’s great complexion, physique, and fashion, as she is often seen wearing expensive designer outfits at her parents’ events. While many believe that she can pursue a similar career to that of her parents, she hasn’t appeared in front of the camera that much. She has appeared at events, and has made a cameo appearance on reality television shows, one of the most notable of which was when she appeared on the morning talk show entitled “Live with Kelly and Ryan” which is hosted by her mother and Ryan Seacrest – the latter is a close family friend and is called Uncle Ry-Ry by Lola. The show was used as a platform to launch the mother-daughter advocacy Text-a-Thon For a Cause, which aimed to collect funds from texts to help the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.
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Meanwhile, she continues to work towards a possible future career, though the direction of her life has not yet been very clear in terms of that. It is known that she has done internship work as a part of her education.  Many believe that Consuelos also has intentions to pursue a career in films much like her father. The family appeared in the premiere of “Nine Lives”, in which it was revealed that she along with her brother were living in Los Angeles working on film house internships. She also appeared on the red carpet during the 11th annual “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” which was held at the American Museum of Natural History. Many media outlets noted her great looks and how she is growing up. She has made regular appearances with her parents at the event, wearing varying styles of clothing for each. Her parents own their own production company called Milojo Productions which is a play on the name of their three children.

Consuelos was recently interviewed about how her father was cast as a part of the popular television series “Riverdale”, which is loosely based on the “Archie” comics. She mentioned that her father is finally in a show that she actually watches.

Instagram? Online Presence is a Private One

While Lola has a lot of online exposure thanks to her parents’ social media accounts, her own Instagram account is private. This is despite the fact that many people know how she posts great photos of herself. Her profile was not initially private, but it seems that she prefers having a more private social media presence. Her family photos often appear on Kelly Ripa’s Instagram account, but she has told her mother that she dislikes her photos being posted on their Instagram accounts.

During the peak of her online popularity she also did videos on the website dubsmash which often features people dubbing to famous lines. She also has numerous photos of herself as a baby and toddler online, often shared by her parents. Due to her Instagram profile being private, her fans and friends follow the accounts of her parents, hoping to get a glimpse of any throwback photos of their daughter. She does not have any accounts on Twitter, but she is often talked about with the hashtag #LolaConsuelos. There are also some fan pages of her on Facebook though they aren’t often updated since many people know that Lola likes to keep at least some portion of her life away from the media.


1Daughter of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.
2Sister of Michael Consuelos and Joaquin Consuelos.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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