• Maria Villalba is a fitness model and personal trainer from Caracas, Venezuela, born on 4 December 1991.
• She became popular through her Instagram account and has appeared in various fitness magazines.
• Maria has shared her diet plan but not her workout plan, and rumors suggest she is currently dating someone she met in the gym.
• She is known to travel and enjoys spending time at the beach and shopping.
• Maria has an estimated net worth of over $500,000 and is active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Who is Maria Villalba? Wiki Bio

Maria Villalba was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on 4 December 1991, so under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and holding Venezuelan nationality. She is popular for being a fitness model and a personal trainer, as well as for her Instagram account.

Childhood and education

Maria spent her childhood in Caracas, and dreamt about becoming a model from a very young age – she would gather money to buy magazines just so she could admire the girls on the cover pages. She was very attractive as she was growing up, and was very popular in her high school mostly thanks to her looks, however, even though her peers thought she was beautiful, Maria wasn’t satisfied with her figure.

She decided not to enroll at college, but to rather dedicate time to her figure, and to pursue her dream of becoming a model. Maria is very secretive when it comes to her parents as she hasn’t shared any details of their personal lives with the public – judging by her captions on Instagram, her parents were very supportive of her career throughout the years, and were her main motivation. As she hasn’t talked about having any siblings, she is rumored to be an only child.

Career of a model

For two years upon her matriculation, Maria was working several jobs just to be able to financially support herself – it was when she turned 20 that she started going to the gym.

She spent the next five years working hard to sculpt her figure the way she wanted it to look – it was not easy, but with a combination of exercises and a good and strict diet, she managed to achieve what she was planning to.

After she became satisfied with her body, she launched her Instagram account and began uploading her pictures onto it – thanks to her now curvaceous muscular body, it didn’t take long for her to amass quite a number of followers, and to attract several modelling scouts. After she attended her first photoshoot, Maria was invited for several more, and soon became a sought-after fitness model.

Maria Villalba

She has so far appeared in numerous popular fitness magazines, such as “Unravel Magazine” and “Nuvu Magazine”. As fitness modelling was not enough for Maria, she decided to become a personal fitness trainer – on 25 June 2016, she passed her tests and earned herself a personal fitness trainer certification. Although she wasn’t expecting her career of a fitness trainer to be launched that soon, she was instantly asked by many people if she would be their trainer. Due to her popularity, she launched her own website, and started offering online lessons as well.

Maria is currently living in Miami, Florida.

Most popular fitness models in the world

Fitness is currently a very important thing in the world, and people are turning to Instagram to find fitness models there so that they could learn from their workout plans and their diets. “Influence marketing hub” website has shared their list of 10 most popular fitness models on Instagram and surprisingly or not, Maria is not among them – we will mention four of the most popular fitness models:

  • Fourth place is held by Ana Cheri who has amassed nearly 12.4 million followers on her account – she is currently 31 years old and launched her Instagram account out of nowhere when her figure was already well built;
  • Jen Selter is in third place, and has managed to amass more than 12.8 million followers on her Instagram account. She is currently 24 years old, and she began working out when she was 15;
  • In second place is Michelle Lewin who was born in Maracay, Venezuela in 1986 – she started off as a catwalk model, but then switched to bikini modelling. She started going to the gym to work on her body, and quickly changed her weight from 95lb to 120lb of pure muscle;
  • Sommer Ray is in first place, and is currently followed by more than 21.3 million people on her Instagram account – although she is somewhat new to Instagram as she joined the platform in September 2016, it hasn’t stopped her from becoming the most popular fitness model.

Even though these are the current most popular four fitness models, the industry is moving very quickly, and their positions could soon be overthrown by some new names.

Dieting and workout plan

Maria has shared her diet plan with the public, as she wants to help all those women who are interested in working on their physique – for a start, she eats between six and eight small meals every day. instead of the usual three larger ones. For breakfast, Maria usually eats egg whites and avocado, she has white fish for a snack. and kale salad for lunch – after lunch, she eats white fish as a snack again, then chicken salad for dinner, and white fish one more time as a snack. Maria hasn’t shared her workout plan with the public, as that is something she usually charges for.

Personal life and relationships

Maria is quite secretive when it comes to her love life, as she hasn’t shared any details regarding her past and present affairs with the public, however, there are still some rumors circulating the internet. In 2018, Maria was rumored to be going out with one of the photographers who she worked with, as the two were allegedly seen by her fans walking hand in hand in the streets of Miami.

They were dating for a couple of months before they split, apparently due to a lack of time as they were more focused on their careers rather than on their relationship – although many of her fans have claimed to have seen them, Maria hasn’t talked about their relationship.

Rumor has it that the popular fitness model is currently dating a man whom she recently met in the gym, and after a couple of days of chatting, the two went on a date. Judging by the rumors, they have been together for a month now, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Maria. Judging by her social media accounts and her secrecy, currently Maria is officially single, hasn’t married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Hobbies and other interests

Maria’s number one passion is modelling as she loves being in front of the camera, but has other interests as well.

Maria is very fond of travelling, which is why she enjoys her modelling career so much as it allows her to travel across North and South America, while not having to pay for anything. She doesn’t exercise just to stay in shape, but also because she enjoys the feeling of accomplishment she gets – she could stay working out at the gym for an entire day, but that would over-stress her muscles. She is a shopaholic, however, she admitted that she prefers to be naked and would be walking around naked if only it wasn’t illegal. Maria enjoys spending her free time at the beach under the sun, and could stay there for the whole day relaxing and drinking cocktails.

Appearance and net worth

Maria is currently 27 years old. She has long black hair and brown eyes, while her height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, her net worth as of early 2020 is estimated to be more than $500,000 and is steadily rising thanks to her career of a fitness model and a fitness trainer.

Social media presence

Maria is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for her modelling career. She launched her Twitter account in August 2018, and has tweeted nearly 200 times. Her Instagram account is what she initially became popular for, and she is currently followed by more than 750,000 people, while she’s uploaded nearly 300 pictures onto it – she is also running a Facebook page.

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