In the last decade, the internet has surprised us with new concepts and ways to raise our excitement about watching shows once again. One of those online series currently on the rise is Diesel Creek, which follows Matt Stetar as he shows his audience what it’s like to work with heavy machinery and other diesel-fueled cars, on top of also giving out important tips about construction and fabrication.

It’s undeniable that Diesel Creek is a very exciting YouTube channel to watch, so it’s no wonder that its fans have become increasingly curious about Matt, his personal life, his financial situation, and how much he is making out of his online business.

Are you also interested in what’s going on with Matt Stetar? Stay here to find out!

How Rich Is Matt Stetar?

While creating content for YouTube and other social media has proven to be quite profitable work, not everyone does it with the sole goal of becoming rich. The latter is the case of Diesel Creek’s star Matt Stetar, whose net worth is calculated at $300,000, according to authoritative sources.

Matt’s growing fortune mostly comes from the revenue he’s earned from YouTube, on which he has over 600,000 subscribers, and has accumulated close to 150 million views. There is also the income he gets from merchandise sales and sponsorships on his channel and social media.

Though the fact that Matt has so much equipment, and is seemingly never out of work when it comes to construction and mechanical fixings, might give off the impression that he’s very well off, the truth is that Matt has been pursuing his passion out of just that sheer passion. As he affirmed in an interview with the A Few Points From Perfect Podcast, he started monetizing his content on YouTube just to justify the cost of creating his videos, not to get rich.

So while Matt’s current net worth might not be as massive as other YouTubers, that will most likely change in the future, as his channel continues to grow.

Family & Wife

For a man so deeply invested in heavy machinery and everything which comes with it such as Matt Stetar, it’s only expected that his family members have walked similar career paths, but that’s not the case in the least. As Matt affirmed in an interview with Essential Craftsman Podcast in February 2022, the only mechanic in his family besides himself was a grandfather who he ‘never met’.

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As well, Matt’s father was slightly interested in mechanical work, but it didn’t go to the point of fixing more than just a couple of things in his car. On the other hand, Matt is the youngest and the only son of three children, but neither of his older sisters were interested in mechanics either. That means that Matt’s interests are very unique when it comes to his family so he wasn’t directly influenced by others.

While it isn’t usual for Matt to talk about his family in his videos, a couple of details about his personal life have become known, thanks to his social media. For starters, in October 2021 he tied the knot with his now-wife Eva, who also describes herself as a ‘video creator’ on her Instagram. The couple currently lives in Pennsylvania with their three dogs.


Matt Stetar’s first steps to becoming what he is today started very early in his childhood. Despite having no one close to him with the same interest in the trades, the young Matt developed an early interest in lawnmowers, tools, and taking his toys apart to put them back together.

As Matt affirmed in a 2022 interview, his early education didn’t encourage him to develop his skills in the trades, but that didn’t stop his interest in the field to flourish throughout his teens, and set him on a similar career path once he matriculated from high school.

Matt’s first job was in a landscaping company, where he got the chance to manage equipment and feel ‘accomplished’ as he ‘smashed something’ there and then, as he said to the Essential Craftsman Podcast. Later on, Matt worked in a machinery shop, and in industrial plants, getting lots of experience on how to repair heavy machinery by using the ‘sledgehammer and torch approach’ of tearing things apart to figure out what was wrong.

After that, Matt naturally explored other fields such as construction, and got lots of miscellaneous work, always using the opportunity to learn and develop his skills doing what he was passionate about.

Journey On YouTube

Nowadays, Matt Stetar is known for his love for heavy machinery, mechanical work, welding skills, and other impressive abilities. Nonetheless, most of his audience doesn’t know that his YouTube career started very differently, as his earliest videos from 2011 were centered around his passion for dirt bikes and other extreme vehicles, which was a hobby he pursued while he still attended high school.

Although those earliest videos were made out of fun, they were surprisingly monetized but earned Matt no more than $5 per month, as he told the Essential Craftsman Podcast. Despite not being much money in it, Matt hyped up about earning money on the internet back when YouTube wasn’t as popular a source of income as it is today.

In 2013, Matt stopped sharing videos on YouTube, but as life went on, he noticed that he had too much free time in between his temporary jobs.  Encouraged by other YouTubers, in 2019 Matt changed his channel’s name and resumed his old hobby, but this time his focus was on showing what he was doing with his equipment and the skills he’d learned through the years.

While it took Matt a while to get used to finding his way to make cool, educational and entertaining video content, the current success his channel has achieved only proves how hard-working Matt is.

The Future Of Diesel Creek

Although many internet content creators usually diversify their projects, and start big businesses out of it, Matt Stetar is planning on doing the same content for many years to come. As he said in an interview with the A Few Points From Perfect Podcast, he sees himself posting YouTube videos for a long time, admitting how the platform has opened many opportunities for him to explore, and develop projects related to mechanics and construction which he’d never dream of working on otherwise. On top of that, Matt is very grateful for the support he has got from his YouTube community, whom he describes as being ‘absolutely amazing.’

As well, Matt is in the process of building a shop, and already has an online shop with lots of merchandise for sale, listing everything from T-shirts to beverage enhancement products. His social media have also gained an audience, having over 30,000 followers from Instagram and Facebook combined.

All in all, Matt Stetar and his Diesel Creek still have lots of thrilling content to show to the world.

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  1. JAMES COKER Reply

    Matt, I’m 84 years old, and worked several years with some of the same machinery you now call ‘antique’.
    I worked as foreman of a large scrap recycling plant. I would buy every piece of old equipment that came through. We also had an old (I mean very old) American crane with a magnet that my operator used to load scrap into rail cars. I watched one of your videos where you ‘rescued’ one just like we used daily. No hydraulics, just clutches and cables! Oh, how I love watching you fiddle with these old machines! It brings back so many memories. I salute you for being in love with those old machines as I have been my entire life. Most young men just do not see the potential in doing this. I’m closing my life out now, I was injured in the military and have developed congestive heart, so doc says it won’t be long. But I have thoroughly enjoyed my life, I have a wonderful (beautiful) wife who is now 80, and we are still falling in love. Thanks for the memories! When I sold my farm, I sold over 50,000 dollars’ worth of antique stuff. It adds up! James Coker

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