• Michaela Mendez is a social media influencer from Santa Clarita, California
• She has a Norwegian father and African-American and Cherokee Native American mother
• She is currently dating YouTube star Nathan Boucaud and may be engaged
• She is a good singer and enjoys playing the piano, traveling, cooking, and exercising
• She has a net worth of ~$200,000 and is active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch


Who is Michaela Mendez? Wiki Bio

Michaela was born in Santa Clarita, California USA, on 25 July 1994, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – she is popular for her Instagram account, as well as for her career of a social media influencer.

Childhood and education

Michaela is somewhat secretive when it comes to her childhood years. She was always interested in becoming a model, but her path later took her to becoming a social media influencer instead. She was quite popular at high school thanks to her attractive looks, and therefore had many friends although it isn’t known whether or not she dated anyone during those four years. She had decent grades, and after matriculation enrolled at a nursing school.

She was raised in a rather big family with three brothers and two sisters, by their Norwegian father and African-American and Cherokee Native American mother. Her family is very supportive of her online career, partly because she finished nursing school as well.

Career of a social media influencer

Michaela’s career was launched the moment she started uploading pictures onto her Instagram account. Thanks to her looks and her tips on make-up and exercising, it didn’t take long for her to amass quite a number of followers on the platform – although she is not a model, she has posed for several brands and magazines.

Michaela is also a YouTuber, as she launched her channel on 18 February 2017, and there are currently nearly 380,000 people subscribed to it, while it also counts more than 17 million views of all her videos combined. She is mostly focused on uploading weekly vlogs, beauty tutorials, covers of songs as she is a good singer, challenges, and other things.

Although she is not an actress, Michaela appeared in the “Pool Party” comedy movie shot in 2017 – she is still interested in becoming an actress, and sometimes attends auditions for diverse roles.

Personal life and relationship

Michaela Mendez

She has been dating her boyfriend Nathan Boucaud for quite a long time – her fans state for over three years now. Although this hasn’t been confirmed by Michaela, the two might be engaged as her caption on Twitter reads that she is taken, and there is a ring symbol next to it. They can often be seen together in public, and Michaela occasionally uploads pictures of them together onto her Instagram account while her boyfriend is also featured in some of her YouTube videos.

Judging by her social media accounts, Michaela is currently dating Nathan Boucaud, she hasn’t married but is engaged, and doesn’t have any kids.

Who is Nathan Boucaud?

Nathan Boucaud is a YouTube star born in the US on 1 March 1995, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – he mostly uploads funny content onto his ‘NatesLife’ channel, while you can also find some gaming videos on it.

Nathan launched his YouTube channel on 29 August 2014, which marked the beginning of his online career – 2.8 million subscribed his channel with 475 million views of all his videos.

He is very active on the Twitch platform too, and has gathered nearly 14,000 followers while his livestreams have been viewed over 41,000 times – he mostly livestreams while playing the popular “Fortnite: Battle Royale” online video game.

Before Michaela, Nathan was dating Ashley Ortega who is a YouTube star just as him. His Instagram account is currently followed by more than 190,000 people, while his net worth is estimated to be more than $600,000, mostly thanks to his YouTube channel.

Hobbies and other interests

There are numerous things Michaela enjoys doing in her free time, and some are listed here:

  • Michaela can also play the piano, and loves to sing, as one can find numerous videos of her covering popular songs on her YouTube channel,– her favorite singers are Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and Future;
  • She enjoys traveling and often does it with her boyfriend Nathan – although she has seen numerous destinations in the US, apparently she hasn’t visited Europe yet;
  • She is very fond of cars and has a Mercedes together with her boyfriend;
  • Michaela spends some of her free time at the gym, mostly focused on exercises for her booty – she often neglects the upper part of her body;
  • She loves to cook as well as to eat, and is not a stranger to alcohol – she often goes partying and drinking (and her boyfriend doesn’t mind).

There are numerous other things Michaela enjoys doing in her free time, but these are the things she enjoys the most.

Appearance and net worth

  • Michaela is 25 years old
  • Long curly brown hair
  • Brown eyes
  • Net worth is ~$200,000

Real or fake?

It is known that Michaela has undergone plastic breast surgery, but her story is not that simple.

The popular social media influencer became pregnant at the age of 16 while still attending high school. Her body was not very happy about it, leading to one of her breasts becoming significantly bigger than the other, so plastic surgery was necessary to countebalance. Unfortunately for her, as the time passed by, she put on a lot of weight and reached nearly 135lb – this was not good for the breast surgery she had undergone, and it made her boobs so big that she didn’t like them, or wearing a DDD bra size. She was determined to take control back into her own hands, and lost weight until her breasts were just as she wanted them to. However, it is not known what happened to her baby, but it is rumored that she had an abortion.

Michaela is also rumored to have undergone buttock surgery, but this has not been confirmed by her, nor is there any evidence of this on the internet.

Social media presence

  • Launched her Twitter account in June 2017; gathered ~14,000 followers; tweeted ~700 times
  • Her Instagram account is followed by ~320,000; uploaded only 23 pictures
  • Facebook page followed by ~26,000 fans
  • Michaela is very active on Snapchat as well

Source: IMDb

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