• Rachel DeBarros is a 39-year-old Caucasian marketer, producer, car enthusiast and reality TV personality of Brazilian descent
• She is best known as one of the three lead stars of the reality TV series about vehicle modification entitled “All Girls Garage”
• She has a degree in marketing from Ohio University and founded her own company called Purple Star Media
• She is a highly respected connoisseur and businesswoman, contributing to various automotive forums, social media networks, and community events related to cars
• Her estimated net worth is close to $1.5 million


Who is Rachel DeBarros?

Born under the sign of Leo on the 4th of August 1978 in Washington D.C. USA, Rachel DeBarros is a 39-year-old Caucasian marketer, producer, car enthusiast and reality TV personality of Brazilian descent. She is perhaps best known for having a significant presence on the TV screen as one of the three lead stars of the reality TV series about vehicle modification by Brenton Productions named “All Girls Garage.” She has also had a number of other successes across various fields of expertise over the course of her sometimes lucrative car enthusiast career including on TV since the 1990s.

Is she Married?

When it comes to Rachel’s romantic life, all that the audience can conclude is that she is too dedicated to what she does to have time for social posts. In other words, Rachel has never even been mentioned in any romantic context, and she hasn’t been seen posting pictures or videos with a specific person that could be her spouse, and she has never been noticed attending public events in a particular person’s company. She has chosen to remain silent on this matter, and until further notice, according to her words or the lack thereof, she is currently single and not interested in anyone.

Early Life: Growing up in Washington D.C.

Rachel was raised – apparently an only child – in her birthplace, by parents of unknown names and professions, although it is known that they have Brazilian backgrounds. She gained an interest in the way things work from a very early age, and it was thus a common thing for most of her toys to be found disassembled, along with household appliances and other electronic devices. During the summers, she would go to her uncle’s collision shop in her hometown, where she learned the ropes as an independent mechanic. Specifically, she learned a lot about a car’s bodywork and paint. As for her education, it is unknown which high school she went to, though she matriculated in 1996, after which she went on to further her education by attending Ohio University, where she pursued a degree in marketing that she obtained at an unspecified date.

Career: From a struggling student to a TV star

While in college, Rachel was struggling to gather enough funds to sustain both her home and education. She started offering her services as a mechanic by putting out pink flyers with her name on them., but after days without a single call, she decided that to change her strategy, and distributed a white flyer and listed her name as ‘Jimmy’, at which point the calls started coming in regularly. She later established a customer base among her fellow students as well, who found it convenient that she charged less than a regular mechanic and performed just as well. After college, she founded her boutique design and interactive marketing company named “Purple Star Media,” but after running it for a couple of years, she eventually completed the Automotive Training & Repair program at the Philadelphia Automotive Training School, which allowed her to fuse her passion for cars with her expertise in marketing, thus creating content strategies for the aftermarket industry. Having made a significant name for herself after a few successful years in her company, she was signed by the producers of “All Girls Garage”, a reality TV series about three women working at an automotive shop, of whom she is one. The series first aired in 2012, and it’s still ongoing.

An influential figure

Thanks to her ubiquity in the world of cars, Rachel is now a highly respected connoisseur and businesswoman. She is a contributor to various automotive forums, social media networks and community events related to cars, meanwhile also representing a number of aftermarket companies as their spokesperson and product pundit. Additionally, she is a member of the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network and SEMA Young Executives Network.

She lent her expertise during the construction of various high-profile vehicles, such as the SEMA Mustang Build Powered by Women, for which 50 aftermarket parts were paid for by 30 manufacturers, all for the sake of auctioning them off to fund scholarships for the next generation of industry spearheads.

What is Rachel DeBarros’ net worth?

Net worth is close to $1.5 million, accumulated primarily as a marketer and car enthusiast, while she earned the most from her long-term presence in the media thanks to her expertise with vehicles.

Body measurements

Described as regular, while her hair color is dark brown and her eyes are light brown.

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