• Rashed Belhasa, better known as Money Kicks, was born in 2002 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $2 billion, mostly through the wealth of his family.
• Money Kicks found popularity by showcasing his shoe collection through numerous platforms, and his channels have attracted over a million followers.
• He posts pictures of his lavish lifestyle on social media, showing himself with various international celebrities, and his family's private zoo.
• He is only 16, and is currently single. He may go into the family business later in life, but his father is supportive of his new online career.


Who is Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s son Money Kicks?

Rashed Belhasa was born on 5 January 2002, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is a YouTube and social media personality, best known from finding popularity by showcasing his shoe collection through numerous platforms. His channels and social media pages have attracted more than a million followers each.

The Net Worth of Money Kicks

How rich is Money Kicks? As of mid-2018, sources estimate his net worth at over $2 billion, mostly through the wealth of the family. His father is the owner of Belhasa Holdings, and is one of the richest Arab businessmen in the world.

Early Life and Family

Money Kicks’ family accrued wealth long before he was born, with his grandfather starting a trading business in the 1960s. When the family business was passed-on to his father, he managed to expand it to include numerous industries in the UAE. The family company named Belhasa Holdings or Belhasa International, has assets in construction, real estate, technology, trading and much more.

By the time Rashed came around, his family was already known for their wealth, with his father being worth more than $2 billion, becoming one of the richest Arabs. His family owned numerous residences around the world, and due the family’s love for travelling, he experienced travelling to various parts of the world at a young age. Even at a young age, he aspired to do something outside of the family business, as his father also wanted him to try his hand at establishing himself through other means at first.

Sneaker Obsession and YouTube Beginnings

He started to become interested in sneakers at a young age, and noticed that limited edition sneakers drew a lot of attention from people in many countries. Wanting to get a chance to enter the spotlight, he started buying expensive limited-edition sneakers from around the world, steadily building his collection. However, he did not want the collections just for himself, so he decided to post a YouTube video to showcase he collection. He created the channel Money Kicks, and up-loaded his first video entitled “Legendary Sneaker Collection” in 2015, which soon attracted thousands of subscribers, and which grew exponentially over just a couple of years.

He then uploaded videos that featured numerous celebrities, with the first being Young Thug. In the video, he showcased his sneaker collection to Young Thug, and the video went viral, effectively starting his YouTube fame. Due to his popularity, several publications, media agencies, and even other YouTube channels started talking more about him. The increased exposure led to more subscribers, and his father’s influence and the family wealth led to other celebrities appearing in his videos, including Wiz Khalifa, Wayne Rooney, and DJ Khaled.

A Lavish Lifestyle on Social Media

Eventually, Money Kicks expanded his influence to other social media websites such as Instagram, which quickly grew as he also started to show his shoe collection on-line. He also began posting pictures of himself with various international celebrities; he’s now been seen with Paris Hilton, Rihanna, and many other famous celebrities. His Instagram account has also been a means of showing people his lavish lifestyle. He is seen in pictures at his family’s private zoo, with “pets” that include giraffes, zebras, tigers, lions and cheetahs. According to his posts, his father spends nearly $1 million annually to manage this private zoo.

Recent videos show him flaunting luxury cars, and mentioning that he bought some of his cars through money he earned by posting videos on YouTube. His father also makes occasional appearances on YouTube, including in a video where Kicks was gifted a brand new expensive SUV. A lot of people have criticized Kicks and the family for exposing him too much with a lavish lifestyle, which may affect his overall maturity. Some people have also criticized him for just using his father’s fortune for popularity.

Personal Life and Relationships

Money Kicks has not been reported in any relationship, nor has he mentioned anything about being in a relationship since joining the on-line world. It is likely that he is still single, because he is just 16, and if he does enter a relationship, it would likely be announced publicly which is a similar trend to numerous social media personalities. A lot of people speculate that he would likely be going into the family business later in his life, but meantime his father seems supportive of his new online career, as he can be seen in various videos as well as in pictures.

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