• SodaKite is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber born on 5 November 1993 in Arkansas, USA.
• She is Caucasian, with naturally dark hair, brown eyes, and ~6ft 4ins (1.98m) tall.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $300,000.
• She is active on Twitter (14,000 followers) and Instagram (12,000 followers), and often posts gameplay videos on YouTube.
• On Twitch, her most popular clips include "It's okay. It's just RP!", "mr. buddha", and "Ellie’s first kill".


Who is SodaKite? Wiki Biography and Age

SodaKite – birth name unknown – was born on 5 November 1993, in Arkansas, USA, which means that she is 25 years old and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. SodaKite, whose nationality is American, is best known as a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, and in that field she has uploaded videos such as “Ellie JOINS FIGHT CLUB | GTA RP #2” and “Ellie Dono BEST MOMENTS | GTA RP #1”.

Net Worth

Over $300,000.

Ethnicity and Background

  • She is Caucasian
  • Naturally dark hair but often dyes it lighter,
  • Brown eyes
  • ~6ft 4ins (1.98m) tall

Social Media


She has recently posted an adorable photo of herself, jokingly adding “”I curled my hair and it uncurled in 5 minutes – look in 240p”.

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Relationship Status

Her secretiveness on that topic has led many to believe that she’s single. Reportedly, SodaKite has never been married and doesn’t have any children.


SodaKite made her debut on YouTube in 2014, when she uploaded the video of herself doing the ice bucket challenge. She then followed by posting gameplay videos such as “HOW I BECAME A MOM! (CS: Go Competitive – Funny Moments 1)”, “WAR ON DUST! (CS: GO – Funny Moments #2 with PeteZahHutt & Woofless!)”, “BETH GETS REKT! (H1Z1 – Funny Moments)” and “MOST INTENSE Meeting Ever! | DayZ Standalone”. Continuing to work at a rapid pace, she uploaded videos such as “WORST DRUG DEAL EVER | Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay #2” and “Harry and the Hammer | GTA 5 RP #3”, playing GTA in both.

Most Successful Videos

When it comes to SodaKite’s most viewed videos, those include “Ask Sodakite | Q&A VLOG #2”, “LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!” and “CS: NOPE! (CS: GO – Funny Moments #5 w/ Soda and Friends!)”, with all of the videos having been watched by tens of thousands of viewers. Having a lot on her plate, SodaKite uploaded “WHY I’M NOT STREAMING” and “FUNNIEST MOMENTS! (Miscreated w/ SodaKite & LoganOV”; overall, her videos have been watched 160,000 times, which is certainly a significant milestone for any YouTuber – she has 7,000 subscribers and her audience is growing every day.


SodaKite is primarily active on Twitch, where she often streams, sometimes even for hours straight. She has recently broadcast “nopixel | Ellie “Helmet Girl” Dono”, in which she played GTA, “nopixel | Ellie Dono – MILLION $$ RACE ·” and “nopixel | Ellie “Helmet Girl” Dono”. Her most popular clips on this network include videos such as “It’s okay. It’s just RP!”, “mr. buddha”, watched by 14,000 people, and “Ellie’s first kill”. SodaKite is very interactive with her fans, and they often chat during her streams.

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