• Jake was born in the USA in 1990 and is popular for his Twitch and YouTube channels.
• He has ~90,000 YouTube subscribers, ~350,000 Twitch followers, and ~43,000 Twitter followers.
• His videos mostly feature his travel adventures, exploring haunted temples and attending Asian parties.
• Jake is said to have dated a girl in high school but is currently not in a relationship.
• His hobbies include travelling and exploring, as well as attending gaming events and conventions.


Who is streamer JakenbakeLIVE?

Jake was born in the USA on 28 July 1990, so under the zodiac sign of Leo and holding American nationality – he is popular for his Twitch and YouTube channels, on which he mostly livestreams and uploads videos of his travels around the world.

Early life and education

Jake grew up in the US having quite a normal childhood, but as he grew older he became interested in travelling, although he had to finish school first. He is said to have been somewhat popular in school thanks to his looks, and had plenty of friends – while his peers wanted to become doctors and models, Jake was dreaming about travelling the world. After he matriculated, he took accounting classes, but eventually decided not to enroll at college.


Jake is somewhat secretive when it comes to his personal matters, and becomes even more secretive when asked about his parents – he is said to be very respectful of their privacy, which is why he hasn’t shared any details regarding his mother and father. He can’t be heard talking about any siblings either, which is why he is considered to be an only child

Career of a Twitcher

Jake launched his YouTube channel on 12 September 2017, just months after he moved to Tokyo in Japan to study Japanese language – there are currently ~90,000 subscribers, also counts ~7M views of all his videos combined. Most of his videos are focused on his travel adventures including exploring haunted temples, climbing Mount Fuji, attending Asian parties, and eating their ‘strange’ food.

Jake is a lot more popular for his Twitch channel, on which he has gathered more than 350,000 followers which is a lot for the Twitch platform – he can often be seen featuring and hosting other Twitch stars, such as Pokimane who is a popular gamer. Jake has so far uploaded more than 970 videos onto his channel, mostly featuring himself doing numerous things.

Besides livestreaming from Japan, Jake could have also been seen livestreaming from Shanghai and Los Angeles, as he lived there for a while.

Love life and relationships

He has uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel featuring a 17 year old Japanese girl who asked him if he would sleep with her – she asked him while they were both walking a crowded street in Japan. Because of that video, Jake is considered to be sleeping with many Japanese girls but isn’t be in a relationship.

Besides that, he is also said to have had a girlfriend during the years he spent at high school, and allegedly dated for more than three years, but split shortly before he started travelling.

Hobbies and other interests

Jake’s number one hobby is living, and being on the move. He loves to travel, but it now appears to be kind of a job for him rather than just a hobby. He is always doing something which can be seen in his videos on YouTube and his livestreams on Twitch – he is always surrounded by beautiful Asian girls and is either eating, attending gaming events and conventions, or hiking and exploring nature. Although he himself isn’t that good at video games, he loves seeing what’s new in the gaming world, and to share gameplays of other people. Jake is also n animal lover, and once took a cat on a trip with him.

Appearance and net worth

  • Jake is 29 years old
  • He has short brown hair
  • Blue eyes,
  • Height and weight are unknown
  • Net worth is ~$500,000

His real name

Jake’s last name is not known as he doesn’t feel like sharing it with his fans, while his first name is known only because it is part of the nickname he uses while on the internet.

Social media presence

  • He launched his Twitter account in February 2010; gathered ~43,000 followers; tweeted ~11,000 times
  • His Instagram account is followed by ~62,000 people; uploaded ~850 pictures
  • Has Facebook page, which is currently followed by ~20,000 fans.

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