• Tanner Fox is a 19-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, vlogger and social media celebrity from San Diego, California
• He began his social media career in 2011
• He has been in a relationship with Taylor Alesia in the past, but is currently single
• His YouTube channel has almost 8.8 million subscribers and his net worth is estimated to be $3 million
• He has a large presence on social media, with over 100,000 followers on Facebook, 580,000 on Twitter, and over 4 million on Instagram.


Who is Tanner Fox?

Born under the sign of Virgo on the 22nd of September 1999, in San Diego, California USA, Tanner Fox is a 19-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, vlogger and social media celebrity. He is perhaps best known to the world due to his significant presence on social media and YouTube, most famously with his near-daily vlog videos revolving around various subjects. He has enjoyed a steady influx of wealth owing to the ever increasing interest that the public has in his video content. He has been pursuing a career in social media entertainment since the 3rd September 2011.

Who is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend today?

At the moment, it doesn’t look as though anyone is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend. Credible sources suggest that Tanner hasn’t started dating anyone as of late. He used to be in a relationship with Taylor Alesia, but they broke up in late 2018. There is currently no one that the fans consider to be Taylor Fox’s girlfriend, if even secretly.

Who else did he date?

In the past, there have been rumors that Tanner was in a relationship with a certain girl named Anna, though this was never confirmed. In 2017, Fox began dating Instagram, musical.ly and YouNow star Taylor Alesia. As much as this relationship benefitted both of their fan-bases, they decided to split in 2018, since when the identity of any potential Tanner Fox girlfriend has remained a mystery.

Early Life and Education: Growing up in San Diego

Tanner was raised in his birthplace by his father Billy Fox of an unknown profession, and his mother Ronda Fox, who is a realtor. He has a one-year-older sister named Lindsay, who is a social media celebrity herself. He first attended an unspecified local high school in his birthplace, from where he matriculated in 2017. Tanner decided to further his studies by pursuing a college degree.

Career: A YouTube star

Tanner created his YouTube account when he was 12 years old, and has been uploading videos regularly ever since. His content initially featured various tricks at the skate park, and he continued this routine for a good number of years. He managed to get some recognition this way, but not enough to be considered popular. His channel exploded with fame when he started a video series about hoverboard tricks, the most famous of which was entitled “INSANE 7 YEAR OLD HOVERBOARD TRICKS AT THE SKATEPARK!”, with now over 25 million total views.

Tanner Fox

Having obtained a vast number of new subscribers with the mentioned series, he decided to pursue his early interest in cars, and slowly changed his channel’s main focus point to exotic race vehicles. Nowadays, he mostly uploads videos revolving around this subject, including purchases, races, reviews and suggestions. As such, Tanner is now considered a relevant name in the exotic car industry, and continues to grow his channel. That said, unlike at the beginning, Tanner’s channel is now also home to his weekly vlogs, in which he talks about the most current and relevant happenings in his life.

His break up with Taylor Alesia, and who is she?

Born under the sign of Libra on the 13th of October 1996, in Arizona USA, Taylor Alesia is a 22-year-old social media celebrity. She is best known to the world for her relationship with Tanner Fox, while she has also had successes of her own thanks to her daily engagements on the streaming network called YouNow, and her numerous videos on the song platform musical.ly (TikTok). Her relationship with Tanner lasted for just over a year, and officially ended in April 2018 for unexplained reasons, but they both said to fans that they remain on good terms.

Tanner Fox

What is Tanner Fox’s Net Worth?

$3 million, annual income averages at $500,000. He made his fortune by lending his driving and scooting expertise to his viewers on YouTube.

Social Media Presence

  • Facebook page has over 100,000 followers
  • Twitter account almost 580,000,
  • Instagram account over 4 million fans
  • YouTube channel has almost 8.8 million subscribers

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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