Casie Colson Baker

Although her father, rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is almost constantly in the news for his outlandish escapades, Casie Colson Baker is one of the most lowkey celebrity kids around – so much so that, to this day, most fans of the musician have no idea who her mother is.

Casie was born on 24th July 2009 to MGK (real name Colson Baker) and Emma Cannon. Emma is a rather enigmatic figure who has no social media that we know of; although MGK once uploaded a photo of Emma and Casie to celebrate Mother’s Day, Emma’s face wasn’t even visible in the Instagram  post, which has since been deleted anyway.

As they say though, the internet is forever, and there are plenty of clues that can help us piece together MGK and Emma’s relationship timeline. According to a since-deleted biography on MGK’s website, which was retrieved via the WayBackMachine, the musician was born in Houston, Texas, USA, and moved around to Germany, Egypt, and other locations before settling down in Cleveland, Ohio in his teenage years.

MGK and Emma allegedly met in Cleveland at a Blink-182 concert, and embarked on an intense relationship. Despite becoming a father at just 18 years old, MGK has always taken his paternal role seriously and is constantly present in his daughter’s life, attending her recitals and making sure to include her in his relationship with “Jennifer’s Body” star Megan Fox.

At just 12 years old, Casie collaborated on her father’s 2022 album “Mainstream Sellout” alongside comedian Pete Davidson. The two appeared on the spoken track “wall of fame – interlude” and ironically poked fun at Los Angeles – and celebrity – culture. (MGK and Pete have reportedly been friends for years, and at the time of the song’s release, were two-sixths of Hollywood’s three most important power couples: MGK and Megan, Pete and reality star Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 musician Travis Barker. Although Pete and Kim broke up in August 2022, the bond between MGK and the comedian remains as strong as ever).

Back to Casie, the adolescent has been to plenty of red-carpet events and album premieres alongside her famous dad – in fact, the rapper even claimed that he trusts his daughter’s musical instincts more than his own. Emma, needless to say, has never been present during any of these public outings, and MGK protects her privacy by refusing to discuss her in interviews.

In 2013, however, MGK released the single “Her Song” and referenced a past relationship that turned sour during his rise to fame. Many fans of the rapper believe that “Her Song” is dedicated to Emma, as MGK mournfully rapped: “I’m just out here chasing my dreams girl / But it’s crazy cause that dream cost me my dream girl / Promise you I wouldn’t change before I left / Now I think leaving is the one thing I regret.”

In any case, MGK is always more than proud to show his beautiful daughter off. During a March 2022 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the “Emo Girl” rapper claimed that Casie was a great cook who taught him to make her signature breakfast: blueberry pancakes. Perhaps jokingly, MGK claimed that he didn’t know how to get blueberries in the pancakes. “Apparently, all you have to do is just pour blueberries in the mix. It’s very anticlimactic,” he mused.

We don’t know if Emma has moved on in life since splitting from MGK in the early 2010s, but if the rapper’s engagement with Megan Fox ends in a wedding, Casie will get three stepsiblings: Noah Shannon, Bodhi Ransom, and Journey River, born of Megan’s 10-year union to “90210” star Brian Austin Green. Despite vague internet speculation that Megan and Casie don’t get along, the actress made sure to nip those rumors in the bud in February 2022, when she posted photos of herself enjoying a day out in Cleveland with MGK and his daughter.

MGK & Megan Fox

MGK and Megan Fox first sent the internet into a frenzy in May 2020, when the “Transformers” starlet and the blonde-haired musician were spotted grabbing takeout in Calabasas. At the time, Megan was rumored to have separated from Brian, but it took the actor three days to confirm that they had been on a break since December 2019. Brian also claimed that Megan had told him that she and MGK – who had known each other for two months after meeting on the set of a movie – were “friends at [that] point”.

Adding fuel to the flames, MGK released the music video for his single “Bloody Valentine” days later, with Megan playing his domineering on-screen girlfriend and almost kissing him. After years of declining engagement on his music, MGK was thrilled to announce that the music video had been viewed four million times in just 24 hours – which was, perhaps, his goal.

Megan and MGK were finally spotted kissing together in June 2020. At that point, Brian still hadn’t filed for divorce from Megan, and some people criticized how both parties were casually moving on when there were children involved in the situation (Brian had been photographed on a date with glamor model Courtney Stodden).

After a series of sly social media digs between Megan and Brian, Us Weekly confirmed that the actress was in a relationship with MGK. From then on, mere days passed between the couple’s first airport pap pics – complete with a tender kiss – and first official interview on the podcast “Give Them Lala… With Randall”.

According to Megan, she instantly felt an astrological connection between herself and the Houston native, describing them as “twin flames” and adding – in a rather grandiose manner – “A twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think.” In any case, the internet just couldn’t get enough of the couple when they finally went Instagram official with sweet black-and-white photos and tender captions.

The stars aligned for MGK as his relationship became the talk of the town and coincided with the release of his album, “Tickets To My Downfall”. Amidst reports of the musician meeting Megan’s kids and the occasional engagement rumor, in December 2020, a source close to MGK claimed that he was seriously considering marrying the brunette bombshell sometime in the future. Two months later, an anonymous source from Megan’s camp confirmed that the actress – who was going through difficult divorce proceedings with Brian – wasn’t ready to make such a commitment just yet.

2021 was a year full of high-profile events and PDA for the dynamic duo, but in January 2022, the public were slightly repulsed by Megan’s claims that they had drunk each other’s blood during a not-so-romantic proposal under a banyan tree. Things just got worse when MGK confirmed that he had specifically designed the engagement ring so that it would hurt Megan if she tried to take it off; and although the couple had reportedly planned every detail of their wedding by July 2022, impatient fans grew tired of waiting for the big day.

After spending Christmas Eve 2022 at Nobu in Malibu, things took a dramatic turn just two months later when Megan unfollowed MGK on Instagram, deleted almost all their photos together, and deactivated her account. The wedding plans were put on hold indefinitely as Megan was spotted out and about without her engagement ring; things didn’t improve until May 2023, when the dramatic couple began attending therapy together, and planning a more scaled-back wedding. Finally, in August 2023, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the celebrities were back on the right track and “fully back together”.

Can we hardly wait!?

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