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Who is George Santo Pietro?

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on the 12th of December 1946, in Beverly Hills, California USA, George Santo Pietro is an 72-year-old Caucasian businessman and actor, but very possibly best known for being the ex-husband of the massively popular actress and producer from “Double Dragon”, “Graduation Day” and of course “Wheel of Fortune”, Vanna White. He has also had a number of other successes in his sometimes lucrative business owner career, since the late 1960s.

Early Life: Growing up in Beverly Hills

George was raised an only child in his birthplace, by parents of unknown names and professions. It is unclear when he took an interest in what he does today, as well as any of his childhood interests. As for his education, it is unknown what high school he went to, though he is supposed to have matriculated at some point in 1964. It is also unknown whether he ever furthered his education by studying for a college degree.

His Restaurant Business

It is unknown what specific kind of profession George had prior to becoming the man that Vanna White met, but he was known among Hollywood celebrities as the owner of a popular Italian restaurant in Bel-Air, named “Santo Pietro’s.” This restaurant was situated in a hidden Hollywood strip mall in the vicinity of Mulholland Drive, which is a place that many of the celebrities who knew about it often visited. Since his business was booming at the time, specifically during the ‘80s, he eventually opened up another restaurant in the same complex, which he named “Sushi-Ko.” As the name suggests, this was a sushi restaurant, and it was also high-profile, considering the elite clientele that would frequent its tables. His latter restaurant eventually out-famed the former one, and it kept its reputation for almost 10 years. It is unknown whether George still owns these restaurants, and whether they still even exist. There is also no information as to what he does today, and what he has been involved with between the end of the 1980s and today.

His and Vanna’s Encounter

Due to the massive popularity of his restaurants, George was often invited into the company of Hollywood stars, some of whom include Tracy Vaccaro and Robert Demeo, who were also Vanna White’s friends at the time. They subsequently invited her to a dinner date in Studio City, where George was also present. It is unknown what exactly happened that night, but this was the time when they took an interest in each other.

His Houses

George can also be called an actor due to the two roles that he got, not for his acting talent, but thanks to the fact that he lives next to big-time Hollywood actors. His Mulholland Drive home was door-to-door with Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, and the former subsequently arranged for George to make an appearance on the TV screen as a plumber in the film entitled “Prizzi’s Honor” in 1985. He additionally appeared in “The New Mike Hammer”, though it is unknown how he got there. George has another house, although he built this one on speculation, which means he invested in its construction in order to later sell it. It’s located at 77 Beverly Park Lane in Beverly Hills; built in the Italian style and designed by the architect William Hablinski, the estate spreads over 30,000 square feet, contains nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, and other luxurious features include a grand screening room, wine basement, sand volleyball court, herb & spice garden, massive pool in the middle, etc, and is apparently valued at $50 million.

Love Life: Ex-Husband to Vanna White

As for George’s romantic involvements, nothing is known about his love life prior to his first public relationship. After dating for an unspecified amount of time, George and Vanna married on New Year’s Eve in Aspen, Colorado in 1989. Three years into the marriage, White became pregnant, but unfortunately miscarried.  Later, they had two children, named Nicholas John Santo Pietro, born on the 10th of June 1994, and Giovanna Santo Pietro, born on an unspecified date in 1997. George and Vanna separated under unexplained circumstances after 13 years of marriage, on the 15th of May 2002 – apparently there was no controversy surrounding their marriage. According to George’s own words, or the lack thereof, he is currently single.

What is George Santo Pietro’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered how rich George Santo Pietro is, as of mid-2018? According to various authoritative sources, it has been estimated that the current total of George’s accumulated wealth is over $14 million, presumably with more locked-up in his aforementioned property. He made his fortune as a business owner and real-estate agent, but possibly earned a considerable amount from his long-term presence in Hollywood as the owner of “Santo Pietro’s” and “Sushi-Ko” restaurants. As his career continues, the said amount can be expected to increase.

Body Measurements

Concerning the physical attributes of the experienced businessman, his current height and weight are unknown. His hair is dark brown as well as his eyes, while his body shape is generally described as regular.

Social Media Presence

Due to the major influence of social networks, it is nowadays a regular thing for active celebrities to nourish a close and active relationship with their fans, for the sake of increasing the popularity of the projects they’re working on, and thus their own net worth. However, George doesn’t seem to care too much about this celebrity trend, as his presence is notable for its absence on all the popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  2. Vanna’s ex-husband was photographed on a street in NYC with a 20-something female, prior to their divorce .But the picture was in a major paper and I’m sure it was the final demise of their marriage. Somehow, it’s never mentioned now years later, but for her childrens’ sake that is probably a positive.

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