• George Murdoch, known as Tyrus, is a professional wrestler and actor
• He is also a political commentator and works on The Greg Gutfield Show
• He stands 6 ft 7 in tall and weighs 375 lb
• Tyrus has an estimated net worth of $2 million
• He is in a relationship with Ingrid Rinick and has two children


Who is wrestler Tyrus (Brodus Clay)?

George Murdoch was born on 21 February 1973, in Pasadena, California USA, and is best known as a professional wrestler, signed to Impact Wrestling. Additionally, he is an actor and political commentator. In wrestling field, he uses the name Tyrus, and was previously known as Brodus Clay. He is also known to the wider audiences as a Fox News Contributor and commentator for ‘’The Greg Gutfield Show’’.


Speaking about Tyrus’ education, he was a student of Quartz Hill High School, and then enrolled into Antelope Valley College. By 1995, he was studying at the University of Nebraska, at Kearney, and planned to become a teacher. Additionally, he played football, and spent four years as a bodyguard for Snoop Dogg.

Body Measurements

Being a professional wrestler, Tyrus has height and weight that are adequate for his profession. Reportedly, the dark haired and brown-eyed wrestler is 2.01 meters tall (6 ft 7 in) and weighs 170 kg (375 lb). He has short hair, a beard and the upper part of his body is tattooed.

Net Worth and Rise to Fame

So just how rich is Tyrus as of early 2018? According to authoritative sources, this wrestler has net worth of $2 million, accumulated from his 12 years long career in the mentioned fields. Tyrus rose to fame as a professional wrestler, with a variety of different wrestling personas, under nicknames such as G-Rilla, Brodus Clay and Monstrous BC.


Having signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, also known as WWE, Tyrus was assigned to Deep South Wrestling, a territory of WWE, and made his debut in September 2006 under the name G-Rilla, in his early performances using the gimmick of a street thug. In his first match for the promotion, Tyrus defeated his opponent Big Bully Douglas, then in October of the same year, he began serving as the enforcer for Urban Assault. However, he was involved in an enmity with The Bag Lady, which cost his team a match in the DSW Tag Team Championship. Nevertheless, his group eventually won the championships, but the same situation happened in late December, when Tyrus began fighting with Freakin’ Deacon, an ally of The Bag Lady, and Urban Assault went on to lose to the Major Brothers, and on the same night, Freakin’ Deacon beat him. In January 2007, he had feuds with Urban Assault and subsequently formed his own team with his former enemy, Freakin’ Deacon, and the duo went on to defeat Urban Assault in their debut match together. The team eventually split up, when Tyrus accidentally sat on Deacon’s pet spider and killed it, allegedly sending Deacon into a mental breakdown.

Florida Championship Wrestling

As of June 2007, Tyrus had his first match at Florida Championship Wrestling, and went on to defeat Shawn Osborne, still under the name G-Rilla. Three months after that, he won a battle royal and became the number one contender for the Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Championship, having defeated Teddy Hart. In late September, he challenged Harry Smith and in the upcoming period continued feuding with Hart and Smith. His two opponents went on to form The Hart Dynasty alongside Ted DiBiase, Jr. and TJ Wilson, Afa Jr. among others. On the other hand, Tyrus formed a tag team with Robert Anthony, however, he was released from WWE in February 2008.

Return to WWE

As of January 2010, Tyrus signed yet another contract with WWE, and was signed to FCW once again, using the name G-Rilla for his matches. He became an ally of The Uso Brothers, Tamina and Donny Marlow and went on to defeat Rudy Parker and Jacob Novak. In June of the same year, Marlow and Tyrus, who began referring to themselves as the Colossal Connection, challenged Los Aviadores in FCW, but their attempts were unsuccessful. In August, they competed against the Aviadores in a four-way elimination, but the opponents ended up winning Tyrus additionally made an appearance in a WWE house show, but ended up losing to JTG.

NXT and alliance with Alberto Del Rio

In the finale of the third season of NXT, it was announced that Tyrus would be joining its fourth upcoming season, side by side with Ted DiBiase and Maryse, who would be his Pros. He went on to make his debut in the ring in mid-December 2010, defeating Byron Saxton and Chris Masters. Nevertheless, he lost to Saxton, Natalya and Masters in the following week, but in the upcoming period, he won a four way elimination in late January, and in the next week, he beat DiBiase in a singles match. Winning the mentioned game, he got the chance to choose a new Pro and he ended up choosing Alberto Del Rio, with whom he went on to attack DiBiase and defeat him in a singles match

Other Wrestling Projects

Subsequently, Tyrus began working on ‘’Superstars’’, defeating Pat Silva in his first episode since he came back from the filming of ‘’No One Lives’’. He made his return with the nickname ‘’The Funkasaurus’’, and the theme song for his character was Ernest Miller’s ‘’Somebody Call My Momma’’. In his fights, Tyrus used aspects of dance as wrestling moves.

Acting Gigs and Work on Television

In addition to portraying various characters as a part of WWE, Tyrus has additionally had several acting gigs. First of all, he played the role Danye East in an episode of ‘’Trashville’’ in 2014, and in the same yea, he provided voice recordings for ‘’Scooby Doo: WrestleMania Mystery’’. His other prominent acting projects include ‘’Glow’’, in which he played the role of Mighty Tom Jackson in 2017, and during the same year joined the cast of ‘’Preacher’’, playing Hell Guard in three episodes of the series. Additionally, he was cast to play Dylan, one of the main characters of ‘’Syn’’, a critically acclaimed television series which follows the life of a girl named Jess and her dysfunctional environment. Besides that, he played Goliath in the TV series ‘’MacGyver’’.

In addition to being a wrestler and an actor, Tyrus is also a political commentator, who has been working on ‘’ The Greg Gutfeld Show’’ since 2016. He is also a contributor for Fox News, and has appeared in ‘’Fox and Friends’’ and ‘’The Fox News Specialists’’.

Relationship Status and Social Media

Speaking about Tyrus’ love life, according to some sources, he is in a relationship with Ingrid Rinick and the couple has one daughter together. Additionally, he has a child from a previous relationship; the family lives outside New Orleans. He is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and is followed by over 250,000 people on the former and 75,000 on the latter.


  1. It is funny there is no mention of his appearances on Fox News venues. Apparently it doesn’t fit the narrative that a large, hip, black man can might have have conservative thoughts. He is a refreshing face in the news while being intelligent and well versed in the American social and political sphere. For all I know he’s not even conservative, just smart and open minded.

  2. I apologize for my first post. Should have read the entire article.

  3. PLEASE leave Gutfeld show,,,,,,,YOU ARE A DICK YOU ARE A DIC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you are fat stupid and dumb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Tyrus, while being a mountain of a man, is an extremely intelligent man. He is conservative, loves America, his children, and the constitution. He has a very formidable wrestling career. He is now a welcomed contributer on FOX. I enjoy his intelligent commentary. He is honest, caring, and impressive.

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