• Charmx is a YouTuber born in Ontario, Canada in 1994, who uploads comedy and gaming videos
• He found comfort in YouTube after being in a dark place with a planned date for suicide
• He has several YouTube channels, the most popular of which has over 700,000 subscribers
• He is rumored to be in a virtual relationship with another YouTuber, but this has not been confirmed
• He has ~12,000 followers on Twitter, ~250 followers on Instagram and ~500 followers on Facebook; his net worth is estimated at ~$50,000

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Who is YouTuber Charmx? Wiki Bio

Charmx, whose real name is Karl, was born in Ontario, Canada on 30 September 1994 so under the zodiac sign of Libra and holding Canadian nationality – he is popular for his YouTube channel on which he mostly uploads comedy content, and gaming videos.

Childhood and early life

Charmx was not having a good time in his life before he found comfort in YouTube. He was not sociable, was without friends and did not have a girlfriend, and he was not very well liked at high school, but was rather bullied. He admitted to have been in a dark place with a planned date for suicide – YouTube is what saved him, as he got a chance to make people laugh which is actually something he wanted people to do for him. He is still not okay but is no longer thinking about suicide, and has made some aspects of his life a bit better.

He is very secretive when asked about his parents, but it is known that he is currently living with them in their basement – he also has a brother who might be suffering from nocturnal lagophthalmos. He doesn’t enjoy living in his parents’ house and is currently trying to make enough money from his YouTube channels so that he could buy or rent a house and move out of the house his current situation.

After he matriculated from high school, Charmx decided to focus on his online career rather than to pursue a college degree or diploma – his parents were not very satisfied with his decision as they are somewhat old-fashioned.

Career of a YouTuber

Charmx launched his career on YouTube on 31 March 2013 when he opened his first channel entitled “TheCriticalBastard”, or TBC for short, called “DoYouThing” for the first couple of months. Charmx described himself as a critical bastard who makes humorous videos with the goal of making his audience laugh – the channel has been abandoned for years now although there are still nearly 26,000 people subscribed to it.

In April 2014, Charmx launched his main YouTube channel entitled “CharmxGames”, on which he was mostly uploading gaming videos while slowly transitioning to reactions. This led to the launch of another of his YouTube channels entitled “Charmx2” on 10 December 2015 – there are currently more than 200,000 people subscribed to it while it also counts over 34 million views of all his videos combined. Two months after its creation, he shut down his main “CharmxGames” as he already had two strikes for copyright violation, and the channel would have been shut down if he received a third strike. He went on to rename “Charmx2” to “Charmx”, and then launched another YouTube channel in February 2017 entitled “Charmx2” to have some sort of a support for his main channel.

His current “Charmx” channel was created on 22 Jul 2017, while he uploaded the last video onto his former channel on 11 August 2017 before completely abandoning it – at the moment of its abandonment, the channel counted more than 810,000 subscribers while his current channel counts more than 700,000 – many of his fans have been asking him to reveal his hair as he always wears a cap, and Charmx promised to do so after he gathers over a million subscribers.

“Charmx3” is yet another channel of Charmx, which he launched in November 2017 on which to post his YTP reactions.


He is also a writer, and has written his first children’s book, however, as he was not satisfied with the graphic artist he hired, he did all the graphic art himself, and is currently searching for a publisher.

Personal life and relationships

He is rumored to be ‘going out’ with another YouTuber (female) who is a gamer and one of his fans – she goes by the name Charmx as well, as she likes him that much. They allegedly haven’t seen each other in person yet, as they live quite far from one another but are in a rather ‘virtual’ relationship – however, none of this has been confirmed by the popular YouTuber, and therefore nothing about his love life can be said with certainty.

His grandfather died a while ago from Alzheimer’s disease. Charmx was once a victim of road rage, and was in a car accident which wasn’t his fault.

Hobbies and other interests

Charmx is a fan of TV series and has watched numerous series and genres, while his favorite is “The Walking Dead’ which follows the Earth after months and years after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Charmx enjoys drinking coffee, but unlike most people, for some reason he likes to drink it with a straw. He is a big lover of animals, and had a dwarf rabbit named Joey, which died sometime in 2018. He is a huge fan of travelling, but doesn’t yet have money for it – he is currently saving all his money to try and move away from his parents’ home. He spends a lot of his free time outdoors with his friends, and they mostly go playing pool, drinking beer, or cycling around the park near his house.

Appearance and net worth

Charmx is currently 24 years old. He has brown eyes, and a brown beard while it is not known how his hair looks like as he has never shown it online – his height and weight are not known either.

Net worth is ~$50,000.

Real name

Charmx is one of those very secretive people who have decided not to share their real names with their fans. Thanks to his YouTube fandom page, it is known that his real name is Karl but he hasn’t so far mentioned his surname online. Charmx is certainly not among the most secretive people online, as there are still people who have been livestreaming and uploading videos for years without showing their faces – Charmx has only managed to hide his last name and his hair from his fans.

Social media presence

  • Launched Twitter in June 2014; gathered ~12,000 followers; tweeted ~10,000 times
  • Instagram account entitled “charmx_ratings”; has ~250 followers; uploaded ~180 pictures
  • Facebook is followed by ~500 people



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