• Crainer is a YouTube personality with a net worth of over $2 million
• He gained fame initially through Minecraft videos, but currently focuses on content related to Fortnite Battle Royale
• He is married to Thea Kornum and they own a pet dog
• He is active on social media with over 300,000 followers on Instagram and 280,000 followers on Twitter
• Minecraft has sold over 170 million copies, making it the best-selling video game of all time


Who is Crainer?

Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard was born on 12 December 1994, in Denmark, and under the pseudonym Crainer, is a YouTube personality, best known for initially gaining his fame on the website through videos regarding the game “Minecraft”. He’s since moved on to other types of video games, and is currently focused on content of the game “Fortnite Battle Royale”.

The Riches of Crainer

How rich is Crainer? As of mid-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $2 million, earned through a successful career on YouTube. His fame and online exposure has led him to numerous opportunities including collaborative work. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

There is very limited information when it comes to Crainer’s life before his rise to fame online, as he has not shared many details regarding his family, childhood, and education. He grew up with an older sister, and at a young age developed a strong interest towards video games. He eventually saw the potential for a career in gaming, uploading videos on the website YouTube, a platform which has led to the success of many others.

YouTube allows content creators to create their own videos to upload on the website for others to view. Viewers then have the option of subscribing to channels they enjoy while also interacting through features on a video. Over the years, it has become one of the biggest sources of online video media with live streams, documentaries, music videos, movie trailers, video blogs (vlogs), and many more available through the site. They can also potentially earn income through the Google AdSense program once they become a partner on the website.

YouTube Content

Crainer began his channel by consistently creating content on the video game “Minecraft” alongside another YouTuber named Ssundee. “Minecraft” is a sandbox game that was created in 2011 by Swedish game developer Markus Persson. The game allowed players to explore a 3D procedurally generated world and with their creativity, build anything they wanted using a variety of blocks. Players could also explore, gather resources, engage in combat, and craft items. Over the years, more game modes have been introduced, including a survival mode in which players have to take into account their character’s health. Mods were also introduced, while other servers were created for alternative experiences.

The game has received numerous awards and accolades since its launch and attracted critical acclaim. Its fame has reached mainstream status with a convention dedicated to “Minecraft”, featuring adaptations, merchandise, and much more. As of 2019, over 170 million copies of the game have been sold across all platforms, establishing itself as the best-selling video game of all time, and according to reports, the game has over 90 million players active every month.  In 2014, Microsoft acquired the intellectual property of “Minecraft” at a cost of $2.5 billion. A spin-off game has been created called “Minecraft: Story Mode”.

Recent Projects

Like many “Minecraft” YouTubers, Crainer discovered that his passion for this particular game was fading, and that he wanted to explore what other games would interest him. He played other games while still touching on “Minecraft” at times. Eventually he discovered the game “Fortnite Battle Royale” and began playing it regularly, posting videos on his channel. This proved to be a good move as most of his viewers enjoyed these videos more than his ones on  “Minecraft”. The content also appealed to new viewers, significantly increasing his subscribership.


Fortnite Battle Royale” is a free to play game created by Epic Games and is a companion to the survival game “Fortnite: Save the World”. The concept of the game is similar to that of games from the battle royale genre in that 100 players skydive onto an island and look for items to help defend themselves. The play area then gradually constricts, leading to smaller spaces and a higher chance for confrontation. The game has gained a lot of income through the use of battle passes which players can purchase to gain additional content for the game, mostly cosmetics. The game has gotten a lot of positive reviews and quickly rose to popularity following its release.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Crainer is married to Thea Kornum, who is also Danish. They’ve been together for some time, and married in early 2019. She has often featured on his channel as they played “Minecraft” together, and their videos were so popular that they decided to create a secondary channel to focus on their collaborative works. However, with other projects and the lack of time to focus on this channel, it has been inactive for nearly a year. The two own a pet dog. Crainer has admitted that he faked his voice during the first two years of his YouTube career, due to pressure of people not liking his actual voice. He has since been using his normal voice, and it hasn’t affected his channel in any way.

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, he is highly active online through accounts on social media. He has an account on Instagram on which he has over 300,000 followers, on which he posts a lot of personal photos, often featuring his wife and his pet dog. He also has a Twitter account which has over 280,000 followers, and which he uses to promote his “Fortnite” content, and his recently created channel which focuses on “Roblox”.

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