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Who is Youtuber Lena the Plug?

Lena Nersesian was born on 1 June 1991, in Glendale, California USA, and is a YouTube personality, popularly known for her YouTube channel through posting various fitness tutorials and workout videos. Recently, she’s focused more on doing vlog-type videos.

The Net Worth of Lena the Plug

How rich is Lena the Plug? As of mid-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is almost $1 million, mostly earned through success on YouTube. Her popularity also increased from her release of various sexy photos, and even leaked sex tapes. As she continues her endeavors it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Family, and Educational Background

Lena is of Armenian descent, and she grew up in a conservative Christian home in Glendale. There are no details about her having any siblings – many sources believe that she is an only child. She matriculated from high school in 2009, and would then attend the University of California, Santa Cruz to study psychology; during her studies, she also spent a year at Lund University located in Sweden as an exchange student. She developed a love for the culture, food, and people of Sweden during the time, and also worked as a personal assistant while there to help earn a bit of money.

She eventually completed her degree in psychology in 2013. She was known to be academically gifted and she loved to read a lot and also write poetry. After college, she was offered admission to a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California but she turned it down due to the high costs.

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A Career in YouTube

Lena worked as a grocery store attendant as well as an Uber driver before finding work as a part of a social media start-up company. During his time there, she discovered the possibility of finding a career through the video sharing website YouTube, which eventually led her to create her own channel. Her posts quickly grew in popularity due to her fitness videos, but it skyrocketed even further when she started posting vlogs with somewhat provocative content. Her YouTube channel has now ranged to showcase various contents from her private life to relationship advice, and she also does what might be called ‘sex talk’ along with her friends.

In 2017, she sparked a bit of controversy when she announced as a video on her YouTube channel that she would release a sextape with her boyfriend, YouTuber Adam22 if both of them got a million subscribers on their YouTube channels. After the announcement, her subscribers grew from 37,000 to one million, while the account of her boyfriend also grew exponentially. She mentioned that she doesn’t really care if she has a sex tape released on line and many believed that she was following a route which numerous celebrities also took to achieve popularity through notoriety; celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian also initially found their popularity through sex tapes.

Sex Tape Cancelled

After a long wait, Lena released a video addressing the sex tape stating that she would no longer like to release it because there are already leaked sex videos of her available online. She would then go on to hit on subscribers who just subscribed for the sex tape and asked them to unsubscribe. Her comments caused a bit of backlash though it didn’t really affect her online popularity.

Unusual Relationships

Lena the Plug is known to be in a relationship with YouTube personality and BMX rider Adam Grandmaison, who also has his own YouTube channel entitled Adam22. The duo have been together since 2016, and have stated that they have an open relationship. They often engage in threesomes and don’t have any reservations of filming, leaking their videos, or even performing in front of their friends. There are videos of them together with other social media personalities, including Taylor White and Emily Rinaudo. Lena seems to be very comfortable with showcasing some provocative pictures and videos on line – at one point, videos of her from Snapchat were leaked online and she then mentioned in response to the leak that her account was hacked.

There are rumors that she dated a girl while she was in college, and it is likely that she is bisexual since she seems comfortable performing sex acts with women.

Lena in Other Social Media Websites

Lena is very active in other social media websites, particularly on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She often showcases her photos while travelling, and even photos of her in various attires. She also continues to promote her fitness content though to a lesser degree. Her Facebook page often promotes content similar to that of her Instagram account, while her Twitter account shows some of her recent projects as well as posts some of her daily thoughts.

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