• Thomas Hunt (TJ Hunt) is a popular YouTuber from Canada born in 199•
• He is best known for his car-related videos, and has accumulated a net worth of over $600,000.
• His most popular videos include “I Got a Wideboy Kit For the BRZ”, “No f*cks given Miata Review”, and “Making a Lexus Loud”.
• He is in a relationship with Sabrina Leamon, and is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.
• He was called out by his business partner in 2017 for starting a new company without responding to him or his attorneys.


Who is TJ Hunt?

Thomas Hunt was born on 28 December 1994, in Canada, so under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. TJ is white and has brown hair and brown eyes. He is best known as TJ Hunt, a YouTuber who makes car-related videos.

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Net worth

So just how rich is TJ Hunt? According to authoritative sources, this YouTuber makes about $420 each day – over $150,000 each year – so already totals over $600,000 accumulated from his over nine years-long career in the previously mentioned field, as he first began uploading videos in 2009. Being a YouTube content creator means that he makes money every time an ad is displayed in one of his videos. Additionally, he makes money through paid partnerships. Just like the majority of other famous YouTubers, Hunt also sells his own merchandise, adding to his income.


TJ Hunt began his career uploading the video entitled “Dye NT Shooting”, which has now been watched by more than 31,000 people as of today, and was quickly followed by uploading another video under the title “Dye NT Unboxing”, which has been watched by 17,000 people so far. Continuing to work at a rapid pace, Hunt uploaded the video entitled “Gear Bag Video” and “A Closer Look at Dye NT”, with both of them being watched by a smaller audience. He continued uploading videos in the following year as well, but after that went on a three year-long hiatus, when he didn’t upload any videos to his channel. After the break had ended, Hunt began uploading car related videos, starting with “BMW 338i Performance Exhaust & Intake (E90)”, and shortly after switching the theme of his channel, he began attracting more subscribers and gaining more views, thus more recognition from the audience. He went on to upload “A Little Introductory”, which has been watched by almost 60,000 people, and followed by releasing another video under the title “Automotive Photography Garage Shoot”. In May 2014 he uploaded videos such as “Toyota Fest 2014”, “MCM Meet USA in LA” and “Palm Springs Cruisin”, with all of them getting a generally positive response from the audience. Sometimes Hunt does Q&A videos too, answering questions that his fans send him through social media.

Most notable videos

Speaking about TJ’s most popular videos, those include “I Got a Wideboy Kit For the BRZ”, which has been watched by almost three million people, and “No f*cks given Miata Review”, with more than 2.6 million views. Additionally, he uploaded the video entitled “Making a Lexus Loud”, watched by 2.2 million people. In late 2015 he uploaded the title Honda’s won’t stop revving at me and in the following period “Meet my girlfriend” in which he introduced his girlfriend to his audience.

Most recent videos

Speaking about his most recent videos, those include “Entering the Rotary World”, “I Regret Not Buying This” and “Our Last Day”, with all having been watched by a large number of people. In late March, he uploaded the video entitled “Pushing My Limits”, which has been watched by more than 220,000 people already, to a generally positive response, so it is safe to say that, thanks to has talent and consistent uploading schedule, Hunt has been able to establish a loyal fanbase. He now has more than 800,000 subscribers, and his videos have been watched more than 200 million times, which has certainly played a significant part in raising his net worth.

Private life and relationship status

Being active in the entertainment field, TJ naturally shares a fair amount of information with his fans. He is in a relationship with a girl named Sabrina Leamon, whom he introduced in one of his previous videos. He is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, and is followed by almost 80,000 people on the former and 450,000 on the latter. Generally speaking, he usually posts photos of cars and other vehicles to his social media accounts, but additionally includes his girlfriend and his friends as well. His fans are able to communicate with him through Snapchat on which he uses the nickname @teeeg28.


In late 2017 TJ was called out by his fellow YouTuber, famous as SmurfinWRF, who was also his business partner at that time. He was exposed for starting a new company while he was still in partnership with the mentioned YouTuber, who stated that what Hunt did was ethically wrong, but added that he didn’t respond to him or his attorneys.

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