• Yukon Men is a reality TV series that follows inhabitants of the small village of Tanana, located 60 miles from the Arctic Circle.
• The show premiered on 24 August 2012 and ran for seven seasons until its cancelation.
• Cast members include Stan Zuray, Joey Zuray, Charlie Wright, Robert Wright, Pat Moore, Lorraine Moore, Thomas Moore, Courtney Moore, and James Roberts.
• The show has been controversial, with death and animal cruelty featured in some episodes.
• The eighth season of the show has not yet been announced, but there is still hope it will return.


Who Are the Cast Members of the “Yukon Men”?

Yukon Men is the reality TV series produced by the Paper Route Productions, which premiered on 24 August 2012, and ran for five seasons before its cancelation. The show follows inhabitants of the small village of Tanana, which is located 60 miles from the Arctic Circle.

You are probably wondering who is in the main cast? First we have Stan Zuray, who has been living in the Alaskan wilderness for more than 40 years, though originally born in Boston, Massachusetts, and his son, Joey Zuray, who is currently in his 20s and has been accustomed to the Alaskan wilderness. Then, we have Charlie Wright, a water-plant operator, hunter, mechanic, and trapper. After him comes Charlie’s son Robert Wright, who is in his early 20s, and has been learning about family traditions and is focused on developing his hunting skills. The Moore family is the next in line, with Pat the patriarch of the family and operating a local kennel with the help of his children, Thomas, and Courtney. Pat is married to Lorraine. Last but not least in line is James Roberts, a wood supplier and a kennel owner.

“Yukon Men”

The show started airing on the Discovery channel on the 31st August 2012, to an audience of 1.95 million people; many were against the show, but many more people said ‘yes’, and praised it once it got going. Over the years, the show became rather popular, making its cast into stars of reality TV. So far, there have been seven seasons, with the latest episode aired on the 16th June 2017, showcasing the ups and downs of the families in the small Alaskan village of Tanana. There were many controversies and many televised dangerous situations, which only increased the popularity of the reality series.

Yukon Men Deaths

There were several death situations while shooting the series; back in 2012, George Roberts passed away while he was going back home from a hunting expedition. Being an avid outdoorsman means nothing in the Alaskan wilderness. He was crossing the river with his snowmobile when the ice broke and George was captured in the icy water of the Tanana River. Three years later, a pilot Seth Fairbanks and his passenger named Hooper died in a plane crash just after the end of the season finale being shot.

Yukon Men Net Worth

Many of you have probably wondered how much the cast of the Yukon Men earn and how rich are they. There isn’t information for every one of them, but for a few people, the sources have already estimated their wealth. So, let’s get down to business; Pat Moore is the richest of the cast members, with a net worth estimated at $500,000, which is pretty decent, considering the fact that he lives in the Alaskan wilderness. Next in line is Charlie Wright, whose net worth is estimated at $450,000, while Stan and Joey Zuray have a wealth of $400,000. Unfortunately, there is no information in regards to James Roberts’ net worth.

Is the Series Canceled, New Season?

Last year, “Yukon Men” finished airing its seventh season in June, however, the Discovery channel hasn’t yet made an announcement in regards to the eighth season, or cancelation. However, numerous petitions have surfaced all demanding the cancelation of the show, primarily because of supposed cruelty towards animals showcased in the episodes. However, don’t despair – there is still hope that the “Yukon Men” will return to the small screen for a new season.


  1. Patsy Chastain Reply

    PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T CANCEL Yukon Men……We adore that show along with all of the other Alaska shows on TV….Animal Cruelty is not understood by the viewer as the way of life in Alaska….No one is being cruel..It is just the way they live….Animals are being cared for and are happy with it all.

  2. Linda McMahan Reply


    • Joey yukon Reply

      Bonehead Joey really is thick as bear poop the guy is a liability! I like his dad tho seems a decent chap always having to babysit him and bail him from his stupidity! Come joey thumb out of bum and brain into gear!

  3. Cliff Holmrs Reply

    I hope that Yukon Men is not cancled. I find it entertaining and infopmative and look forward to the next show.

    • I agree I really enjoyed the show, along with Life Below Zero, The Last Alaskans and The Alskan Frontiers, keep them all going!!

  4. Charles croker Reply

    Yukon men was my favorite show ! Charlie and Stan seem like the two people everyone depends on . Don’t cave to people complaining about animals . I love animals but this is life and a Great show Please Don’t Cancell it

    • Mrs DM TEMPLE Reply

      A constant source of inspiration, the program is an important part of many lives, living alone,they have become my tv family, and I have watched their triumphs and disaster with great interest, they are living the True life!

  5. Dorothy LaBelle Reply

    OMG pease dont cancel the show my husband and i LOVE it if we were younger we probably would be there ourselfs the show makes you realize just how tough living in the wild really is.
    again please dont cancel the show

  6. Ronnie Fuller Reply

    This is a very good show. Not sure about other people but drugs, sex, violence society is full of. I love coming home watching real authentic people without the trauma drama. Shame on you for taking this show off the air.

  7. P!ease bring the show back. This is a way of life. Not like they are hunting for sport . They aren’t looking for a set of anglers to hang above the mantle.

  8. Rebecca Mills Reply

    Yukon Men was so enjoyable to us. We loved the people and their lifestyle. Few shows are on today that are worth watching. Please bring it back on.

  9. Do Not Cancel Yukon Men. Subsistence living is hunting, killinng, and using the entire animal for food, clothing, etc. This process is not tortuous to the animals if done the right way, quickly, and respectfully. And it causes far less pollution than only wearing plastic in an attempt to save the environment. Also real animal fur used as clothing (and I am not supporting the heinous businesses of breeding and killing animals only for their hides to make fur coats for the wealthy) is far less pollution causing than the fake fur industry. I watch Yukon Men not only for its entertainment value but also because its informative and educational. So please don’t cancel it!

  10. Barb Jacobs Reply

    I love that show hope they bring it back on. But it’s been awhile since it was on. I have a feeling it’s not coming back on the air.

  11. Mike Alvarado Reply

    Like the most people I been enjoying Yukon men ,I totally agree with Rebecca Mills comments and others.

  12. I truly enjoy Yukon Men. Please don’t cancel the show. My husband and I raised our children in a log home out in the country. We had a garden bigger than the house. He cut the dead trees and the children and I rolled the rounds back to the wood pile. We heated with a wood stove. We relate to Yukon Men and look forward to seeing them. I’m a widow now and this show stirs up a lot of memories. I enjoy all the Alaska shows..

  13. Donna R. Reedy Reply

    I agree with all of the folks above… it’s real, it’s survival. It’s nice to watch a show without; sex, drugs
    and the trashy side of lives. Please bring this show back…sure do miss it.

  14. Rita S Gaus Reply

    Please don’t cancel the show. Of all the Alaska Reality Shows this is the best one.

  15. Jonathan Glanz Reply

    One of my favorite shows on TV! Subsistence living demonstrates the respect given to animals as a vital tool for survival.
    This show is educational and has given me a new found respect for those who choose this lifestyle! The collaborative nature of neighbors looking out for each other, and the respect afforded to the town elders is something our society could use more of! I would be terribly disappointed to see the series cancelled!
    Instead of caving to the animal rights activists, consider the positive impact, respect for animals and the lessons of subsisistence survival portrayed. Every last speck of an animal hunted is utilized.
    The family values on the show are a solid departure from the shallow violence and drug laden shows that are all to common today!
    Canceling the show would be a loss for the Discovery community!

  16. Please do not cancel Yukon Men. We love this show. These people are like family.

  17. Please bring back Yukon Men. I watch all of the Alaska shows and this is by far my favorite. Stan is such a Macgyver style genius! His fix anything problem solving is the best! I love the relationships and traditions in this small isolated town. So much of this does not exist in the lower 48, I find them inspirational. I am certain I speak for many. This show, although in Alaska, is not like the others. Please bring it back.

  18. Dr. Iris St. John Reply

    Please bring back “Yukon Men.” The lives of folks living in Tanana are fascinating precisely because they are so different from the lives of people living in urban America.
    It’s genuinely moving to see the deep commitment of people in Tanana to feed their families and their communities. We all have much to learn from the residents. If some viewers don’t like to watch hunters bring food to their families, they shouldn’t watch. In Tanana, hunters hunt to feed their families. Ultimately , we all are eaten on this planet.

  19. Please bring back Yukon Men! Hunting is how they feed there families and the older ones who need the help. If it bothers you don’t watch. The show also shows how they respect and give thanks to the animals. My family Loves this show as we do all The Alaska shows.. Please bring them all back. They are the best shows on TV……. .

  20. Welton &Ann Batten Reply

    Please bring back Yukon Men We all love the show because it shows how people live and survive I am sorry there are people who think animals are harmed but when people get hungry enough they will eat food
    they have to kill. Animals were put on this earth for mans survival to eat, use the fur for clothing and other
    things. Many are eating many types of meats , however they love to eat the food but they have no idea how the food/meat got to the food market. There are a few thousand who say they eat no meat / products but only a few hundred that are true to no eat meat/ products. If those people were put in a true to life situation like the Alaskans, I know they would be glad to eat anything they could cook, they would learn to kill what they eat.

  21. Welton &Ann Batten Reply

    Please bring back we love the show If people had to live like the Alaskans , they would learn to kill and eat many things. people should not talk about animal cruelity unless they live and have to eat what they kill to survive. People will learn to kill what they eat if they were put in that situation

  22. Hello, good day, Yukon Men of Alaska. I’ve been intrigued, happy Yukon Men is aired weekly! The cast ‘most’ are locality people. The other’s came to Alaska ‘to be wannabe’s’ as I see it from/hear it from my perspective view! I also read/reviewed comes from people outside the Yukon Men program. Poor dog’s, poor can see the back bone of the dogs feature, Oh, how cruel is it to treat an animal under hard conditions in Alaska’. Guess what’s my idea?? Send all the live animals to the Lower 48, starting from Seattle down to Florida Glades! Let those ‘cry baby dog eat dog lover’s house, feed, train, comb their hair, shampoo, hug, kiss the dog’s ( Guess what! I last I seen a homey dogs after it was dragging it’s behind on the floor licking it’s Bong-hole) so-called ‘Master’s of Dog’s’ was hugging, kissing the dog in the mouth and getting licked! Exactly how cruel & defile is that???? Of course, the dog was in delight & DID NOT EVEN EXPLAIN TO HIS MASTER, ‘I just got finished licking my Bong-hole’!!!! But, the most comment I would like to about is Charlie Wright. One program illustrated one critical point, I disagree with Charlie. I believe Charlie has his own trap line, ‘unless I’m incorrect’. Nation has inherited his father’s trap line handed down generation of his family to generation. Here Charlie & his son travel to Nation’s trap line, setting beaver traps, making ugly comments (talking behind Nation’s back) about, ‘how he (Charlie) can trap on & in Nations family trapline, all because Nation’s father’s last wish. Not written down testament to Charlie. Verbal comment to Charlie. I think Charlie & his son starting jumping on the opportunity to trap Nation’s family trapline. In Alaska, a trapline belongs to a family link from generation to generation down to the last living family member! Exactly what is Charlie’s close relationship to the late Nation’s father? He is the one who is encroaching on Nation’s trapline, regardless of its condition, who has all the rights to directly advise ‘Charlie’ to ‘stay out of his family’s trapline & never set foot on the family trapline’. Who is Charlie to take it in charge of Nation’s family trapline. I think Charlie may have his trapline, trapped out. But, when someone outside from the region comes in, setting mink traps, Charlie grows a huge ‘hair ball’ & begins trying to find out ‘who the culprits’ are violating his trapline or Nation’s. Like I said, ‘Nation is a better man than Charlie is’. The least, you do not see Nation ‘encroaching’ on other people’s trapline. Nations has his right’s, Charlie is violating the scared ‘traditional ways’ of all Alaskan Native’s life line, trapping Nations heritage right handed down to him as tradition has it. Charlie, to me is a ‘squatter’ & squatter’s should be told to ‘get the HELL off my family trap line or face the consequences of violating Nations right as heritor of his late father’s trap line. One last thing. If Charlie & his son has been trapping each year on Nations family trap line, he should feel disgraced, pay Nation ten folds of his caught ($$$$$ wish as reparation for his violation, misery & agony he has caused Nations. Thank you!

  23. Stanley Zuray- Every e Stanley goes out trapline check, he buggles up a good day. Loose his dogs team, flips over his award heavy metal sled (very, very much) too heavy. He needs to exercise pre caution on the wild. He will become his own death! In the wild, one who is hurt have no communication, is alone with his dog team. Either he walks home or freezes to death/peril to himself. Seen one program where he neglected to properly anchor out his boat. He became delusional, took off his coat & boots trying to make an attempt to swim out and retrieve his boat. Exactly how nuts & stupid are you Stanley. No Alaskan Native is their own right mind makes such death defying stupid, life threatening actions. Only a Green Horn from the Lower 48, outside Alaska region gets really, really stupid. It’s time for your re-education, Stanley! Remember, be smart, travel safe, be aware of your dangerous surroundings. Don’t want to hear your inside a coffin with nails buried 7 feet under ground. You mean well, your a very intelligent individual. But, use or build yourself a light Alaskan Native sled. Stay away from plywood’s and 2×4’s. Happy trails, Stanley! Happy trails.

  24. Teresa M. Murty Reply


  25. I just binge watched 4 seasons. Couldn’t pull my eyes away. I love it.

  26. This was the best show on TV, bar none. If I were younger, I’d sell everything I own and move up there with them. Honest, good hard-working people…hard to find nowadays.

  27. My husband and I LOVE Yukon Men. Please don’t cancel. I see no animal cruelty in this show, and without meaning to sound rude, I think those who complain fail to understand the life of those living in the remote village of Tanana. Don’t cancel due to those who can just choose not to watch.

  28. Love all of these shows. I watch them over and over. Yukon men, the last alaskans, life below zero and all the spin offs. Mountain men Alaska the last frontier. Beats the rest of the garbage on tv.

  29. Heather Mahony Reply

    This is a brilliant show so interesting to see just how the village people live out in Tanana
    I would be very disappointed if they stopped filming. There is so much crap on our English Television I really look forward to watching The Yukon man. Please do another series.

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