• Katharine Wilder is an actress and the adopted daughter of the actor and comedian Gene Wilder
• She was adopted as a child and her mother is Mary Schutz
• Katharine's career began with the play "The Winter's Tale" and she has since appeared in films such as "Murder on the Orient Express" and "Ready Player One"
• Gene Wilder made Katharine one of his heirs and she has inherited a large amount of money
• Katharine and Gene had a strained relationship and they were not on speaking terms until his death in 2016.


Who is Katharine Wilder?

Katharine Wilder is an actress, known for her work in the TV series “Frontier”, but is perhaps best known to the world as the adopted daughter of the actor and comedian Gene Wilder.

Katharine Wilder Background and Education

Katharine has managed to keep her birthdate a secret from the public, however, her mother is Mary Schutz, Gene’s second wife. The two married in 1967 after having dated for several years. Katharine at the time was in her childhood years, and often called Gene her dad, as Katharine officially became his daughter. They separated in 1974, when Gene had an affair with Madeline Kahn, his co-star in the film “Young Frankenstein”. Their marriage officially ended in 1980.

Following their divorce, Katharine decided to cut ties with her father, and never spoke to him again until he was near death in August 2016. Despite their feud, Gene made Katharine one of his heirs, which will certainly increase Katharine’s net worth, though it hasn’t been revealed what exactly she has inherited.

Katherine Wilder Career

Like a lot of other information about her life, her career beginnings have also been kept under a veil, but she has come to prominence in recent years.

Back in 2015, Katharine played Mopsa in the play “The Winter’s Tale”, staged at the Kenneth Branagh Theatre and then made into a live film, then appeared in another Branagh Theater Live, this time in “Romeo and Juliet”. Most recently, Katharine won the role of Chaulk in the TV adventure series “Frontier” (2017), created by Rob and Peter Blackie, and starring Jason Momoa, Landon Liborion and Zoe Boyle. Furthermore, she had a minor role in Kenneth Branagh’s “Murder on the Orient Express”, based on the novel by Agatha Christie, and starring Branagh, Penelope Cruz and Willem Dafoe She will also appear in the sci-fi action adventure film “Ready Player One”, directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Hannah John-Kamen, Ben Mendelsohn and Mark Rylance, scheduled for release late in 2018, which should also increase her net worth.

Katharine Wilder Net Worth and Assets

The exact amount of Katharine’s wealth is yet to be determined, though, because of her most recent career resurgence and her inheritance claim on the will of Gene Wilder, but is already in the millions of dollars. Katharine could certainly be living an easy life when it comes to finances.

Daddy-Daughter Strain

When the marriage between her mother and Gene was finished, Katharine put all guilt on Gene and stopped talking to him. Despite all efforts made by Gene, the two didn’t make up until his death. He even wrote a book “Kiss Me Like A Stranger” in 2005, which he dedicated to Katharine, but that didn’t help either.

Is Katharine Married or Single?

Katharine has managed to keep all of her personal information hidden from the public eye, including any romantic relationships, but is believed to still be single.

Though she has led a secretive life away from the public and media, she has used Twitter on which she posts updates about her career plans and her daily life.

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  1. Who wrote this garbage? Thus is not Gene’s adopted daughter. Katharine Wilder is about 66/67 years old now. Kathryn Wilder is someone else with a differently spelled name.

  2. Catherine S Ott-Millon Reply

    The first comment is correct. There is a Katherine Wilder but not the Kathryn Wiper on Frontier. The Katherine Wilder adopted by Gene could be the grandmother the the actress on Frontier.

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