Zoe Laverne is one of the stars in the application TikTok (former Musical.ly) on which people (mostly teenagers) post their fun videos in which they dance and lip-sync popular songs. Being consistent in uploading content on daily basis, Zoe soon became one of the most popular and recognizable personality of the app. Let’s find out more about her age, height, boyfriends and net worth.

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Early life, family

Zoe Laverne Pemberton was born on 3 June 2001, in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Her mother’s name is Debbie Pemberton, now 66 years old, and her father is Douglas Wright, 52 years old, and who owns Doug’s Franklin Auto Care Center. She has two siblings: a brother, Eric, and a stepbrother, Cameron. At the age of five Zoe had to move to Franklin with her family, then sometime later to Greenwood, Indiana. Zoe has two cousins from different sides of her family, Danyella and Ambrie who are both 14 years old.


Zoe was attending Greenwood Community High School, and about to matriculate from it this year, but since Zoe is an internet celebrity, her parents decided it was better for her to continue her education at home, worried about the attention Zoe gets at high school, and not always positive. ‘I couldn’t walk down the halls without people making fun of me,’ she confessed in one of her interviews to IndyStar. ‘It’s simple; it was jealousy. But it hurt. People threatened to fight me all the time. I’d go to the counselor crying. But when I got home, I’d get online and it all felt easier.’

Zoe Laverne

Internet career

Zoe started her internet career when she registered and started posting videos on the application called Musical.ly – now TikTok – in 2016. In March 2017 Zoe was rewarded with the verification crown on the app. Thousands of supporters come to see and like Zoe’s lip-sync videos daily.

Zoe hopes her stardom is going to help her to become an actress; she has said that she wants to go to California and ‘be somebody’, so is looking forward to getting offers from various TV shows and movies, and is always begging her mother to contact people who can offer or simply help Zoe to get such an opportunity. She said she would even enjoy being an extra at the back of the scene. Zoe’s father was reached by the representatives of the popular application Pigeon Pop, who offered Zoe more than $3,000 per month for her to play the game one minute a week, broadcasting the process. Zoe’s mother was also reached by another world famous brand, Nike, looking for a chance to sign a contract with Zoe to make her their ambassador or a commercial model of their clothes. Debbie and Doug soon understood they needed more help from lawyers and other specialists, who could make the process of signing commercial contracts more transparent and safe for Zoe.

Personal life, ex-boyfriends Zephan Clark and Cody Orlove

It is known that Zoe was earlier in relationships with another TikTok sensation, Zephan Clark. They dated for several months, keeping their love story away from their fans’ eyes, not posting too many photos and not mentioning they were dating. Then they decided to break up, not announcing any particular reason for that.

Zoe has recently been dating with a popular “muser” and Instagram celebrity, Cody Orlove. She was surfing Instagram accounts when she suddenly got Cody’s profile and liked him, and was strongly impressed by the number of fans he had on TikTok. They got in touch, started following each other on TikTok, then they chatted for a while and decided to meet, exchanging ‘phone numbers and setting a date. After speaking for several hours at their first meeting, they started dating.


Cody Orlove

Cody Orlove is one year older than Zoe – they studied at the same school, and started dating in November 2017, announcing the beginning of their relationship with an Instagram post. They shared a photo of them kissing and hugging, and their fans supported them in comments, wishing them good luck. Cody and Zoe dated for almost a year and a half until Code claimed Zoe cheated on him with a guy whose name he was not going to announce, while she was on the event called Playlist Live Orlando on 1 March 2019. Cody posted a video in which he admitted their breaking up and asked not to bully Zoe and not to spread hate on him or on her. As for Zoe, she instantly closed the comments on her Instagram account, since a lot of their fans came to hurt her and leave a reproaching comment on what she did. Zoe’s friend Trinity Michelle Keller announced that she was supervising Zoe’s profile, and was going to protect her from all those hateful comments people send her in the direct messages; though she understood what Zoe had done wasn’t good, she was going to be on her friend’s side.

Cody & Zoe YouTube channel

While Cody and Zoe were still dating, they created a separate YouTube channel called “Cody & Zoe” and posted videos of their daily routine, pranks and lip-sync videos from their TikTok live streams. The channel has reached almost a million subscribers, but since Cody and Zoe broke up the number of subscribers is not likely to grow in the near future. Their most popular video on the channel is, by irony, a prank in which Zoe pretends to be cheating on Cody, having attracted over 4.5 million views. They also created an online shop called “Zody”, selling clothes and accessories there. Cody seems to well after their breakup, posting new videos and photos with a girl who he names his “best friend”, though his fans don’t really believe their relationship is a simple friendship, blaming Cody for his ‘recovering too fast’.

Hobbies and interests

Zoe loves shopping and spends a lot of time wandering around the boutiques and malls. She is a dog lover and once had a puppy named Zea which had a penchant for biting, so Zoe trained her for some time, and then gave it away to a little girl who wanted a puppy but couldn’t afford it.

Social media presence

Zoe’s first and the most important account is on TikTok,  previously on Musical.ly, on which she accumulated all her fame, attracting more than 6.2 million followers, who send her 697.6 million “hearts”. She also is very active on Instagram, she has a profile which is followed by more than 1.2 million subscribers. She posts photos and videos there regularly, but since she broke up with her boyfriend Cody Orlove, she has closed the comments under her posts. Zoe had a Twitter account but she stopped posting to it back in 2014. She doesn’t have any Facebook profile since she once said ‘Facebook is for old people’, and claimed that all the pages that now exist on Facebook and have her name, don’t in fact relate to her, since she doesn’t own any of them – they are all fake. Zoe used to have her personal YouTube channel, on which she uploaded four make-up tutorials and attracted around 175,000 subscribers, but she soon switched to the “Cody&Zoe” YouTube channel, losing her interest for her personal channel, so it hasn’t been updated since 2018.


Zoe has long blonde hair which she likes wearing straight or loosely curled; for some period of time she wore straight bangs and dyed her hair chocolate brown, having a shorter cut. She has blue eyes and pale skin. Zoe is 5ft 3ins (1.60m) tall and weighs around 100lbs (45kgs). Her vital statistics are 30-23-32 – one can see that she is very slim and keeps fit. As for her clothing style, she prefers casual and typical teenagers’ clothes such as jeans, hoodies, T-shirts with prints, shorts, etc. She is fond of make-up, so you can’t see Zoe without her make-up on.

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, Zoe’s current net worth is estimated at over $600,000. Zoe’s main source of income are her TikTok and her Instagram accounts. She also may still benefit from her online shop “Zody”.

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