• Amiri King is an American comedian who is 39 years old.
• His claim to fame is turning his life around after being an ex-con.
• He has a YouTube channel called RoyalMediaMafia and has over 300,000 subscribers.
• He has won the Leo Magazine's Readers' Choice award for Best Comedian.
• His current net worth is estimated to be around $250,000.


Who REALLY is Amiri King?

Amiri King is an American comedian who has popularized his name through his YouTube channel, RoyalMediaMafia. He was born Tony Donavan Schork in Louisville, Kentucky, on 10th July, 1979, so is now  a 39 year old, 6ft (1,82 m) tall Cancerian (according to the zodiac), with light brown eyes and brown hair. He has quite a shady background, and is an ex-con turned comedian, having done time in prison as a teenager, which obviously didn’t deter him from making a name for himself as one of America’s top comedians.

His claim to fame could well be attributed to the fact that he managed to turn his life around, and he’s made a great success of it.

In 1998 he legally changed his name to Amiri King, apparently as a result of his appreciation for poets Amiri Baraka and Countee Cullen – this also separated him from his previously ‘known’ name.

Amiri King’s early life

Amiri’s growing years in a single-parent home with his mother, Sharon Brown Colvin, were tough, and he was only 11 years old when he ran away from home after his father had beaten him up quite badly. The following years were spent on the streets of Louisville where he survived by sweeping gas stations’ parking lots and feeding off hot dog and doughnut scraps he was given. He lived in various shelters such as Phoenix House, Boy’s Haven and Liberty Shelter House.

Amiri’s problematic life led him to acts of desperation, and when he was 16 he was convicted for armed robbery. In his words: ‘I stuck up a young man behind a Louisville cafe for 10 dollars, and I was facing 20 years and 50-thousand full cash bond for 10 dollars; not one of my better mistakes’.

After two years in a correctional facility he was released, but again not having anywhere to live, he spent time at Wayside Christian Mission and Healing Place, and shortly thereafter he was sent to prison for yet another three years. While in prison he slept a lot thinking that that would help time pass much faster.

Amiri King

When his term was over in 2001, Amiri has emphatically stated that he decided to keep his nose clean and change his life. He certainly did a great job, as he has never been in trouble with the cops again. Amiri started delivering talks to local high school students, Alateen meetings, and troubled kids about his experiences and life story, guiding them on how not to allow their challenges to mess up their lives.

How did it come about that Amiri King forged a career on YouTube?

Unfortunately, during this time, and most probably as a result of past traumas, Amiri suffered from ADHD and long periods of depression, and was hospitalized several times.

He recalls a time around 2007, saying, ‘I wanted to kill myself, so I literally just gave everything I owned away, I wasn’t going to need it. But I heard someone say, ‘You post something to YouTube today, and tomorrow you’re a star.’ So I looked up YouTube and I sat there and I laughed until I cried. I saw people farting into microphones, prank phone calls — it was just a great release for me. I’d always been funny, and I saw that little upload button and thought, I can do this.’

As a result, Amiri began posting vlogs on YouTube.

In October 2012 he launched RoyalMediaMafia, which is an outlet for his video parodies about cars, and one of his most famous which became an instant hit published on 22nd April 2014, is the “Chevy Silverado Parody”, and has notched up over 1,5 million views to date. The successor to this published on 4th May 2014 is the “Chevy Silverado Parody 2”, and is his most viewed video at a current tally of over 18 million views! Amiri has also posted a series of popular videos under the umbrella title of “My Vlog is Better than Yours”, featuring his views and rants on various subjects such as “Freedom”, “Feminists” and “The Gay Community”.

He also creates skits on motor vehicles and other commercials, continuing to use all these avenues to post hilarious videos with a cutting edge, which his followers enjoy and which steadily grows his fan base and wealth.

What else does Amiri King do?

Before launching his YouTube career, Amiri moved to Nicholasville, Kentucky and tried his hand at a landscaping job for a short while. He has also gone into acting and played a role in the first episode of “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed” in 2015. His good friend Peter Shukoff is a musician and comedian, better known as Nice Peter from his YouTube channel, and Amiri has collaborated with him and other comedians by writing content for their shows.

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Amiri is now an executive director of RoyalMedia and an advisory board member and editor at Tribunist.

Amiri King’s awards

In 2014 Amiri King received the Leo Magazine’s Readers’ Choice award for Best Comedian. This was a great honor for him as he had enjoyed the magazine throughout the years, yet had never dreamt they would bestow an award upon him. In 2015, he once again collected this award, however, this was revoked after it was discovered that he had posted some racial comments on social media.

Amiri has appeared on the cover of Reader’s Digest three times, and achieved a YouTube Silver Play Button when he reached 100,000 subscribers.

Amiri’s personal life

Amiri was in a relationship with Sara Ruminski – it is surmised that they were engaged at one stage, and that she is the mother of their 3 daughters – Kennedy, Tilly and Mery. Although he doesn’t share much about his love life, it seems that Amiri and Sara are no longer in a relationship, yet he often posts snippets and photos of his daughters on his social media accounts.

Amiri King is a well-known name on Social Media

His primary outlet is his YouTube channel with a current following of almost over 300,000 subscribers, but Amiri is also active throughout other social media sites.

His Facebook page, which bears the title slogan of “FockaWhooFockaYoo”, has scored over two million followers. You can find him on Twitter with an accumulated 80,000 followers since 2008, and under the title of  “The King has spoken” on Instagram upon which he has gathered a following of over 111,000 people. (His daughter, Tilly, has a page called “The Queen has spoken”.) Amiri also appears on Tumblr and has a live community on Patreon stating, ‘I have been the target of censorship for years now, and frankly, I’m tired of it.” It’s no wonder really with his outspoken views and brash and sometimes outrageous commentaries.

What is Amiri King’s Net Worth?

Amiri’s net worth is not commonly known, however, according to Social Blade he gets an average of 542 new subscribers to YouTube every month and his estimated monthly earnings from YouTube alone are up to $1,500. Add to this his growing popularity and other income streams, and according to knowledgeable sources, his current net worth is estimated to be in the region of $250,000. Great work for an ex-con who turned trauma into laughter to create his success.

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