• Anthony Varrecchia was born on Staten Island, New York USA on 24 March 1963 and is known for his modelling career.
• He was a bit of a geek during his school years and was bullied by his peers.
• After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, he changed his physique in only two years and began modelling.
• He is gay and was married to a man who died in a car accident shortly after their wedding.
• Anthony is currently 56 years old with a net worth of over $1 million and is active on social media platforms.


Anthony Varrecchia was born on Staten Island, New York USA, on 24 March 1963, so under the zodiac sign of Aries and holding American nationality – he is popular for his modelling career.

Childhood and education

Anthony did not have a sweet and wonderful childhood, as he was somewhat of a geek during his school years, and was therefore bullied by his peers. He was not much of a social person as he preferred to study rather than to spend time with his peers, making him an even easier target to those who thought of him as weak, and who bullied him.

Anthony decided to stay strong focusing on his education, and after he matriculated from high school, he enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Anthony hasn’t talked much about his early life, and hasn’t share many details about his family, as he prefers to keep them away from the media’s attention – he and his three sisters were raised solely by their mother.

Career of a model

Anthony enjoyed the life he had after he received his bachelor’s degree. He got a well-paid job and moved to New York City, where he made a lot of friends and was surrounded by positive people, and there was no bullying anymore.

However, the bullying left scars on him that persuaded him to start going to the gym. Anthony was dedicated to his workouts, and changed his physique in only two years, but didn’t want to stop there – he pushed as hard as he could and has got to where he is today.

After the death of his husband and after not knowing what to do, Anthony decided to join the social media platforms in April 2009 when he launched his Twitter account, and his Instagram account just a day after. He quickly became famous on the networks thanks to his muscular figure and was noticed by modelling scouts as well, who invited him for his first photoshoots.

Anthony was a natural, and was instantly invited for several more, which marked the beginning of his modelling career. He has since posed for numerous brands and companies, and is considered to be one of the most active people in the gay community. He launched his own clothing line entitled Anthony UNBOUND, and is also working as a personal fitness trainer after receiving his certification.

Anthony is a huge fan of photography, and he decided to try that out as well – he bought himself a very expensive camera and began teaching himself, and is today working as a photographer as well.

Is he gay?

Anthony is gay, and came out in public when he was 35 years old. He was doubting it before that, and had dated several girls in the past just to be sure about his sexuality, while he was also a bit scared of rejection. He was once married to a man.

Love life and relationships

Anthony’s love story began in 2000 when he met his future other half, Matthew who turned out to be the love of his life. Matthew was not in a good mental state, as he was suffering from mild depression, but Anthony managed to help him, and the two began living together.

They first exchanged their rings on a ‘plane while travelling to San Francisco together in 2001, and attended their civil union in Vermont in 2002.

Anthony Varrecchia

They decided to have their wedding held in Massachusetts in the second half of 2007, however, they were not allowed to be married as it was illegal – they did not give up and continued searching for a place to marry but were not successful.

In the summer of 2008, they finally found a state in which they could exchange their wedding vows and they were finally legally married. Unfortunately, Anthony and Mathew’s story has a sad ending, as Mathew died in a car accident just weeks after the wedding took place.

Although Anthony thought at first that he was never going to find another love, it has happened again for him – he is currently dating Mark Frazer, and was dating Gabe Laduke before him.

Likes and other interests

Anthony enjoys spending his time at the gym, as he is very fond of exercising – he visits it six out of seven days every week, as he leaves one day free for his muscles to relax. He is a big lover of animals and had a dog named Otto whom he saved from the street – Otto died around two years ago.

Anthony prefers spending his free time in nature, and can often be seen barbecuing in a park close to his house, with his friends – he spent a lot of his time hiking while he was still a teen, and has slept in tents in numerous forests and on mountains. He is also somewhat of a gardener, as he has his own garden and is taking good care of it.

Anthony likes to travel, which he considers to be one of his biggest passions – he loves his modelling career for this as well, as he has visited numerous places around the US thanks to it.

Appearance and net worth

Anthony is currently 56 years old. He has short grey hair and a grey beard, brown eyes while his height and weight are not known. According to authoritative sources, his current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million, and is steadily rising thanks to numerous projects he is working on.

Social media presence

Anthony is quite active on several popular social media platforms, as this is very important for his modelling career. He launched his Twitter account in April 2009, and has tweeted over 8,000 times. His Instagram account is how he initially became popular for – he is currently followed by nearly 170,000 people, and has uploaded more than 3,300 pictures onto it. Anthony is also running a Facebook page.

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